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Update #4 - For backers only

Watershed - Rewards!


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Update #3

Watershed Movie trailer


Hi Everyone-

I wanted to share with you a link to the film's trailer.  

You'll notice that we've changed the name of the film to Watershed.  Why? Well, one of the goals of the film is to make people aware of their own watershed.  Even if you don't live on or see a river everyday, you are rely on one.

Please 'like' our new Watershed Movie Facebook page to get updates about the film and other water issues.

Check out the link below to get your promised sneak peak of one of the long term time lapses in the trailer.

More soon-

Thanks everyone!


Update #2

River Red Update

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Hello friends, 

Thank you again for contributing to this small piece of the production of the film The River Red: Exploring a new water ethic for the New West.  

Its a documentary about an important, incredibly beautiful and complicated river - the Colorado - and her vast basin.  We hope to inspire in viewers a new reverence for water. 

You helped us tell that story better, and I really appreciate it.

I am happy to announce the film is now 99.9 percent shot with the help from Kontent komrades: Mark Decena (dir.) Renata Fource (prod.), John Behrens (DP), Fearghal O’Dea (AC) and myself.  Here's a time line to catch you up on the important milestones we've been living, breathing, sweating, cursing, learning, and enjoying the last several months.

May/June 2011:  On May 29th, we embarked on a week long road trip to the head waters of the Colorado River (near Granby).  We scouted locations, interviewed prospective characters and placed the long term time-lapse cameras. Read The Cameras Are Placed for more information, video and photos from this trip.

July/August 2011: After a furious bout of casting, we set off to complete a month-long journey that took us river  rafting, flying, and solar battery-charging (in a classic airstream trailer) from the headwaters in Rocky Mountain National Park to the Colorado River's former delta in northern Mexico.  We also interviewed 6+ subjects and collected 5 successful long term time lapse cameras. Read The River Red Return for more information and photos from this trip.

September 2011- Story editor John Dilly, Mark and I locked ourselves in a room with hundreds of pages of transcripts, 200 magnets and a lot of coffee to piece together the rough story for the film

October 2011:  Editor Matt Notaro, with help from Assistant Editors Luck Shock and Joanna Hidalgo, started editing the film at Remedy Editorial.  

November 2011:  We took one last road trip to Los Angeles to interview and shoot our final character Jimmy Lizama.   

December 2011:  We had a little bit of publicity for the film.  Barry Nelson of the Natural Resources Defense Council wrote Redford Center Film to Examine the Future of the Colorado River. Check it out!

Since then, we have also launched The River Red Official Website and established a social media presence.

To keep up with the latest water trends, facts, action campaigns, production photos and information about the film, please join the films’ Facebook page and Twitter following.

We hope you join The River Red community to share your voice and to learn how you can be part of the fight to keep life’s most precious natural resource flowing.

Take the first easy step by sharing the following links with everyone you know who relies on water.


I'm sure you're all very curious about the rewards promised to you for your support.  Heres the update:

-The Long Term Time Lapses are being tweaked, rendered, sweetened etc.  They'll be ready for your sneak peak soon.

-Digital Instructions: still waiting for a free moment to sit down and write these.  

-DVD: well, that'll be a long time coming- we've got to finish the film first!

-Large print: I'll actually be able to put this together pretty soon.  Most of the images have been gathered- now I just need to edit them and put them in a spot online for you to pick them out…

I'll keep you updated.

Thank you so much for getting involved with our film. 

/Forrest Pound

Update #1 - For backers only

The cameras are placed- Thank You!


For backers only. If you're a backer of this project, please log in to read this post.

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