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The artists of 4 Leaf Studios and I are working on an art book for Katawa Shoujo to be sold at Anime Expo late June.
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Posted by raemz (Creator)

i apologize profusely to the remaining pledgers who are still missing their pins and stuff. we've run into issue after issue with production of the pins, and as a result they are still not quite finished. the biggest issue has been this:

basically the pin machine has not been pressing everything together properly, and as a result approximately 50% of the pins that have been made up to this point have turned out like this. it added up, and this is how things stand right now

however, i know this does not excuse the fact that i haven't made a single update about anything since the deadline came and went, and for that i truly, deeply apologize. i'm begging everyone at this point to have some more patience because i am honestly trying to get everything settled. due to the nature of the pin machine's output i cannot give a specific delivery date anymore, however i will try to get them done and delivered as soon as humanly possible. thank you and i am so sorry everyone


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    1. Fallen189 on

      Any updates or anything regarding an ETA yet? Would be appreciative!

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      Brian on

      still waiting, but I really wish you hadn't kept us in the dark for so long. I had emailed about it and gotten no response. it was by complete chance that I noticed this update in the kickstarter page. is it possible you could send an email when the problem has been resolved?

    3. David on

      Thanks for the update, VCR! Let us know when U finally ship the pins ;)

    4. iwantarobot on

      Thanks for the update Raemz, its appreciated. These things happen.

      (PS You guys are still awesome.)

    5. Missing avatar

      Vincentur on

      Oh god no, all those lillys. Now I feel even luckier everything came in time and alright.

    6. Missing avatar

      FUCK on

      Damn, that's very unfortunate. I understand though, shit does happen.

    7. Missing avatar

      Zachariya on

      Thanks for the update. All I ask is an update when pins start being shipped out so we know.

    8. Niklas Wahlberg on

      Thanks for letting us know. I think I speak for most of us when I say that we prefer things to be done right rather than fast. I, for one, am a patient man :)

    9. raemz Creator on

      neil: we have been making them with a hand operated pin machine. also we are going to throw them away, because they are not presentable at all

    10. Missing avatar

      SpaceJigga on

      No problem man. Nothing but love. Good luck!

    11. Missing avatar

      Mark Flanagan on

      Thanks for the update. Looking forward to receiving the buttons when they're being made properly.

    12. raemz Creator on

      also if any of your shipping info has changed feel free to send a message about it

    13. rekyuu on

      Have you tried Busy Beaver Buttons (Fangamer gets their pins from them)?

      Also, what are you going to do with the misprints?

    14. Chris Taran on

      Thank you for the update!