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Rank and Flank Tabletop Fantasy War Gaming. Chaos Knights, Dryads, and Fae miniatures by Meier, Mize, Saunders, and others.
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Images of everything can be found below, and an Excel spreadsheet listing everything can be downloaded here:

Once the funding period ends, a simple survey will be sent around to everyone. When responding, you can list the SKU #s you want to receive, or email us a copy of the Excel spreadsheet. If there is any discrepancy in the dollar amounts between what you have pledged, and the total price, we will resolve it then.


Please note: Shipping will need to be added to the pledge amount, in order for us to send it to you. The shipping cost is variable based on destination and weight. We have approximated the weight, based on the pledge amount. This is done in an attempt to ensure you only pay the minimum needed for shipping. We are trying to keep shipping costs as low as possible. Our already low price per miniature makes it difficult for us to eat much of the shipping cost. We hope you understand.


These assortments offer the most miniatures for the lowest price per mini. The higher the dollar amount, the better the deal.

Six additional regiments/units are available in this Kickstarter, but can only be found in the Assortments.

REMINDER:  If you are choosing to name a Chaos Warlord, please send a message through the KickStarter, or email us at to let us know which SKU to save for you. The miniatures will be claimed on a first-come first-served basis.

 See the parts that make up the Living Battlement here >   CLICK HERE 

Learn about the Fairy Slinger that had gone unreleased since 1980 >   CLICK HERE 


More classic miniatures will be unlocked as Stretch Goals are met. Be sure to check in from time to time throughout the campaign for more exciting releases. Each Stretch Goal will be marked “unlocked” as we reach its goal.


As we have enough miniatures cast to fulfill orders, we will start shipping them out. When you get your package, it should have everything you ordered in it. That means some orders are going to start shipping sooner than others. There will be no particular order to reward fulfillment. High dollar, small dollar, early order, late order… makes no difference. 

Our intention is to ship everything out by April 2019. 

We want to get them out well before that, and some of you may even get your product as early as January 2019. None of the new Kickstarter releases or re-releases will be added to our webstore until all Kickstarter orders have been shipped out… and it is in our best interest to get these items available ASAP, so we at Iron Wind are incentivized to get you your miniatures quickly.


All our miniatures are made in the United States of America, and are cast in high quality pewter. Some larger parts are cast in resin or compressed foam, as appropriate to produce the best miniature possible.

All miniatures are supplied unpainted and unassembled. Our products are intended for customers Ages 14 and Up. They contains small parts and may have sharp edges.


Standard height of a miniature from the CHAOS WARS range is based on a scale where a 6ft human is represented by a 25mm tall miniature. Some miniatures are larger or smaller as appropriate, based upon their size in relation to a human. Some Character models and Elite troops are somewhat larger, to denote their status / uniqueness. We believe this scale provides the best product for tabletop war gaming.

This scale is generally referred to as “True 25mm”. Several of the large scale manufacturers you see in hobby stores produce miniatures that are closer to 32mm in height.


We are using $5,500 as our goal. Just enough to cover the cost of making the molds. We are pursuing a stretch goal of $100,000 which will allow us to have several more new miniatures sculpted, invest in some additional equipment, and other upgrades to ensure we continue to make the highest quality miniatures possible.


Your support for Wave 3 will make more than these new releases possible. You’ll also help Iron Wind make a new commitment to the Chaos Wars line going forward. 

Immediately after this funding period ends, we will be at work, making the new production molds, spinning the castings, double-checking quality, and getting them packed and shipped to you. 

After that, we intend to begin regular quarterly releases for new and rereleased Chaos Wars product. As long as one quarter’s sales pay for itself, the next quarter will be released. The first two quarters of releases are shown below, and include more Chaos Knights, Dryads, and Fae to accompany the miniatures released here.

After that, we hope to release several steady waves of miniatures including: Goblin Handgunners, Elf Gunners and Crossbowmen, Ratling Cavalry, additional weapon sprues and an assortment of warriors from each race with open hands to hold them, Chariots, Doom-Thumper Cavalry, Atlanteans, and Kangaroo-Men, just to name a few.


After Fulfillment, every supporter of this kickstarter will get a link to some detailed surveys, where they can help determine what the next projects will be. First we at IWM need to get this Kickstarter put together and shipped out successfully, and then you get to vote on the next project.


The better this kickstarter does, the more new sculpts we can commission, and eventually release. The more exposure the kickstarter gets, the more people we get playing the game. Our desire is to release more new sculpts and to grow the player base of the game. You can help us with that in the following ways:

Like our Facebook page:, and share our posts (this really helps a lot).

Email your friends about the project.

Write up a comment about the Chaos Wars and share it on a wargaming forum. Include a link to our site.

Paint your miniatures and share those photos on, Facebook, and everywhere else that someone might see it.

Check out to see what else is new.

Become a Demo Team member and help us spread the game to small conventions and local game stores across the country.


Thank you for taking the time to consider this project.

Together, we can make this project a success. We hope you’ll join us for the ride.


Mike, Marc, and Jacob

On behalf of the entire Iron Wind Metals crew

Contact us



Risks and challenges

The only 'risk' we face is that this project becomes wildly successful, and takes us slightly longer to fulfill than expected. As stated above, it is in our best interest to get you your product ASAP, so we can begin selling it on our webstore.

Iron Wind Metals has been manufacturing miniatures for over 17 years, and many of the staff are former Ral Partha employees. IWM has manufactured miniatures for over 15 kickstarters, for other miniature companies, and run two successful Chaos Wars kickstarters prior to this one. We have already reviewed the master castings in preparation for production. All that remains now is to cook the production molds, cast the miniatures, pack them, and ship them to you.

As either Ral Partha or Iron Wind Metals, this company has been in business for the last 43 years, and we will be in business for many more. Unless a giant comet strikes the Earth, you can rest assured that you will receive your shipment.

We have learned a lot of best practices from our first two Chaos Wars Kickstarters, and we are confident that we can handle this. Among these are Assortments and Army Deals similar to the contents of our first kickstarter, specific Regiment sets, and various additional units, each with a simple flat dollar price (an effort to make calculation easier).

It appears everyone had a good experience with the previous Kickstarters, and we want to continue that trend, and improve on our success.

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    There are over 50 different products that you can include in your order, allowing you to configure your force as desired. Be sure to check in from time to time throughout the campaign, to see the new Stretch Goals that become available.

    There is only 1 pledge level, and you get to choose your pledge amount. Simply add up the cost of all the items you want to receive, add the shipping cost (see the chart in the campaign section).

    Please note: Shipping will need to be added to the pledge amount, in order for us to send it to you.

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