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A massive 3' x 7' table top game which recreates World War I, II & III. 2000 pieces, 2 to 5 players.

20th Century @ War

This project is a humble attempt at reviving the spirit of the massive table top strategy board game. In a nutshell 20th Century @ war is a 2 to 5 player 2000+ piece game played on a 3' x 7' map consisting of the entire world.

This project will produce 5000 deluxe versions of the game which will include injection molded pieces, a poster sized durable map, full color manual and a stand up tray to separate the various teams into easy to access containers.

The various rules detailed within the manual will allow you and your friends to recreate World War I, II, & III with a great deal of accuracy as well as maintaining a high degree of entertainment value.

Be warned, this game is huge, silly huge. Take up a corner of your basement huge, but then again that is the point. Not only does it recreate the great wars of the 20th Century but it also represents a massive table top experience unlike anything before.

Visit the web site for a free downloadable and printable version of the game.

20th Century @ War has 3 different technology levels and additional technological advances within each level. It recreates 4 different governmental types for historical accuracy, and also has a fast paced 'conquest mode' where the world is neutral and the players carve out their own empires.

World War I

It’s 1914 and Europe is about to destroy itself. The Germans/Austro-Hungarians along with the failing Ottoman Empire duke it out with the British/Franco alliance on one front and the Russian Empire on the other. Will the Americans enter the war and save the French? You decide.

World War II

It’s 1941 and Hitler controls most of Europe, only England fights on. Japan, forced by crippling sanctions from the U.S. prepares a surprise attack against its rival in the Pacific. Will the Soviet Union fall to the Wehrmacht or hold Moscow from the Nazi hoard? Will the U.S. intervene in Europe and save England? You decide.

World War III

It’s 1984 and the world is on the brink of Nuclear War. The Soviet Union is beginning to crumble from within. The Politburo realize that it’s now or never in their bid to destroy the decadent capitalists of the west. Will the U.S. survive the nuclear exchange, will its vaunted ‘star wars’ defense system protect them from the Soviet missiles? Or will the Red Army roll straight through Europe to the English Channel and beyond? You decide.


It’s 1999 and the great plagues have left the ‘New World Order’ in tatters, only the East Coast and Beijing offer a beacon of light within the horror. Around the world governments fall, armies dissolve, chaos reigns. It’s up to you regain control and forge a new era for your people. Will the East Coast reunite North America under a single flag or take control of Europe with an iron first? Will Beijing return to a great Monarchy and remake the Inner Kingdom or will the Communists take their revenge on a weak and paralyzed Japan? You decide.

Welcome to the world of 20th Century @ war.

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#1 5000 games with 2000+ pieces possess our toughest supply chain issue.

That’s a little over 10 million plastic pieces that have to be created, shipped to our assembly area and then processed. This is also the reason our delivery date is pushed to August 2013. Once the project is fully funded it will take approximately 3 months to get them made, delivered and into the prepared game boxes for shipment to our customers.

#2 The molds.
We have 23 unique injection molds that have to be created. We used various available pieces in our prototype; however we have to have unique molds for the production version. We still have to take hand drawn templates and convert them to Auto-Cad.

#3 The Map
It’s our current plan to print and laminate them in-house using color plotters. This may prove too time consuming and may have to be outsourced to a local print shop. Another option is to use Roland vinyl plotter/cutters and plot directly to a more durable surface. This is far more expensive and may not fit within the budget.


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