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$14,196 pledged of $22,750 goal
By richard christie
$14,196 pledged of $22,750 goal

I will Resubmit!

I took the weekend to think about this... YES, I am going to relaunch again.. This time with a reduced budget goal and concentrating solely on the bare essentials. Everything else will have to be worked out with improvisation and ingenuity.

Take a look at where it was... to where it is now after no sleep on Saturday 3PM in to Sunday 6AM!

With the new look, quite a few people were already willing to sign up for a $50 - $140 (4 weeks long, meeting once a week) workshop and loved the idea that every book sold, will be autographed!  Two teens actually came by to see what would be coming and I gave them a crash course on sublimation printing and stretching a canvas correctly. They are definitely hungry for this idea and I'm definitely ready to orchestrate it!

I will start the submission process again today, takes a small bit of time for the  green light to come through..hopefully you are still able to re-commit.

Thank you!

R.Gregory Christie

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