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What happens when Cyberpunk apocalypse roguelike meets RTS in pixel art? C-Wars!
What happens when Cyberpunk apocalypse roguelike meets RTS in pixel art? C-Wars!
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Posted by Onipunks (Creator)

Our beloved backers and friends,

$32,000 on our 6th day! I hope you all know what this means for us - It means your love & support is so powerful that we have to talk about stretch goals now! Here’s the first draft of our kickass blueprint!

Digital Art Book:
This 40-page Digital Art Book will include not only the concept art, draft, but also tons of sprites of our pixel art. We will share this with our backers exclusively, for any pledge of 25+.

All-Star Mode:
You will finally have the freedom to build your dream team with all the heroes you will have collected. Also, all our SPECIAL GUESTS can be a member of your team directly.

You will face the All-Foe-Star team in this game mode. At the end, you will have to challenge the SUPER-STAR team (They have what you have, so your strategy matters. Beat the AI!) If you win, not only you have the achievement, you will also gain an ONI-weapon (A very special gift from the Onipunks team to everyone). Available for 25+.

With your help, we can maximize our chance to get our dev-kits from Nintendo. We count on you to spread the word and raise attention to get us there. We need some extra time to do it though. The estimated delivery is the end of 2013.

Currently we support English, French, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese. We will release C-Wars for as many regions as we can.

The eShop code generation is not free based on the information we got so far, and we don't have the access to the dev-kits yet, thus we don't know the exact cost. We will figure out some tiers for the 3DS/WiiU users. Our backers will be able to choose between Steam Key and eShop Key.

Why 65535? From a nerd’s perspective, 65535= 2^16-1. A magic number of DOS’ glory era, only this time it overflows for a happy reason. A special number for the very special event!

Why does WiiU version need more money? Because WiiU has to be played with TV. We can't just throw the 3DS version into it and say "Voila!"  We need to redesign the content showing on your TV and it takes more time. 10K is not really enough to cover the cost, but we may be able to cover the rest of the cost from elsewhere (i.e. voluntarily unpaid overtimes, weekend/holiday work hours with instant noodles, etc. XD]

This is a tricky one. First of all, we don't know how to give you guys the free copy because we only have 50 promo codes per update. Secondly, in general, the majority of iOS players are casual, and C-Wars is definitely not a causal game. Not with permanent death, dark scenario, and our hard-to-master RTS combat system.

But if we raise enough money, and you tell us that you own an iOS device and crave to play C-Wars on it, we will try our best to make it happen for you!

PS Vita:

This announcement got a lot of attention from you guys. In terms of techs, it's C++, which is nothing new for us. In terms of license, we have absolutely NO IDEA whether we can get the dev-kits from Sony or not. We’ve begun contacting them to see the possibilities, but unfortunately we have a rather small chance with the popularity of C-Wars now, although 20+ news/games websites have already covered the C-Wars KS campaign. But if you can spread the word, up the pledge, our chance will be higher. Let's cross our fingers for this one.

LDF Mode:

What do you say if you can play as a Lunar Defense Forces' Nuke squad lead in C-Wars? You will face redoubtable Cyber-Lover's army, Crystal mutants, and S7 (S7 is ally, but sometimes they have to attack you, just like you may attack LDF in S7's scenario). You will discover more about the dark truth.

Survival Mode, Cyber-Lover Mode, Mercenary Mode and ???

Let's focus on 3DS now, because we have plans for this awesome stuff. The extra features are very time-consuming, so we will need your support more than ever!

We've also made some avatars for you guys. They are 160*160, feel free to download them. 

Click here and download

Let us know if you have any thoughts or concerns. Thank you very much again for all your support! 

Please remember, WE LOVE YOU!

The hard-working Onipunks Team


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    1. Shiru XIII on

      Congratulations !!! Keep up the good work ;-) !

    2. J.R. Raith on

      This is the most exciting game Kickstarter I've seen yet! The setting for the game world is exactly what I've been wanting for a while now! I really hope this makes it to 3DS as I feel a portable console will be a phenomenal place for this game.

      Sony has been very vocal (at least on Twitter) about wanting smaller developers to get onto Playstation systems, including Vita. If you guys haven't yet, check out their self publishing stuff: -- they're suuuper encouraging people, and with the Vita's touchscreen, I think it'd be a ton of fun to play it there! You might also send a note to the Developer Relations guy @amboyes on Twitter!

      Whichever the case, I'm very excited and really hope the stretch goals are hit! Congratulations already on having the project funded!

    3. Justin on

      Thanks for the reply! It'll be interesting to see you jump into it and see what you come up with. There are a few side scrollers that are 2D in nature but look amazing in 3D. For example....Mutant Mudds & Code of Princess. Even having the game in the back and UI up front usually looks pretty slick.

    4. Onipunks Creator on

      Hey Paolo, you can pledge an add-on $10 for Art book. If you total pledge is 25+, you automatically have the digital art book.

    5. Onipunks Creator on

      Hey Justin, thanks for backing. WiiU problem is you have certain distance from WiiU screen and TV, unlike 3DS, you just move your eyes a bit you see another screen. So contents on TV for WiiU could be different, regardless the resolution.

      We will try to make UI 3d to see, but it's not really helping. So basically, it's still 2D.

    6. Justin on

      Awesome! I'm glad you funded so quickly!!!

      "We can't just throw the 3DS version into it and say "Voila!" We need to redesign the content showing on your TV and it takes more time."

      Not sure I follow that one. If you can play 1080 on a monitor (PC) then you can play 1080 on a TV (WiiU). Why are you comparing to the 3DS? You would already have the 1080 assets.

      Anywho, I look forward to seeing how this whole project turns out! If I can afford more in a few weeks I'll bump up to the Civilian reward for the resulting awesome avatar! Hopefully there will still be more left.

      For the 3DS, would the game actually be in 3D? Would you create different layers to the 2D game to pop out?

    7. Paolo Munoz on

      I got a $10 early backer pledge, but I'd really like to get the Digital Artbook too. How do I manage my pledge to get both without losing my early backer spot?

    8. Peter Jacob on

      ^_^ Grats!

      I hunger for the other faction modes. Makes my skin itch to know they are at the bottom of the stretch que.

    9. Onipunks Creator on

      First at all, thank you for all your kind words!

      Secondly, some modifications, clarifications:

      1- There is NO 25+ pledging condition for getting All-Star-Mode, it's a copy-paste editing error. This mode is for EVERYONE. Sorry about that, we were so tired ^^".
      2- It's nice to have more game modes but they are not necessarily must-have features. That's why we marked porting as more important job.
      3- WIll make 3DS/WiiU tier once we have more information about eShop code generation.
      4- We will support Japanese so no problem! Localization in Japan is a little bit complicated, we may need to re-draw Fenrir's face [Red hair dude] for the market, but, anyway, we will support your language!

    10. Shin Imai on

      Hi! Congratulations!
      I'm Japanese indie games fan.
      So will you localize C-warz to Japanese?

    11. Melvin Biteng

      I feel like the modes (LDF, survival, mercenary, etc.) should come before porting it to other consoles but maybe that's just me? It makes more sense that way...

    12. David AC Mitchell on

      super stoked about this project! stretch goals are looking fantastic! gratz and thx to you guys for your hard work, well worth our time and money imo

    13. Mike Taylor on

      Congrats, guys! Crossing my fingers that you can cross that $75,000 threshold! Would love to be able to play on my Wii U rather than my PC!

      Any word if you'll be able to make the giveaway copies for backers the Wii U/3DS/Vita versions instead of the PC version, if preferred?

    14. Rand Chua TL on

      Great update on our goals!

    15. Mitchel Kc Wong on

      I hope we can get this on the 3ds!

    16. Lifeless Loser on

      So I was playing the demo and I thought of something. You should be able to move the main character with the arrow keys. This would make things way easier to navigate. Well in my opinion.

    17. Michael A. Dinca on

      Congrats :) for the vita remember reading somewhere that Sony is partnering with Unity3D so dev's can publish games on any sony certified devices can't remember the details... frankly this game makes me want to buy the vita :D BUT ... what about nvidia shield ? or android ?

    18. Steven Langevin on

      Congrats on your "achievement get" guys (and gals). Loving the drive to keep this game from being a casual game. Extra points for that and the great stretch ideas. Keep it up!

    19. James Cartwright on

      Nice Update, some nice stretch goals but would have liked to have seen DS and Wii ones rather than their more advanced versions.

    20. Missing avatar

      Colin Freyvogel on

      Congrats, good work and looking forward to any updates!

    21. Alan "Adza" G on

      An indie team cutting itself all 4 veins to produce a game, making avatars for it's backers, spreading love and joy all over the place... You really need the support of moar people *-* The world needs to know about OniPunks Studio ! You're project is a huge hug for all gamers out there (pissed off by the casual wave) =D Good Luck for the stretch goals (especially for contacting Sony and Nintendo, hope they will end up listening to you :/). Best Wishes ^w^

    22. Jim on

      Congrats guys! looking forward to seeing how many of those stretch goals get unlocked!

    23. Missing avatar

      Jefferson Leard on

      I like how for some reason those tiny section break icons in my email version were full screen and huuuuuuuuge. Congratulations on funding complete!