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Help me print an Art Book of my colorfully odd, pun filled, animal art that includes pancats, cats puking kittens, and knittens.
258 backers pledged $9,656 to help bring this project to life.

Final Days! Sticker Sheet Mockup and Badges!

Posted by DianaSprinkle (Creator)

Hello everyone! Were into the final stretch with 57 hours to go and right now we're a little under 8,000! Which means we passed the 5 extra originals added randomly to 5 backers packages at the 20.00 level and above! So I will be pulling names out of a hat and giving away 10 pieces of original art when I package up the packages!

Just a note, if you want to receive any of the free backer goodies but you're at the 1, 5, or 10.00 reward levels and don't want the physical book, If you raise your pledge up to 20.00 (23.00 for Canada and Mexico and 25.00 for International) but keep the same lower reward. I will add your name into the original give away and also send you the badge/sticker sheets/freebees that all the other backers get. 

In other news the sticker sheet has been decided: #5 the Popular set won with 26 votes! There was a tie for second place between Knittens and the Caterpillar cat sets at 16 votes but the Popular set quickly took the lead and kept it. So here's a mockup of the Popular sticker sheet. 

My kitty Cam also poses with my first test run printing of the physical backer only badges. Yay, I found my laminator. =D

Here are the remaining extra goals as we run up to end of this Kickstarter!

  • At the 8,000 level I will make a "Question and Answer" video for you guys. You can ask me questions and I will try to answer them, hopefully with the truth. =D
  • At the 9,000 I will include another cute sticker set into all the packages for backers at pledge levels 20.00 and above. (Ohh there was a tie for second hmm...)
  • If we make it to 10,000 I have an Awesome Mystery Prize #2! Which is awesomely mysterious. I will also add double of Mystery Prize #1 which are videos of me making art!
  • Should we somehow hit 11,000 I’ll randomly add 10 more originals into 10 backer’s packages (at the 20.00 level and above). The higher the pledge the more chances you’ll have. I really want it to feel like Christmas when you get your package.
  • And finally if we make it to 12,000 I will make another new comic! This one will be 10 pages long and will be sent as a PDF to all the backers of this project!

Thanks again everyone! I'm looking forward to the final stretch of this project please keep spreading the word if you can. Only 57 hours left!


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    1. Ross Levine

      Oh! That's interesting, the popular sticker sheet, at least in the mockup, has some of the other sticker/set examples that were competing with it. I like.

    2. Suzie Q Sailaway on

      Official rules state that in the event of 9k being reached, the tie-breaker for second place is decided by the first person to respond to update #7.


      p.s. I may or may not have totally made up that bit about the official rules tie-breaker. :X

      p.p.s. So cool that your project is doing so well. :)