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Increase your creative capacity with this fold-to-play activity set by Paper Punk, where construction meets craft at your fingertips.

URBAN FOLD: Build Your Own Paper Block City --  is an all inclusive kit that allows anyone to build the city of their dreams with a few simple folds. Everyone's an architect with this construction + craft activity that promises endless creative fun for anyone ages 6 - 99+. 

URBAN FOLD packaging cover
URBAN FOLD packaging cover

What is Urban Fold

URBAN FOLD is Paper Punk's first open box set where the paper city of your dreams are only a few folds away! You punch out shapes, fold them into blocks, customize with stickers, build + play, put away, build + play again, etc. There are over 700 pieces inside: 48 easy punch-n-fold shapes, 697 cool stickers (worth it for just the stickers alone!), planning play mat - recipe instruction poster, and a handsome storage box. 

It took over a year to design the components of this product because there are SO MANY pieces inside. We had to make sure everything was just right. It was a painstaking and meticulous process, but well worth the end result. We are jumping out of our seats to share our creation with you!

What is Paper Punk

Paper Punk is the "love child of Lego and Origami" where flat 2D paper shapes transform into 3D paper blocks and art forms with a simple fold. No scissors or glue needed! Paper Punk enables people to use their hands to make something cool without a lot of fuss. 

The open play aspect combined with the hands-on building experience is so good for your brain—It helps exercise your creativity, dimensional/spatial thinking, engineering, manual dexterity, geometry, prototyping, storytelling and design skills. Paper Punk is a legacy learning toy and craft for the 21st century.

URBAN FOLD storage box design
URBAN FOLD storage box design

Why This Project Matters

Paper Punk was launched last May 2012 (thanks to a Kickstarter campaign we did in July 2011) with a very simple mission-- to enable people to make cool things with their hands. Making things is not only the way we connect and truly learn about ourselves and the world, but it's an easy antidote to our over saturated digital lives. Making a Paper Punk tastes like a cupcake and looks like a cupcake, but it's really broccoli for your brain. 

Your continued support is beyond invaluable. Our first Kickstarter campaign told us we had to try and launch Paper Punk. Your support on this second Kickstarter campaign will help make Urban Fold happen and give us the much needed fuel we need to continue activating our mission. This is a marathon, not a sprint. This is another small step of a larger journey we're taking with you Kickstarter, one fold at a time. 

A goldmine of paper making goodness...
A goldmine of paper making goodness...

Your Goodies

Award Winning Stuff

Paper Punk was honored with a spot on Wired's Gift List last holiday and won a Parents Choice Award this year-- enormously helpful in spreading the good word and facilitating the most important thing to us: getting people to make things with their hands. Whenever someone folds a Paper Punk, we know that that they're exercising their creative capacity...and that's the biggest reward for us and the world.

Product Prototyping

Below is a little pictorial narrative on how we worked *nay* into *yay* during the prototyping of this project. It was similar to cooking up a new dish…a little more of this, a little less of that...trial and error over countless batches of hand cut and glued paper blocks. The final outcome may appear simple, but the balance of block size, color range, pattern density, shape variety, etc was very challenging to land….and that's just the blocks.

Special Thanks

HUUUUGE THANK YOUS to Todd Hawthorne for his unwavering support, to Kelly Wahlstrom and Celia Leung for their incredible talent, and to YOU for embarking on this adventure with us. Everyone, keep your seat belts on, it's going to continue to be one helluva ride.

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

We have done everything we can to reduce any known risk and challenges for this project to the best of our ability. We've done a ton of work upfront: product has been prototyped extensively, safety tested, refined, and lovingly belabored for over 16 months. We have seen and approved the final product that you will be receiving and it looks AWESOME. We cannot wait for you to get your hands on it too!

Please note we are keeping this campaign on the shorter side in an attempt to get your goodies to you in time for the holidays. This means we need your extra special help to rally your friends, families and foes alike to help us hit our goal quickly.

w/heaps of gratitude-


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    /////POSTCARD SET - A set of three Paper Punk postcards with messages to live by and stickers to show everyone you're part of the Paper Punk family.

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    /////SINGLE SET - One Paper Punk Urban Fold set that includes 48 punch-n-fold shapes, 697 stickers, poster with instructions and planning grid/mat, display worthy storage box, and of course, unlimited fun and creativity.

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    /////WOW COLLECTION - Own the entire collection of awesome Paper Punk kits. One of each: URBAN FOLD, BOT001, KITTY001, PUP001, APE001, RIDE001, FANG001, SWEET001, HORN001, SNOWGUY/SNOWGAL, VAMPIRE/WEREWOLF.

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    /////PARTY TIME - Enough Paper Punk goodies for a Paper Punk party for 30+ people. Includes the entire WOW COLLECTION of Paper Punk kits + a limited edition Paper Punk-a-thon in a Box (family style ingredients for 18 fully assembled paper toys).

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    /////CUSTOM CITY MODEL - A custom created Paper Punk Urban Fold replica of YOUR OWN CITY mounted on a 36" x 36" x 6" platform (approximately 3 -4 city square blocks) protected under a custom fabricated plexiglass casing. This is going to be a really cool looking art piece.

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    /////URBAN-FOLD-A-THON - Everything you need for an unforgettable event where up to 350 people can feast on an all-you-can-fold buffet of Paper Punk madness and fun. A great way to get your team's creativity juices flowing! I will personally deliver this event to you in 2014 and make sure everyone gets their creativity on.

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