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Make a Glovetopus for free at Maker Faire!

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For example, how to get your Glovetopus Making Merit Badge!

Meet Glovetopus. 

He’s a charming stuffing-filled glove creature with lots of personality (for example the one above is hangry, a combination of hungry and angry).  It takes about half an hour from start to finish to make a Glovetopus and it only requires rudimentary sewing skills.  They’re cute, easy and a blast to make.  I’d like to share my love of Glovetopus with the world and teach everyone how to make their own Glovetopus families! (What do you call a group of Glovetopi? a Clutch? a Gaggle? A Sock Drawer?)   Obviously, teaching the entire world will take some time, so I am going to start with Maker Faire 2012.

I want to have a booth at Maker Faire where people can make their own Glovetopi for free. 

What's the best part of Maker Faire?

For me, it's always been sitting down and making something tangible. Whether it's painting wine bottles, learning to solder, or bringing a special piece of clothing from home to silk screen, Maker Faire is about people sharing their skills and ideas with other people. I want to share mine.

This Kickstarter Project seeks to raise money to purchase supplies to bring this activity to the Maker Faire community for free. 

People who can't attend Maker Faire will be able to participate too; when you pledge to this Kickstarter Project, I will send you a complete set of instructions to make your own Glovetopus. Higher levels of pledges will be rewarded with Glovetopus Creation Kits and other fun goodies. These kits contain what you need to make your own Glovetopus. Please see the rewards for a complete description of what you get.

What is the plan?

We will offer 6-10 Glovetopus Creation classes per day at Maker Faire.  When someone attends a class, they will be given everything needed to make a Glovetopus. A volunteer will lead each class through the process of sewing, stuffing, and decorating their Glovetopi.

These sessions will last between 45 and 60 minutes.  I can make a Glovetopus in less than 15 minutes, so hopefully 45 will be enough for others.

Where do your pledges go?

The money raised by this Kickstarter will be used to buy gloves, stuffing, thread, needles, buttons, felt, instruction sheets, and other supplies needed to make Glovetopi. The $1000 I am asking for will be used to purchase approximately 500 Kits to give away at Maker Faire.  Approximately 100 kits will also be put together for sale in the Maker Shed and at the booth to help pay for the event.  Additional kits will be put together to be sent out as rewards to help repay your amazing generosity.  If additional money is raised, I will use it to get more kits to give away and to help recover some of the other costs associated with attending the Faire, like making sure my volunteers are fed.

What else can you do?

  • Donate clean, new gloves or other supplies. If you have unneeded knit gloves, please bring them. Really you can bring any kind of gloves a person can sew.
  • Volunteer to help in the booth! We'll probably need as many people as we can get.  Email for more information.  Discounted or free tickets are available for volunteers.
  • Pledge a little extra so we can give away more kits!

Please help me bring Glovetopus to Maker Faire!


  • I want to teach people how to make Glovetopi at Maker Faire. I want this to be a free activity which is available to all. I would like to teach as many people as possible to make them. If this project gets financed, I will buy at least 400 pairs of gloves, but hopefully more.

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  • I don't have one. This isn't a business, it's a labor of love.

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  • Because I made up the name and I don't want someone else to use it without my permission. I also claim a trademark on the word Glovetopi (tm), as it is the plural of Glovetopus.

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  • I understand the confusion. Since the word octopus is of latin origin, the plural is properly octopode or, in common usage, octopuses. However, Glovetopus is not a latin word. I made it up and decided that the plural form is Glovetopi. When you make up a word, you can decide how to pluralize it.

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  • Pledge $10 or more
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    You will get a decorative instruction sheet that outlines the steps needed to make your very own Glovetopus. The sheet was designed by Piratical Pete himself and will be delivered to your door by the hard-working members of the US postal service or you can pick it up at the Faire. Please add $2 for international shipping.

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  • Pledge $15 or more
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    I will send you a Glovetopus Starter Kit, which includes the instruction sheet and everything else you need to make your own Glovetopus, except stuffing. The Kit includes: a pair of gloves, sewing needle, embroidery floss, buttons for eyes, and an instruction sheet. Please add $5 for international shipping.

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  • Pledge $15 or more
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    Poster and Merit Badge! This Includes the instructional poster, plus the Glovetopus Making Merit Badge. See the updates section to check it out. This option is great for international backers, since the postage is lower. Please add $2 for international postage.

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  • Pledge $20 or more
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    Basic Kit + Merit badge! This includes the Glovetopus Starter Kit and the Glovetopus Making Merit Badge. Please add $5 for international shipping.

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  • Pledge $25 or more
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    You will get a Premium Glovetopus Kit. This includes everything in the Starter Kit plus stuffing and one upgrade of my choice. I will pick one (or more) of the following: a better, larger or more interesting pair of gloves, metallic embroidery floss or more colors, better buttons for eyes. If you want to choose this reward at a higher pledge, I can upgrade your kit further. Each $5 extra will get you an additional upgrade. Please add $5 for international shipping.

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  • Pledge $40 or more
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    You will be designated a Maker Faire VIO (Very Important Octopus). You will get a Premium Glovetopus Kit to take home with you, a special VIO badge or sticker, and the ability to participate in any Kickstarter VIO only events we have at the Faire. (This reward is only available at the Faire, but if you can't make it, I can send the kit and other material rewards to you in the mail.) Please add $5 for international shipping.

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  • Pledge $60 or more
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    You will get a pre-assembled Glovetopus. This kit includes everything in the Maker Fair VIO reward, plus Piratical Pete will assemble your Glovetopus for you and send it to you. Same rules of upgrading from the Premium Kit apply to this one. Add $10 for international shipping

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  • Pledge $75 or more
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    This reward is a Glovetopus Party-in-a-Box. Ten Premium Glovetopus Kits delivered via the USPS. Suitable for Glovetopus-themed birthday partys, bar mitzvahs or weddings. Please add $20 for international shipping

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  • Pledge $100 or more
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    A fully customized Glovetopus. You will get the $60 reward, but you get to choose the theme and character of your Glovetopus. I will upgrade every aspect of your Glovetopus. You can even send me a pair of gloves to use to make your Glovetopus. This will also include a unique biography for your Glovetopus written by Piratical Pete. This museum-quality Glovetopus will be suitable for display and is guaranteed to love you and your designees unconditionally forever. (The love will be unconditional; the guarantee is not.)

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  • Pledge $250 or more
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    I will lead a Glovetopus making party at the Bay Area location of your choice for up to 10 people. I will come to your home, synagogue, or fraternal organization headquarters and teach you and your friends how to make Glovetopi. I will provide the kits and personal instruction which will enable you to transform your Glovetopus dreams into your Glovetopus realities.

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