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Expanding your mind within a world of complacency. We're all symmetrical beings and mirrors show that.


Thank you so much for stopping by my page to check out what I've been passionately working on for the past year! I'm so excited to spill my brain out on the table for you to enjoy. Your help is beyond appreciated and remember every donation counts! 


Symirroretry is a documentary/short film touching on expanding your mind within a world of complacency and overcoming obstacles in life you may have no grasp over. Symirroretry will feature a story of 2 symmetrical men controlled by 1 female being in a Symirroretrical society. Mirrors play an unexpected role the 2 characters strive to figure out but the only solution they find is to expand their minds. The Interviews will touch on individuality, self-cleansing, and knowledge bestowed from art to help guide the narrative. It's a complex hypnotic experience that'll leave you feeling something you've never felt before.


Last year I released a documentary called Freeling which went into depth about the free feeling of skateboarding. 

The film blew past my my expectations of how much exposure it would receive. Gaining hundreds of thousands of views on Vimeo and YouTube in weeks I was shocked by how many people were affected by it. It united skateboarders in the fact that skateboarding ultimately defines your character. I was so inspired by all of the feedback from the thousands of people around that world that I decided I MUST follow up with another documentary!

I'm approaching this film a little differently though. I want to let people know I've grown as a filmmaker and that I'm ready to create an experience people wont bother forget. Symirroretry will intrigue viewers into the unknown and open greater perspective to the simple things around them.

Early concept inspiration. 


So far, Professional Skateboarder Arto Saari and Filmmaker Greg Hunt are down for the project. 

I've looked up to these dudes for years. Arto's been up to some rad stuff liately dealing with photography. Go check it out at Greg's also up to some exciting stuff dealing with the Vans video hopefully releasing next year. His full length with Alien Workshop from a few years ago Mindfield is one of the reasons why I'm making films today. Check out his work at

I hope to have others that will add greater perspective to the film but my ultimate goal is to have Spike Jonze interviewed. Huge Inspiration throughout the years with works like Yeah Right, Fully Flared, and last year's Pretty Sweet. It would be an honor. 

I will be teaming up with friends in the area who have a vision just like mine. With backgrounds in photography and fashion, the film's aesthetics will be made of fine detail and ultimately a visually transporting experience. I'm stoked!


Every contribution donated towards the film will go directly into the production. The more the merrier! If successfully pledged, the next few months will consist of shooting interviews, creating costumes, props, and getting everything planned for the shooting of the short film aspect scheduled in April/May. The months after will be time spent in post production and setting an estimated release date for some time in August. Let the games begin!


My intention for Symirroretry is to take viewers on a hypnotic journey exposing artistic ideas relatable to every day life. The film will enter the film festival circuit hopefully gaining exposure to unique surreal art that's been boiling in my head for months. After the festivals are done, Symirroretry will be released online for your viewing pleasure! Let's make this happen!


I'm so excited to have the opportunity to create something I've been so passionate about for the past year! I hope to create a canvas that you can paint the picture on. It's been a long journey and I need your help to make it happen. Remember every donation counts and I'm honored you even stopped by! Once again thank you for the support and lets make Symirroretry an unforgettable journey! 


Andrew Lovgren and the Symirroretry team

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

Like they say, "With greater joy comes greater sorrow." I wont deny Symirroretry won't experience challenges but our team will never back down. We look at it as more of a learning experience and character growth for the film! We're passionate beyond measure to bring something fresh to the film industry. No worries here!


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