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$14,196 pledged of $22,750 goal
By richard christie
$14,196 pledged of $22,750 goal

Thank you!

Almost doesn't count with kick-starter. 4hours left with a 40% chance for funding , anything's possible but I need to thank all the familiar and not too familiar names that I see as backers. Regardless of today's outcome I will be in the space on Monday and it will be my new studio until the county inspects it into a STORE! For those of you that really wanted a "reward", my website ,gas-art.com has an online store section and I will have even more products by this coming week's end. If you still want to support gas-art gifts llc. Contact me for a pdf of original art and as there is a post office right in the mall ,feel to place an order and I will ship it right out! Thanks again come by whenever you are in Decatur! All the best, R. Gregory Christie


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    1. Wendy Norbom on

      I really want you to fulfill your mission. I wish I could give you more. You are such a gifted artist and inspiration to not only me, but my daughter. Good luck.... fingers are crossed. xox Wendy