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$14,196 pledged of $22,750 goal
By richard christie
$14,196 pledged of $22,750 goal

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URGENT, this Saturday...

Dear Friends,

The indiegogo campaign to raise funds for advertising, instructor fees, insurance, storage, materials and equipment...is coming to a close on Saturday June 23, 2012.

Any international or domestic amount offered is appreciated and please know that your sponsorship is reward based. Select a sponsorship level and you'll gain, reproductions, school/library visits or original art!

To see more specifics about the campaign and how to directly support the"Youth Innovators Program" please visit:


Your support is greatly appreciated!

Thank you!

R. Gregory Christie

Illustrator/ shop owner /lecturer

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A Virtual Tour...

21 days left.. for our reward based campaign..remember it's an  indiegogo campaign , there is no "all or nothing" funding policy there. So this time ,whatever amount is reached, WILL be released to our accounts.

Our campaign is predominantly for our community outreach programs. However, we will use some funds for storage and promotional displays ..

Below is a virtual tour of where we are and where we need to go.


As always thank you for your time and support.. A special thanks to those that posted comments (it's FREE to do and helps our exposure & ranking) 

All the Best


GAS-ART GIFTS is coming along!

Again, this is reward based sponsorship, the last campaign on kickstarter didn't reach it's goal so NO funds were released. I do understand that you may not be able to commit a pledge again but please leave a comment on my new indiegogo campaign page..it is FREE to do and helps me to gain visibility. 


I've been doing school visits and workshops all over the country since 1996. I first started as a volunteer with the Mayor's Learning Leaders program in New York City. Since then, I ve done well over 100 school visits, workshops and lectures. Sometimes for a honorarium and other times for a handshake and envelope full of children's drawings. 

Brooklyn, 2001

  I've been to a California school, where 1st graders know how to dive on the floor when they hear gangland gunfire. A school in Massachusetts where the Kennedy family has sent their children since the 1960's. Both of these places and the ones in between have me with the opinion that our youth are being prepared for either the jails or the business world. There IS a great divide in quality, teachers are overworked and underpaid, and some have personally told me that their schools' efforts are geared to pass standardized tests. Which means to them a, "repeating facts" curriculum over a "learning lessons" one.


As I look around and see the results of the media raising and putting fear in to our young people, I want to have a counterbalance. 

2012 Decatur, GA

1950 Harlem

New Rochelle, 2004

The idea of GAS-ART GIFTS' community outreach program is to give artists and educators a platform to to run their dream classes and get properly paid for it!


Personally, as the owner of a space where every book sold is signed by the creator of it, I have fulfilled my dream pretty early in life, from a child who started painting at 8 into an experienced artist. At this point in my life, It's time to give back on a more direct level and to providing a service to the community that I hope will better the lives of teens, children, artists and families.

 I am here to serve the greater community but  need the community's support to make it happen! 

 North DeKalb Mall, 2012

The last campaign on kickstarter was a bust due to their "all or nothing" funding policy I have since moved my efforts to indiegogo because whatever is accrued through sponsorship this time will be retained. 


A trip to Home Depot and IKEA as well as the funds budgeted for storage,books and equipment covered the makeover. The store is in existence, pending inspection..2 and a half months and waiting..but nevertheless is alive with an energy that has people ready to be a part of this (as a student, patron or teacher). 

Off site, in the field, We have an enthusiastic and dynamic director of public programs Khafre K. Abif, a highly decorated and connected, library media specialist, who is also a community activist for HIV awareness. We are setting up the store's plan to have continuous creative workshops that will work with Southern schools, libraries, the public and churches.

Within the store We have Kristina Magdalinos, a senior at Clark Atlanta University who is in an 8 week apprenticeship program with me. Two more students will be interviewed this week for the same program. A few authors, story tellers, craftspeople and hobbyists are ready to participate as soon as I can legally open (after inspection).

Our public outreach is something HUGE and will give people tools to move further creatively as they build the confidence to start their own businesses.Calligraphy, Sewing, Quilt-making, Screen Printing, Illustration, Drawing and much more are all in the works. 

We even have our catalogs!

 I've covered the cost for a business licence, inspection, store merchandise, self construction and self interior design but we still need your support for the equipment to be used in the Youth Innovators Program, instructor fees and for an inventory of books. www.gas-artgiftssponsorship.com

The store will have a rotating "Book of the Month Shelf" which in reality will be the artist of the month showcase, an opportunity for specialized promotion of titles that were not created by the myself. I want to buy cases of book from colleagues and give them an opportunity to run a weekend workshop (be it writing or illustration). 

The Orange "Book of the Month Shelf"!

Yes, we're in a worldwide economic crunch and times are pretty hard to be giving donations. However, I'd like you to consider that this is not a donation, it is sponsorship that comes with some pretty neat rewards!

Signed postcards on the $10 and $20 sponsorship level!

Signed and Matted Prints on the $30 sponsorship level!

ORIGINAL Black and White art on the $100 sponsorship level!!

..Another ORIGINAL piece on the $100 sponsorship level!!

Even a Signed NYC poster ..currently on the subways is available $50!

Again, this is reward based sponsorship, the last campaign on kickstarter didn't reach it's goal so NO funds were released. I do understand that you may not be able to commit a pledge again but please leave a comment on my new indiegogo campaign page..it is FREE to do and helps me to gain  visibility.

Thank you!!

R. Gregory Christie,


URGENT!! 30 Day Relaunch on Indiegogo!

What can I say? I've tried to relaunch here on kickstarter two times, but it seems as though the current project does not fit within this website's guidelines and I have been declined! So...

 I have re-launched at indiegogo, the link is below.


Hopefully you will still be able to support this dream on any level! Eitherway, please start sharing, "like" and send comments on the website itself  because it helps to raise one's ranking and exposure on indiegogo.

Also, if you are in the Atlanta area please come by our launch party and gallery show closing, tomorrow on Friday, May 25th from 5-9 PM at:

Young Blood Gallery and Boutique. 

636 N Highland Ave. Atlanta, GA 30306

404-254-4127 | Sun-Thurs: 12-8 | Fri-Sat: 12-9

Thank you,

Gregory Christie

I will Resubmit!

I took the weekend to think about this... YES, I am going to relaunch again.. This time with a reduced budget goal and concentrating solely on the bare essentials. Everything else will have to be worked out with improvisation and ingenuity.

Take a look at where it was... to where it is now after no sleep on Saturday 3PM in to Sunday 6AM!

With the new look, quite a few people were already willing to sign up for a $50 - $140 (4 weeks long, meeting once a week) workshop and loved the idea that every book sold, will be autographed!  Two teens actually came by to see what would be coming and I gave them a crash course on sublimation printing and stretching a canvas correctly. They are definitely hungry for this idea and I'm definitely ready to orchestrate it!

I will start the submission process again today, takes a small bit of time for the  green light to come through..hopefully you are still able to re-commit.

Thank you!

R.Gregory Christie

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