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SHRU is not another cat toy, it’s a cat companion, designed to be your cat’s new best friend.
SHRU is not another cat toy, it’s a cat companion, designed to be your cat’s new best friend.
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    1. Missing avatar

      bin zhang on

      Saw some vids, but this little guys seems moving fairly slow, my cat is very energetic , he likes to chase fast moving objects such as chasing me around the house or the laser dots, just wondering how fast this thing can go , it there a video for fast movement anywhere, thanks .

    2. Jason O'Mara 3-time creator on

      @Alan: Check out the FAQ for a response to the stairs issue.

      @Gary, @Dallas: We have equal concerns. Two of our cats have had to have surgery in the last year for eating things they weren't supposed to (hair ties and foam). We are focused on delivering something with minimal accessible small parts.

      Thanks for all the encouragement!

    3. Missing avatar

      Gary Chappell on

      Any sort of tail (feathers, fur, whatever) are likely to be consumed, especially by cats left unattended with the Egg. So replaceability is certainly going to be important (it shouldn't be easy for the cat to detach the tail). As is making sure the materials are intestinally safe for felines, which IMHO precludes attaching with magnets, velcro (plastic and hooks yuck!). double-stick tape, etc. The tail materials also need to be "natural" rather than artificial. Are there other toys out there with solutions to this challenge?

    4. Missing avatar

      Dallas Karahalios on

      In response to Dirk's suggestion that the tail be attached by a magnet; I'm concerned that a cat, possibly mine, would swallow the magnet. Besides the choking possibility, are there any medical issues with a magnet passing through a cat?

    5. Alan Geoffrion on

      I'm curious at how tough this toy will be. Two of our cats have a habit of taking their toys and rolling them down a short set of stairs.

    6. Thaddeus IV on

      If sensors are hard to incorporate, maybe remote controls for it from an app on smart phone

    7. Thaddeus IV on

      Let's try "Luck" instead... Lol

    8. Thaddeus IV on

      Oh I hope you guys make this just absolutely amazing!! Good Lick!

    9. Missing avatar

      Marie Stern on

      My cats are super lazy and having feathers that are replaceable (after being eaten within a few minutes) sounds like a great idea. Also, fast movement on thick carpeting is a thought.

    10. Carl von Kessler on

      Any number of fuzzy/furry attachable accessories would be good because I know my cat will destroy that tail in about two weeks.

    11. Missing avatar

      JW on

      Funny, one of our cats also routinely "drowns" her cat toys in the water bowl. I'm hoping the egg will either be waterproof (a tough ask I suspect) or that it will be designed so that it is really not possible for a cat to pick it up in their mouth and drop it in inappropriate places.

    12. Missing avatar

      michalene narwid polise on

      I have tile floors, will it be able to roll over grout lines?

    13. Missing avatar

      Cathy Merriman on

      The feature to be able to find it when it's lost or hidden would be fantastic.

    14. Ronald Fischer on

      Waterproof, please!

    15. dirk on

      Can the tail be attached with a small but strong magnet in a recessed slot? That way, you won't have to create an actual opening in the shell. Also makes it easy to create your own tails.

      There would be a small risk of loosing a tail every now and then. And thinking of that, I can just picture the smug look on my cats face after she found out how to tear off the tail :-)

    16. Peter DiNatale on

      My cat likes to drown her toys in her water bowl. Waterproof egg?

    17. Glint on

      I heartily agree that attachable accessories are a TERRIFIC idea.

    18. Bob O`Bob on

      Accessory attachment sounds like a terrific idea. A simple socket in the shell, perhaps several of them, with flush "plugs" in the stock configuration. Possibly held in place by a small screw from the inside, they could be changed almost at a whim.

      Hi Justin! Been a little while...

    19. Missing avatar


      How about interchangeable feathers/tails? Egg looks as if it has a feather already. Feather tails don't last long in this 4 Kitty household. If the feather or tail slotted into a little tube, and extra, varied attachments were available as accessories, or a selection of, say, 3 different 'tails' sold with Egg, we would be able to change them over for added interest. Kitties do get bored with the same toys. A selection of Interchangeable tails would add interest to Egg

    20. Justin Guluarte on

      @Jason - you have no idea xD

    21. Jason O'Mara 3-time creator on

      @Justin: Sounds like your cats are going to have a heyday when you replace that fridge one day.

    22. Manuela Pereira on

      the new features sound amazing! keep up the good work!!

    23. Justin Guluarte on

      If you can somehow add a feature to help get it unstuck from under the fridge, I will be the HAPPIEST toy owner EVER!!

    24. Fabian Nick on

      Jason, that "clap-to-find"-feature sounds great!!!