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By Ethan Vastbinder
$10.00 pledged of $35,000 goal


This is a project I have been developing with the purpose to aid us forgetful and unknowledgeable human beings in being able to be accomplish whatever situation life throws at us whether it be fixing a flat tire or changing the oil to managing your finances better. 

My idea came simply from me being someone who grew up with a father who seemed to know how to do every little thing. Every situation that he was placed in, he knew what to do(well most of the time, no one is perfect). Seeing this in my father, I always wanted to be able to do the same and conquer every thing that life threw at me. I want to be able to succeed. As a young adult programmer, I still have many things to learn in life. I only recently learned how to change the oil, replace my car wipers, manage my finances and know how to pay bills well, but these are things where I believe learning is procrastinated in. Remember, knowledge is power and the way to success.

Again, the purpose of this application is to provide knowledge and equip you with the smarts necessary to survive and thrive in the world. 

This app will help people understand more about life. It will teach and guide you. Within it, you will find articles on different topics and aspects of life along with videos to guide you when necessary like, for example, changing your car's oil. 

Do not be afraid to email me with suggests @ ejvastbinder@gmail.com or comment on this page. The funds received will be used in giving me more of the means to develop this fully and extensively by the beginning of beginning of Summer 2018 or sooner. Parents, I ask of you to fund this so that your children will have access to a plethora of knowledge and be able to be self-sustaining individuals doing their part in the world. 

Thank you all for your interest! I will not fail you.

Risks and challenges

There are not any risks that come with this. I will constantly be growing myself while developing this because like I said, knowledge is power.

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