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SHRU is not another cat toy, it’s a cat companion, designed to be your cat’s new best friend.
SHRU is not another cat toy, it’s a cat companion, designed to be your cat’s new best friend.
4,693 backers pledged $170,779 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Jason O'Mara 3-time creator on

      @C-J: You have painted an unbearably cute image in our minds. Please feel free to send us videos/photos of Duster to We love receiving those!!!

    2. C-J Bohle on

      I just got my Shru! Duster was a little wary of it at first but when he hears it in a different room, his butt starts to wiggle uncontrollably. Thanks for the fun!

    3. Jason O'Mara 3-time creator on

      @Bernard Low: Ack! A bored kitty is a dangerous kitty. I'll direct-message you your tracking number. Should be showing up any day now....

    4. Bernard Low on

      Hi guys,

      I have not gotten any updates as well. Can i check when my cat will be receiving his shru? He is BORED TO DEATH already! :)

    5. Jason O'Mara 3-time creator on

      Hi Patricia! I see that you just filled out the Kickstarter survey today. We'll ship yours out within the week!

    6. Missing avatar

      Patricia on

      I haven't gotten any updates for months, will I be getting one?

    7. Jason O'Mara 3-time creator on

      @Chow Man Wah: We'll also email you to troubleshoot if you continue to have troubles. ^__^

    8. Chow Man Wah on

      Spoken too soon, battery is flat, will give it a good charge then test it out, cheers!

    9. Chow Man Wah on

      Not detected by USB either... I think it's DOA.

    10. Chow Man Wah on

      Mine just arrived. Can't seem to turn in on and when I shake it, sounds like something loose inside... is that normal?

    11. Jason O'Mara 3-time creator on

      @Ruben: Your SHRU was sent out last week. ^__^ Will send you your tracking number via KS messaging.

    12. Missing avatar

      Ruben Stöcker on


      i still got no delivery confirmation and iam in germany. How long till you send out the german rewards?

    13. Jason O'Mara 3-time creator on

      @wade arnold: You hit the nail on the head. My long-suffering wife was essential to the completion of this project.

      @cd ybarra: Yours is en route, scheduled for delivery tomorrow!

      @Marmael: This cracked us up!!!

    14. Marmæl

      Curiously, I woke up to feather-smithereens all around the living room today. Guess it has been a Shru massacre here some time tonight. The Shru itself lives, it just needed a good charging and is now sneaking around under the table. "Very suspicious behaviour", my feline consultant states.

    15. cd ybarra on

      Nothing yet. My address is 1527 north 26th Lincoln NE 68503

    16. Missing avatar

      Daniel Trogdon on

      And a contradiction: in update 45 you wrote "SHRU was designed to entertain your cat while you are out."

      On the instruction sheet it says: "Use SHRU during supervised play."

    17. Missing avatar

      Daniel Trogdon on

      Just got mine and my immediate comment (and this has probably already been brought up) is man, that USB cover is almost undoubtedly going to get lost. A minor thing, really, but I see that happening often.

    18. Missing avatar

      wade arnold on

      Mr. O'Mara,

      I wanted to thank you for delivering the Shru as you envisioned. I just received today and my cats went bonkers for it. I'm sure it was a long road filled with both disappointments and excitement at times. Thank you and congratulations!

      I would like to tell you that your project is one of only two out of five total I've backed here on kickstarter that actually delivered their product. In my opinion, that's both sad (for these others and kickstarter in general) and a reason to be proud of what you accomplished.

      Please be sure to thank your workers and family, especially your long suffering wife, for helping to see your vision thru.

      Well done sir.

    19. Jason O'Mara 3-time creator on

      @Nicholas Smith: Yes, great idea and we're working on this after receiving this feedback from a few users. Great idea!

      @Jack Absetz: You're most welcome! We want everyone to be happy with their SHRU that they've so patiently waited for. ^_^

    20. Missing avatar

      Jack Absetz on

      @Jason O'Mara Thanks for working the issue so quickly. Three cats and (ahem) two adults anxiously waiting for the package. :)

    21. Missing avatar

      Nicholas Smith on

      Mine arrived two days ago, so international shipping is running smoothly. My cats seem to enjoy it quite a lot so far! Not sure if it's possible, but if you push a software update can you add a confirmation noise for when it's powering down? I tried switching it off a few times and was never sure if I'd gotten it until it started moving again.

    22. Jason O'Mara 3-time creator on

      @Daniel Kim: Yours is en route! I'll send you a message with the tracking number.

    23. Daniel Kim on

      How about international shipping? Could you tell me when international shipping will be shipped out?
      I've been waiting 2 yrs now..few more weeks wouldn't hurt, but I'd like to know at least when it would arrive :)

    24. Jason O'Mara 3-time creator on

      @Jonas Hansson: I sent you your shipping tracking info via KS messaging. ^__^

    25. Tom Pellitieri on

      It arrived 11/04, but I never got a ship notice!

    26. Missing avatar

      Jonas Hansson on

      Hi! Still waiting for a confirmation mail - I live in Sweden. Are the Swedish shipments delayed together with the German ones?

    27. Jason O'Mara 3-time creator on

      @Torment: Unfortunately, the mechanism for sending the emails is in our shipping software backend so I can't trigger a re-send. I know it sounds archaic but it is what it is. Most people have received the shipping notifications so the best thing for people to do if they haven't received a notification and they absolutely need it before receiving the package is to email us at support@. I'll send you your tracking number via KS messaging.

    28. Torment- The Enduring Exile on

      Do you think you can resend notifications that have not gone out? I'm in the same boat as other people who aren't sure if mine has shipped or not.

    29. Jason O'Mara 3-time creator on

      @Colin & Jeremy: Yippee! We'd love to see photos/vids of the kitties when you have a chance. Thank you for being so patient. ^__^

      @Christopher Browne: Yours has shipped! I'll message you your tracking number. Some people are not receiving the email notifications, it must have to do with some backend filters.

      @Jack Absetz: Yours was shipped out a few weeks ago according to our records but I can't find any tracking data. I'm going to ship you out a replacement, including your tail order, this Friday. Please accept our sincere apologies for this mishap.

    30. Missing avatar

      Jack Absetz on

      No tracking number received here on east coast of the US. I did order extra tails. Could that be delaying the shipment?

    31. Missing avatar

      Christopher Browne

      I haven't seen a tracking number yet (for my address in Canada), so I imagine my SHRU has yet to be sent out. I'll not pester about mine, but it might help people to know a bit more of what countries have gotten heavily/sparsely shipped, and if there's a lag between shipping and sending out shipping notices.

      It's very encouraging to hear that people are receiving them; I was getting to worry that this might have been one of those projects that don't turn out.

    32. Jeremy T. Anderson on

      Received last night. Cats were going crazy! It is a lot of fun the the entire family. Thank you for creating a fantastic toy for our owners.

    33. Missing avatar

      Colin Pickstone on

      Mine turned up yesterday! Didn't manage to get Mitch to play with it as didn't see him till I had to leave for work! Fingers crossd for this morning tho; it is raining this morning so fingers crossed!