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The artists of 4 Leaf Studios and I are working on an art book for Katawa Shoujo to be sold at Anime Expo late June.
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Better Late Than Never

Posted by raemz (Creator)

Firstly, I'd like to apologize for the lack of updates after the Kickstarter wrapped up in May.  Anime Expo came and went, we met lots of people, and we sold a whole lot of books and other things.  This all couldn't have been possible with all our contributors' help, and we'd like to thank all of you for it.  Now regarding Kickstarter rewards: due to certain complications, we'll need to push back the $10 and under reward delivery dates until mid September.  Apologies for everyone still waiting for their pins and cards, just know we're trying to get things sorted out ASAP, and thank you for your continued patience


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    1. Missing avatar

      Josh on

      Tres rad, I saw your update over 2 tabs to the right xD
      Still waiting, again its not really a big thing.

    2. David on

      I've contacted raemz, and she told me to contact VCR - he's responsible for shipping 10$ and lower tiers. I've twittered him, and, hopefully, we'll get some news soon. ;)

    3. Missing avatar

      Josh on

      Hm. It is getting rather late considering the mid-september supposed shipment, but I suppose it is to be expected for such a large amount of stuff being sent out.
      However, I don't recall getting emailed about shipping stuff either, so that is confusing as well since I feel that I should have been by this point. D:

    4. David on

      But yours was a 20$ tier reward, wasn't it? ;)

    5. Rinbro_ on

      I'm in the UK and got mine weeks ago.

    6. Brenden Muffintator Arias on

      ... So it's October and it still ain't here.

    7. Missing avatar

      Zachariya on

      Anyone get theirs yet?

    8. David on

      Still waiting... :3

    9. Christian de la Colina on

      It's ok, I was worried I was lost on the way or something :P

    10. Philip Antonio on

      Totally fine with me. Thanks for the heads up!

    11. Kane Williams on

      Ah well, it'll make me more excited for my button pins!

    12. Kane Williams on

      Ah well, it'll make me more excited for my button pins!

    13. David on

      Thanks for info! ;)

    14. Tun Kai Poh on

      Thanks for the update. At least things are explained now. I will wait.

    15. Rinbro_ on

      They said they need to push back the $10 tier rewards, not the $20 or $30. So Dustin, your book should have been sent already.

    16. Missing avatar

      Daniel on

      Well, this is good news. Thanks for the update!

    17. Dustin Aldridge on

      It was just yesterday I was worrying about my book and stuff to arrive and then you post this to calm those worries xD. It's like one of us is psychic o.O

    18. HgBird on

      We love you Katawa Shoujo Devs!