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Help me print an Art Book of my colorfully odd, pun filled, animal art that includes pancats, cats puking kittens, and knittens.
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Process video #1 - Lost and Found


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Packmagedon update!

Hello Everyone! I wrote up this update only to have my web browser crash on me so sorry it's later then I wanted. The packing of doom is almost finished I have only 35 packages left to go. I'm hoping to be done with them this up coming week! Here's my progress so far:

  • 10.00 Level - PDF sent and any packages have been shipped
  • 20.00 Level - All Shipped
  • 25.00 Level - All Shipped
  • 40.00 Level - All Shipped
  • 50.00 Level sketch - 19 left to ship
  • 50.00 Level 2 books - 6 left to ship
  • 50.00 Level poster - All shipped
  • 100.00 Level - 5 left to ship all posters shipped
  • 150.00 Level - 4 left to ship all posters shipped
  • 250.00 Level - 1 left to ship all posters shipped
  • 500.00 Level - All shipped

The PDFs should be going out to the other levels on Monday or Tuesday.There will also be more of the digital extras once the physical packages are all shipped out. =D Let me know if you have any trouble with your package. I tried to pack everything very carefully so your books should be in good shape. Card board backings are my friends. =D

Packmagedon continues!

Just an update to let you guys know The packages have started to ship out. So far all of the 20.00 and any physical packages on the 10.00 levels have shipped and I'm working my way through the 25.00 levels right now.

I have included several surprises in the packages including these notices to the raffle winners for the originals!

As a bonus for getting so close to Mystery Prize #2 I did three special things for you guys.

I upped the number of Originals to twenty! So a total of twenty lucky backers will be receiving original art.

Also there will be random pendants and charms in a few packages and anyone who had a poster in their level will also have an extra gift. =D I may have gone a bit overboard.

I also printed four special Kickstarter only post cards to include in the packages! One of them is a special Sketch card. If you get one of these there will be a sketch on the back. I hope you guys like them.

LOL I planned to have another video of me looking through all the books but iMovie refuses to export the video. Very frustrating.

In other news I just had a shirt printed at Shirt.Woot. If it tickles your fancy it's available until 11:50 PM on Sunday the 23rd.

It has metallic gold ink for the Carrots! I'm really happy to see this one get printed.

The books are here!

The great Packmageddon starts now! 

The boxes of books have arrived at my house. Finally! I made a little video about it, which you can watch at the end of the update! The kitties helped.

I survived the excitement/horror of San Diego Comic Con last month! Thanks so much to everyone who stopped by my booth in Small Press and talked to me. I'm truly amazed and humbled by how many people saw my Kickstarter. Thanks so much everyone! The convention went great and the book, which I didn't get to see until I also arrived at the convention, printed sooo nicely! I'm really happy with how it looks and feels.

Awhile back I finished the Knittens sticker sheet and sent that off to the printers, I also printed some special Kickstarter only postcards to pack into the packages. Right now I'm just waiting for the Knittens stickers to arrive so that I can actually start packing the physical awards and mailing stuff out. The stickers are supposed to show up today!

I ran into some issues with the PDF file, so that may take a little longer to be send out. Sorry, the quality was really uneven so I'll have to spend some time fixing it.

Right now the plan is to start packing up your packages, signing stuff, doing the original art raffle, and possibly start shipping things out next week.

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