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What happens when Cyberpunk apocalypse roguelike meets RTS in pixel art? C-Wars!
What happens when Cyberpunk apocalypse roguelike meets RTS in pixel art? C-Wars!
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Luna tourism!

Posted by Onipunks (Creator)

Dearest & coolest backers in the world,

50% funded in 48 hours? Seriously?

To show our sincere appreciation, we have just made an important decision! Backers who are willing to play a part in our game now have a chance to do so! It means longer development period for us, but if you tell us that you want this, we will do it for you! Turn in your application to become a civilian, zombie, or warrior now!

To become an actor and see yourself in C-Wars, you may choose from three different options:

Become a Civilian in C-Wars! Civilians can’t fight or bite, so what’s special about it? Well, the special part is you! Because you will be seeing yourself as a Luna citizen in C-Wars!
Civilian’s Make-up Kit:
1- a pixel version of you (yes, YOU!) as a civilian
2- civilian animations

Or, Zombie’s make-up kit:
1- a pixel version of you as a zombie
2- zombie animations
Wonder where you will be seen? Combat scenes in C-Wars!

You may also choose to become a Warrior in C-Wars! (Really? Really!) Imagine yourself equipped with the cool nano-armor on the battle field. Show it to your girlfriend! But what if you’re a girl? Well, we can indeed tailor that, too!

Warrior’s Make-up Kit:
1- you in warrior’s jumpsuit
2- all the fighting animations within the unit

We hope these new rewards/options will get you more excited about C-Wars! Leave us your comments here if any.

The very busy yet happy Onipunks Team


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    1. Missing avatar

      Michael Krell on

      Pledged! I just wanted to say you have a wonderful start here, loving the pixels and I'm hopeful to see this succeed! Good luck to your team! ^_^

    2. Cédric Antunes, Hitzuki on

      Awesome update.~ Ngh.. 220$, guess it's a bit too high for me :3 Hope we can get closer to our goal after this~ What happens if you much more than 32k$ by the end?

    3. Peter Jacob on

      Stretch Goal - Playable Enemy Factions! Maybe no campaign just yet but the option to fight your own player army with a zombie swarm or boss could prove very amusing. Maybe stretch goals for a campaign for each faction.

    4. Onipunks Creator on

      Yo Arthur, 可以选择某一个模式来BACK我们,在KS活动结束之后,只要发给我们你的照片,你就能成为游戏中的人物了!之后会在FAQ中详细说明的。谢谢你的支持!

    5. Arthur Wang on


    6. Onipunks Creator on

      Don't worry, we are making the stretch goal right now, all your suggestions will be considered! Backers-only pixel editor is surly an idea!

    7. Steven Langevin on

      Love this idea! Just upped my pledge.
      Any chance we backers could play with the pixel editor after the game comes out?

    8. Missing avatar

      Marcus Williams on

      Heck to the yeah! That's so awesome! I would love to be added as a character in the game!

    9. Onipunks Creator on

      Thanks guys! Now FAQ time.

      1- The pixel version of you will be in the copy of everyone's game.
      2- Warrior have to be in the armor. Actually only hero can have different clothing, and some of them are in regular military uniform.

    10. Kevin Griffin on

      Will the pixel version of us be in everyone's version of the game, or just our own copy?

      Second, if we choose to be a warrior, can we have our own unique costume/clothing? Or does the warrior have to be in the armor?

    11. Wyatt Thurston on

      Wow, that's really awesome of you.

    12. Missing avatar

      Joseph Foskey on

      This is very interesting. I am intrigued!

    13. Onipunks Creator on

      Just your photo!

      Will release these rewards info in like 10 mins.

    14. GusGus on

      This sounds really awesome!

      What do we need to do to put in an application?