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This project was successfully funded on June 11, 2014.

The fires are already here.

About this project

Watch 'TEMP - COCOSFIRE' shot over two nights in San Marcos, San Diego county last week for a preview of things to come:

This is a very simple Kickstarter to cover the travel costs of chasing fires this year. The point is very simple: I want to show the effects of fire on the planet and its inhabitants. As populations grown and the Earth heats up droughts increase, fuels dry out, and we are faced with a growing number of problems.

The goal of TEMP is to put the effects of a world warming up close and personal. This is not something in the future; it's happening right now. 

I anticipate several questions which I will attempt to answer below:

Why is the goal so low?

Because I want to make sure that I can make this film. It’s probably a little under the bare minimum I need, but if it comes down to it I can sell some of my less used gear. I encourage over-pledging for that reason: it’s gear that I actually use, just not all that often.

How will the money be used if you get more than the goal?

It will be used to make a better film. With extra money I can travel more often, further and even work out some aerial shots. Helicopters aren’t really that expensive to rent. Perhaps I can hire a drone operator (although that one is dicey if there’s a lot of support craft in the air). If you provide any of these services and would like to volunteer to help contribute a shot please contact me!

If this works out I’d like to continue making a fire film every summer for some time. Any additional money will be set aside for that purpose.

Why so few rewards?
The rewards are limited and simple because I have an extremely busy shooting schedule through the rest of the year and I won't have enough time to create and fulfill an elaborate rewards system. However, I would make a book anyway. Here's a preview of a previous book project of mine, Flawed Symmetry of Prediction:

Risks and challenges

The challenge is to be able to drop everything I'm doing at a moments notice to go shoot fires. I've already secured as much safety gear as I can currently afford, training and press credentials in order to be able to shoot these fires. In addition to all of that I have been training my body to be able to withstand the physical onslaught of hiking long distances with heavy packs and tripods.

This is a dangerous project. It's dangerous for me, but also for literally everyone and everything else involved: firefighters, homeowners, plants and animals, police, media, etc.

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    4K or HD download of the finished film (also includes TEMP - Cocosfire).

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