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Iron Wind Metals is re-igniting Ral Partha's Chaos Wars, and re-releasing 48 Elf, Orc, and Goblin miniatures; sculpted by Tom Meier.
Iron Wind Metals is re-igniting Ral Partha's Chaos Wars, and re-releasing 48 Elf, Orc, and Goblin miniatures; sculpted by Tom Meier.
196 backers pledged $36,068 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Jointil the Beardless on

      Wave 2 of the chaos wars has started goto the new page on kikstarter and get yourself a vamp queen and free spider

    2. Jointil the Beardless on

      Looks like a winner to me hope more lucky backers get on board this time . I am having the time of my life painting all the elves and orks looking forward to the next kikstarter . Been playing some veary big games . I need more dragons !

    3. RH

      Very - Very exciting!=)

    4. Jointil the Beardless on

      My piggy bank is full I am ready for chaos wars part two
      Undead. Undead undead

    5. Iron Wind Metals Company 3-time creator on

      Hi Michael, We have about a whole bunch of stuff in the works in regards to the next kickstarter. We hope to make a big announcement in a couple of days.
      Glad you're excited.

    6. Michael Shorten on

      So... it's February 2016... and um, your note in our rewards said "Coming in February 2016"... ;)

      (can you tell I'm excited about the next one?)

      In all seriousness, how are things going? When do you think the next Kickstarter is coming?

      (says the guy who is trying to survive till spring so he can prep/prime the last Kickstarter bunch...)

    7. Iron Wind Metals Company 3-time creator on

      Hi Charles.

      Email is:

    8. Charles Traylor on

      Happy New Year

      I received my shipment everything was great.

      I would like to replace a lost part on my original steam tank. Can I get a direct email address. I am still unable to sigh in at the site.

    9. Iron Wind Metals Company 3-time creator on

      Happy New Year

    10. Jointil the Beardless on

      Happy new year from Australia to everybody!

    11. Jim McLaughlin

      I got mine yesterday, too! Other than a couple of VERY minor issues, everything arrived in great shape and complete. I, too, have been collecting RP since the 70's, but there are some of these minis I never had and I'm really grateful to be able to get them now. They are great minis for the present and they also provide a nostalgic trip to the past. Thanks for a well run KS and I can't wait for the next one.

    12. Missing avatar

      Dan Shoemaker on

      Got mine yesterday. All I can say is, "Wow." I bought many of these miniatures in lead when I was a kid back in the '70s and '80s, and missed getting many of the others. It's fantastic seeing them again, particularly since they all look so great. Superb job with the KS campaign and the follow-through. I'm looking forward to getting them painted and throwing them into battle. Can't wait to see what you guys come up with next.

    13. Breton Winters on

      Got mine over the weekend, finally got a chance to start checking it out yesterday. Everything looks great so far, and I really love the new elven, orcish and goblin sculpts! Great job, RP/IWM!!!

    14. Iron Wind Metals Company 3-time creator on

      Thanks Terry.

    15. Terry Sofian

      The rewards arrived and it is so nice to see these figures back into production!

    16. Iron Wind Metals Company 3-time creator on

      Thanks for sharing that, Michael. It's appreciated. Looking forward to future blog posts.


    17. Michael Shorten on

      Kickstarter awards received! Here's the blog post of the unboxing. Wonderful, IWM team! Thank you so much for the hard word and for living up to your promises. You've gained a faithful backer. Bring on the next Kickstarter!

    18. Iron Wind Metals Company 3-time creator on

      Breton's correct. Drew, just shoot me an email and we will help you out.

    19. Breton Winters on

      Hey, Drew, not sure if that is possible, but your best chance is to contact Jacob ASAP.

    20. Drew Williams on

      Just in time for my Keep on the Borderlands Campaign! But now I regret ordering just the Elves. Is there ANY means by which I can add more money to get some Goblins too? :D

    21. Jim McLaughlin

      I'm fine with waiting. Probably easier to get the shipping done and out of the way.

    22. William copeland on

      Waiting is fine, but a great thank you for the inclusion of the rules.

    23. Michael Shorten on

      Wonderful news! Thank you for putting a printed copy in the order.

      I'm OK with waiting for shipped orders to get the PDFs.

    24. Breton Winters on

      I'm cool with waiting on the pdf's until everything has shipped. Very excited to see some (lead-free) lead heading my way! Thanks, guys and gals at IWM!

    25. Iron Wind Metals Company 3-time creator on

      We hope to ship next week.

      As a special Thank You to all our backers, we are including a free printing of the Chaos Wars rules in every order.

      We were going to wait until the orders shipped, to post the PDFs....
      What do you all think, should we post the PDFs for the books before we ship?
      I'll use the responses here to judge whether we post them early or not.

    26. Ted G on

      How close to these being shipped out?

    27. Missing avatar

      Norman Dean on

      I think the rules will become available with the shipping of the miniatures. I did a little of the proof reading, and have seen the nearly complete page proofs and I think they will be worth the wait.

    28. Breton Winters on

      Any word on the pdf's? Did I miss those becoming available? Thanks!

    29. Pat Bellavance

      So with your guys being on track for fulfillment, is there any news regarding the rules? I got the demo rules posted a few months back but was wondering if there was something a bit more recent, rules-wise that I might have missed.

    30. Iron Wind Metals Company 3-time creator on

      We are getting close to fulfillment. Just finishing up a couple of miniatures.

    31. Ted G on

      Any updates for this?

    32. Iron Wind Metals Company 3-time creator on

      Hi Dave. Just email me at:

    33. Dave Hesse on

      I need to do a change of address, who do I contact?

    34. Jointil the Beardless on

      If I can find some more cash I will add some more

    35. Iron Wind Metals Company 3-time creator on

      Hi Michael - It should be soon. Our web-guy is working on it.

    36. Michael Shorten on

      Any word on when those July releases will be available on your website?

    37. Iron Wind Metals Company 3-time creator on

      Hi Guys, Sorry for the delay. Was busy preparing for, and then demo-ing Chaos Wars at a local event this weekend...

      Everything is on track with the Kickstarter. I've got some new photos to share soon.

      As per the link that Breton shared, the Ratlings and Trogs will be useful for either force, and there should be some fun fluff to back up that ability... Don't still worry, you can still use them as 'Evil'.

      Lizardmen are indeed part of the Chaos Wars, their SKUs will probably be part of the Troglodyte SKU range, and a infantry regiment set of them should become available in August...

      Any questions I missed?


    38. Breton Winters on

      Hello, Glenn,

      I had asked some questions on Ral Partha's forums, though I don't recall asking about lizardmen. If you PM'ed me, I have not been able to log in for a few days, sorry I missed it. Jacob responded about the composition of the Forces of Light and such, and it was very interesting and made sense.

      Here is a link to the forum thread, including his response:

    39. Glenn Wilson on

      PM with another war gamer who was asking if "Lizardmen" were in the plan to reproduce and questioned Troglodytes and Ratlings under Forces of Light.

      In the list in the KS I don't see Lizardmen and it seems the others are listed as Forces of Light.

      Are Lizardmen planned for later? Troglodytes and Ratlings seem "odd" as Forces of Light - is that correct?

    40. Ted G on

      How are these coming along?

    41. Iron Wind Metals Company 3-time creator on

      Hi Michael, Depending on schedule, I might make it out to GameholeCon.
      Everything is going according to schedule. We'll get you your birthday/Christmas presents... hopefully sooner than expected.

    42. Michael Shorten on

      Celebrated my *cough*ninth birthday last week, said "Happy Birthday to me" by looking at my $*cough* pledge. Those goblins and elves are going to be my birthday *and* Christmas presents this year, I can't wait to see them painted and lay them out for my gaming friends.

      Hope you guys are having a very productive summer. If you'll be at GameholeCon in November, just bring my box to me there :)

    43. Iron Wind Metals Company 3-time creator on

      Jonathan - I have sent you a response, and we will get it sorted out soon.
      Dhan - Most likely. We just need to get them looking perfect, before we post them.

    44. Dhan on

      By any chance are we going to get the PDF material before the shipping of the minis? :)

    45. Jointil the Beardless on

      I sent an email about adding to my pledge if it's ok can u add an Orc & goblin legion 25-427 to the big box of miniatures u will be sending me thanks

    46. Jim McLaughlin

      That's not a horde, that's an armada!

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