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HOME PROJECT 2012's video poster

A pop up public living room during the Olympics, inviting 1000+ local residents to share how they feel about HOME. Read more

London, UK Public Art
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This project was successfully funded on July 26, 2012.

A pop up public living room during the Olympics, inviting 1000+ local residents to share how they feel about HOME.

London, UK Public Art
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About this project

 July 27th- August 12th 2012

HOME is a temporary public art project, audio, visual and participatory, sited in the diverse neighborhood of Peckham in South East London. It is a self-initiated cultural olympiad project.

This art work seeks to investigate what locals consider makes a place or community home. A year after the riots, this project aims to foster a fun and productive conversation about what it means to  be living in Peckham in 2012. With the pressures of the London administration trying to enforce pride for Londoners during the Olympics, this project is about having an honest conversation asking if residents are proud of where they live- and why or why not.


10 feet wide, 10 feet deep, 10 feet long. Wood, multi-coloured vinyl stickers, audio clips, and visitors! 

HOME will involve 1000+ people, and really is about representing the voice of the local community as well as creating a space for them to express themselves or just hang out. Each visitor to HOME will be able to be interviewed, and their audio recording will become a track on an mp3 player that is embedded in the structure of the artwork. They will also be able to place a brick-shaped coloured vinyl sticker on the wooden building, representing the amount of time residents have lived in Peckham. Each colour will be linked to a length of time, ex: blue 3 years, red 40 years the end, the project will also be a data visualization of the diverse community. 

Audio components will also air on Resonance FM, the independent radio station, in four 1/2 hour segments throughout the duration of the project so those who can't make it to the work, can still be part of it. 


I have been working on HOME since August 2011, and the more people I talk to in Peckham, the more excited and energised I am about realizing the project. But public art project costs add up quickly from insurance, to  transportation,  to weather proof, fire proof and graffiti proof materials, you can't cut corners when it comes to safety. 

Supported by Southwark Council,using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England, Peckham Settlement, Peckham Space, Resonance FM, MACtac Vinyl, Whitten Timber, SCV London, and Principal Colour, I am still short of a couple thousand dollars ( £ 2000) to ensure this project is safe and successful. 

With any donation  you make  you will be rewarded with a token of the project! And if you are in London this summer, you can even take part! 

(note I say pounds because all my costs are in pounds but will be accepting both dollars and pounds- no contribution is too small!) 

Video credits and thanks: Alec Kronacker for music, Nicole Morris for filming and editing!



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