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American Summer's video poster

We are going to make a book of photographs about the United States. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on July 14, 2009.

We are going to make a book of photographs about the United States.

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Ben Acree
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The three of us are photographers. We met in Korea a few years ago and have only seen each other sporadically since. In a fit of bravado we bought tickets to New York and decided spend the summer on the road. We plan on hitting rodeos, casinos, mega churches, basement noise shows, reservations, national parks, and anywhere else we feel we can get a unique view of the rapidly changing state of the nation. At this point it is almost a banality to reference the changes taking place in America, but we feel it is vital to explore just how these changes are taking place and whom they are affecting.

We will be constantly shooting, and hope to make a book about our trip and what we find.
The photographs will be published as a group effort, equal parts artistic collaboration, reportage, and travel document. We have people interested in publishing our work, but we grossly underestimated the costs of travel. We need more film, more gas, and (probably much) more food than we initially reckoned. Without help the project won't get off the ground.

We need funding, but we also hope that our involvement with programs like Kickstarter will yield other, more diverse results. Have a couch that we can crash on for a night? Tips on where to find the obscure and bizarre? People or organizations we should contact? Feel free to drop us a line anytime. We are asking for help, but also hope to open lines of communication; we want a forum for feedback and ideas and a place to regularly post our work. Give us a hand, send us some tips, and maybe we will see you on the road.


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