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Design, build, and manage space settlements. Build an empire of orbital cities to span the solar system!
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You Did It!

Posted by Joe Strout (Creator)

You guys rock!  Everyone pulled together to help make this happen, and you've done it — High Frontier is moving forward, with professional artwork for the in-colony city management mode!

The whole team here is tremendously grateful, and excited.  We're eager to roll up our sleeves next week and get to work on those new features!

But wait — we've had a number of people ask us about Linux support.  That's not something that comes easy for us, but we'd sure like to do it.  We'd need to set up a Linux box (or several, since there are so many different Linux distros) and spend some time learning our way around in that environment.

So let's set a stretch goal: if we reach $12,000, we will commit to releasing a Linux version of High Frontier too!

So if you know somebody who uses Linux, please let them know.

And again, heartfelt thanks to everyone for your confidence and support.

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    1. Joe Strout Creator on

      Thanks everyone! @Adam, that's a good tip. And @Tim, thank you very much; what we need most right now is getting the word out among Linux gamers. I've tweeted @linuxgames and @gamingonlinux, and contacted, but if you know other places this community hangs out, please give them a heads-up!

    2. Tim Jones on

      As always Joe, if you need Linux help, give a shout.

    3. Geoffrey Rabe on

      Congratulations to you and your team, Joe! Guess I need to start coming up with something to Squawk about... �

    4. Adam D. Ruppe on

      Just a note to linux users: I've been using the existing versions so far with Wine on linux without any trouble, so that's always an option too.

    5. Jason Baird on

      Congratulations! Good job!! Looking forward to seeing this and I volunteer to help you with getting this on the Oculus Rift when you are ready.