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A wallet friendly tripod/stand for cell phone photography & video, time lapse, FaceTime and YouTube. You'll never be caught without it!
Created by

Mike Carney

452 backers pledged $25,145 to help bring this project to life.

Let's bring it home!

Alright Kickstarters, it is the final stretch. We have just over 3 days left, which means it's time to MOVE AND SHAKE! It is clear that mobile is the focus of technology today. The world is moving towards devices and apps, and away from desktops, laptops and even cameras. With the future hinging on mobile, there is most certainly a bright future for ClearShot - even despite the lack of major success here on Kickstarter.

Recently, many of our backers at the $15 and $25 level have changed there pledge to $60 or more, and some are rallying others to do the same. We want to encourage this same shift, and we are willing to sweeten the deal to make it happen. As a final push to hit the mark, we are changing the $60 reward from a 6-pack to a 10-pack. That is a pretty nice stack of super easy gifts for the holiday at the crazy price of $6 each. By changing your pledge, you are truly an enabler of this project, and getting the best price you will ever see.

The bottom line is if we can get half of our $15 and $25 backers to move up to $60, we will reach our goal. If you would like any specific quantity, message me and we can work out a price and I can add a tier for you.

Please consider this offer and bring the Kickstarter spirit to life by helping us move into production. With a quoted 6.5 week lead time from our supplier, we are confident that we can deliver by early December.

Thank you Kickstarters!

Much Love,
Mike & Kara & The ClearShot Team