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Design, build, and manage space settlements. Build an empire of orbital cities to span the solar system!
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Making progress!

Posted by Joe Strout (Creator)
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Well, as often happens, things have taken a bit longer than we had projected.  But we are making steady progress.  You can see on our KickStarter Progress page that we've delivered all of the rewards we targeted for November, and one of the rewards we estimated for December.  But several of the other December rewards are in progress.  In particular, we've contacted those of you who selected the SQUAWKER and TRANSPORTER rewards, and will be getting your creativity into the next build of the game.

We also have the high-res digital wallpaper ready to go, and will be sending that out soon.

As for the game itself, we've got our first building models back from the artists.  They look great — check them out here!  We've now assembled a team of five artists and are busy ironing out contracts, artwork standards, building types, and the details of how we are going to efficiently model and render all those buildings in a large colony.

We've also got the first building mod up and running.  The first such mod is the Founder's Monument, which we will be sending out just as sure as we think we're done fiddling with the format.

And there's even more — in addition to placing buildings (from mods) by hand, you can now zone for Residential, Commercial, and Agricultural areas!  But for more details, I think it's best to just keep your eye on the blog at  We'll be posting regular updates there, complete with screen shots (and sometimes movies).  It's also where we'll announce when each new build is available.  So, please head on over and subscribe to the blog if you haven't already.

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