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SHRU is not another cat toy, it’s a cat companion, designed to be your cat’s new best friend.
SHRU is not another cat toy, it’s a cat companion, designed to be your cat’s new best friend.
4,693 backers pledged $170,779 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Jason O'Mara 3-time creator on

      @John Liston: I'll send you a PM. :-)

      @Hal Gottfried: Ha! We completely understand.

    2. Hal Gottfried on

      I would like to order extra tails but I want to wait to make sure I get / test the product and the cat uses it first at all. Not only are they "unique" little animals but they sometimes would rather just stare at the wall.

    3. Missing avatar

      John Liston on

      Hi Jason, I've tried ordering the extra tail's but when it goes to process the payment I get an error back instantly. I've tried with a couple of different cards but they all do the same.


    4. Jason O'Mara 3-time creator on

      @Andrea: Cool! We're sure kitty will like the variety.

      @Ruth Ann: Thanks for placing an order! Cats are so fussy. ^--^ Yes, we designed the tail holder connectors so that there's a little pass-through hole that things can be connected to. We think a simple string of yarn would be a good tail too and we can't wait to see what you come up with. The hole is a small diameter, about 2mm. Beading wire and leather cord are available in thin, strong diameters and make for good material to attach things to.

    5. RA Showalter on

      Hi SHRU! I placed an order for one each of the other tail designs. I figure, who knows which ones HobieCat will love versus be spooked by....I never know why she chooses certain toys to like versus others that she ignores or is scared by. But, I think it is extra cool that y'all have designed the tail connectors so that they can be reused and loaded up with things we might want to add? Do I have that right? It looks like, if, say, she doesn't like the leather tail, I could try putting a piece of her favorite string in it's place, if I can thread it through?

    6. Andrea Glass on

      Cool, I just ordered 3 extra tails - mesh, feather, and octo.

    7. Jason O'Mara 3-time creator on

      @Dominik, @Stephanie: The extra shipping cost covers the cost of the added weight of the tail(s) as well as the additional administrative cost of preparing international paperwork that covers the tails. We are not making profit on the extra $2, it is simply helping us to cover our cost. Remember: Each SHRU comes with a fluffy feather tail so there's no need to order a tail, these are just extra options! :)

      We don't like the cost of shipping any more than you do! It's amazing how expensive it is but when you think of all the people and vehicles involved in getting a package from Portland, Oregon across the USA, across the Atlantic ocean, and through customs to your local delivery service, it starts to make sense. The $10 we collected on your SHRU pledge does not cover international shipping costs to many countries and, yes, that was our error in estimating $10 would be enough. We're eating the extra shipping costs we're incurring and we hope you can understand.

      For what it's worth, we haven't made any profit on the project thus far.

      @Torment: $31 is the production cost. See above, we haven't made any profit on the project thus far. I hope that makes it more clear, we are declaring the price you paid which happens to be the cost to make a SHRU at these low quantities. :-)

    8. Dominik Krickl-Vorreiter on

      The 2$ international shipping is holding me back to order two tails. Why do I have to pay for shipping when I already have payed 10$ for shipping in the same box?

    9. Missing avatar

      Stephanie Werner on

      I love the tails and definitely am going to order some. I just don't understand why I have to pay 2$ shipping (even though that is really okay) when it gets shipped in the same box with the SHRU that I already paid extra shipping for during the pledge?

    10. Torment- The Enduring Exile on

      That's disappointing. The $31 I pledged was to help you make this. The value should be that of production. If I ordered this via retail I'd understand the full $31.

    11. Jason O'Mara 3-time creator on

      @Sven: In accordance with US law, we'll be posting the value of your pledge ($31) as the value of SHRU on international documents.

      @Douglas Creamer: We can't recommend leaving SHRU out in the presence of a dog since your dog could destroy the SHRU and gain access to the electronics, which would not be good for your dog. :-(

    12. Missing avatar

      Sven on

      What is the plan for the international packages in regarding to the shipment declaration?

      I hope that you enter the production cost of the device, and not the full retail price of it.

      Backed another kickstarter a while back, and they added the full retail price even if the backing amount was less. This caused a hefty vat/tax fee on top that would not have come if they had entered the actual backing cost on the note.

    13. Missing avatar

      Douglas Creamer on

      Any change of getting a deal on a "tail pack", 4 for the price of 3 or something like that?

      Also, has anyone tested the SHRU to see how it holds up against a large dog? Little worried our dog is going to crush it if we leave it out for the cats.

    14. Jason O'Mara 3-time creator on

      @Jonathan Hill: We certainly expect for you to receive these in the UK before Christmas. We should receive the SHRUs in Portland at the end of September and we'll be shipping those out as fast as possible. Shipment to the UK shouldn't take too long (1-2 weeks) as we've partnered with DHL for international shipping.

    15. Jason O'Mara 3-time creator on

      Hi folks!

      1. The mousy leather tail and octopus with tentacles are feather-free. The octopus is made of a flexible plastic.

      2. Yes, we had some problems with international shipping on our site this morning. It's now fixed, please go forth and order. Sorry for the inconvenience, I know that was frustrating. :-/

      3. The $2 international shipping cost helps to cover the extra cost of shipping overseas. It's a $2 international shipping cost for up to 5 tails. That means you can order 5 tails and pay only $2 in shipping. Thanks for understanding, we're just trying to cover our costs! :-)

    16. Alex 'Freedom' Haines on

      Tried ordering five extra tails and it says that there is no available shipping option for the United Kingdom...

    17. Missing avatar

      MikeG on

      Can't order to the UK - tells me there is nothing available for that country.

    18. Wojtek on

      Hi Jason, would you consider not charging additional shipping cost for extra tails ordered if shipped together with the reward OUTSIDE the US ? Currently it seems that your website adds extra shipping costs for Europe regardless if the extras are shipped together with the kickstarter SHRU ?

    19. Manuela Pereira on

      I tried ordering the tails, but I'm having problems with the shipping cost - I'm from Brazil, and whenever a put that information on the form, it tells me to contact you guys.

    20. Amber

      @Jeroen I think the Octo one is feather free, though I'm not affiliated with Shru. Take a closer look at the website, maybe? My guys will rip feathers out so Octo and Mouse were good options. :)

    21. Amber

      Ordered two tails (Octo and Mouse). Very excited!

    22. Jon on

      Will we receive them in the UK before Christmas?

    23. Jeroen Dekkers

      Great update!
      In regards to the tails - one of my cats is allergic to feathers. The 4 different options seem to only have 1 that is a feather tail, is that correct? On the pictures it looks like the leather tail is the only non-feather one, so just want to make certain before I get one.

      Thanks again