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Design, build, and manage space settlements. Build an empire of orbital cities to span the solar system!
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Still making progress!

Posted by Joe Strout (Creator)

We received a complaint from a backer that we haven't posted any updates here in a long time... and he's quite right!  Between the blog, the forums, our home page, and the email announcements we send out to everyone who accepted the list invitation, we thought we had communication covered.  But we were wrong.  Some backers follow their backed projects primarily through KickStarter updates, and we've been negligent in keeping those up.

So, here's trying to do better!

First, the bad news.  We're way behind our estimated schedule by this point.  This is not unusual for big projects, especially software projects, but still, it's not where we had hoped we would be.

Now the good news — we have made a ton of progress, and we can see the light at the end of the tunnel!  Version 0.21 of the game was released just last week, and the game just keeps getting better and better.  Some highlights of current features:

  • an extensive "project tree" similar to a tech tree in other games, which makes new orbits and habitat parts available as you develop projects of interest
  • a system of "opportunities" (achievements) which provide experience points you can use to do projects
  • colonies can be built throughout the inner solar system, with orbits available from Mercury to Mars
  • city simulation includes water, food, path-planning, and even shows your residents going about their business!

In short, all major features of the game are now up and running.  The rest of the development period is going to be polishing and refining these features (which will include adding a number of minor new features, but probably no major ones).

We're not going to hazard a guess about how long this refinement will take.  Predictions are difficult, especially about the future!  But we're certainly getting close.

So, if you haven't tried it in a while, please check out the latest version of the game!  Remember, all backers are entitled to the full game for all of eternity, so if you didn't get the announcement last week, just drop me a private note with your email address and we'll get you fixed up!

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