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Design, build, and manage space settlements. Build an empire of orbital cities to span the solar system!
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Posted by Joe Strout (Creator)

Well, the fund-raising is over, and now we're hard at work building the second half of the game.

But a frequent complaint about KickStarter projects is that, sometimes, the money disappears and no results are seen for a long time (or in some cases, ever!).  We don't want to be those guys.  We want to be the guys who are completely transparent about how the money is being used, where we are on delivering the promised rewards, and so on.

So, we've created a page over on that has all those details.  You can find it here:

And we'll be honest here; we may not make all our delivery estimates.  We thought we'd have your names up on the website in November, and here it is, December 2nd already, and we haven't (quite) gotten to it yet.  Things often take longer than it seems like they should.  But you'll be able to see that we're making progress!

Also on that page is a break-down of funding received and spent.  We expect to spend the funds mainly on artwork, but since we got some extra, we'll probably spend some of that on custom music as well.  If we end up spending some on something else (I don't know — new wheels for the hamsters that keep our computers running?), we'll add that to the table as well.  So when the money's gone, you'll know exactly where it went.

I hope that you'll check this page now and then to see how we're doing, and that this gives you confidence that your support was well-placed!

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    1. Joe Strout Creator on

      Hey everyone, we've gotten the credits up on the website for everyone who has responded to the survey. Check 'em out at, and if we've somehow missed you, please let us know!

    2. Joe Strout Creator on

      Yeah, I can't wait to see what people create!

    3. Tim Jones on

      Oooh - project transparency without needing to beg for info. Now that's a novel idea!

      Great work and project management. I'm really looking forward to this. I can't wait to see what the modding community comes up with for interior designs. Imagine - Steampunk, Tudor, Buckminster Fuller - the opportunities are huge.