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:::MERKATO::: -- A visually gripping portrait documenting 5 personal stories from one of the world's oldest & largest open air markets
:::MERKATO::: -- A visually gripping portrait documenting 5 personal stories from one of the world's oldest & largest open air markets
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    1. Coily Embrace on

      Do we have an update on when the DVD's might be sent?

    2. Gabe on

      How/when will it be possible to purchase DVD copies?

    3. Feleg Tsegaye on

      I've still been waiting for this project but Sosena doesn't seem to be providing any updates. I hope she just didn't walk away with the money...

    4. Nolawi Petros on

      " Still eagerly awaiting the DVD." me too

    5. Yonas Fisseha on

      Any updates? Still eagerly awaiting the DVD.

    6. Alicia Grinberg on

      Still waiting for the DVD... What's going on?

    7. Missing avatar

      Joanna on

      Any project updates? Hope all is going well.

    8. Missing avatar

      Terry Coleman on

      Can't wait to see the DVD. Hows it coming?

    9. Missing avatar

      Liza Debevec on

      Congratulations, cannot wait to get my DVD and watch it.

    10. Tigist Kelkay on

      Beautiful project!! Can't wait to see the film!

    11. Alicia Grinberg on

      Congratulations! Can't wait to see the film!

    12. Ruth A on

      Looking forward to seeing the film Sosena,

      I have great memories of Merkato on my last visit to Ethiopia- such an amazing place. Glad your work is capturing the beauty of the place and the people of Merkato.

      Wishing you all the best in your journey,


    13. Missing avatar

      Julie Reca on

      I'm so proud of you Sos!

    14. Coily Embrace on

      Looks like you reached your goal. We can't wait to see the film.

    15. Missing avatar

      Amsale on

      Good luck exciting! dad loves that place..can't wait to see the finished product!...Yenenesh (Keffi’s daughter..have not seen you for sometime..:))

      Best of luck!...Keffi.

    16. Missing avatar

      Elsie Haregwein on

      You are a brave girl to start this project. I can see that you have enjoyed yourself while filming which is a virtue that you will need to conquer the heart of Merkato. Good luck and next, I hope, is going to be Piazza! Good luck and can't wait to see the film.

    17. Alicia Grinberg on

      Go girl, you're almost there!!

    18. Missing avatar

      Liza Debevec on

      I am keeping my fingers crossed, I cannot wait to get my hands on the DVD. Best of luck reaching your goal.

    19. Juan "JayOh" Wright on

      Thanks Sosena for letting me be a part of this project. I'm excited to see your talent shine.

    20. JP Grafik Dezine, LLC on

      Project look great. Best of luck to you!

    21. Sosena Solomon Creator on

      Thank you Po!!

    22. Po-Hong Yu on

      I'm "backing" you up Sos. Can't wait to get all my goodies. Good luck! I'm sure you'll make your goal.

    23. Sosena Solomon Creator on

      Thank you Solomon!!!

    24. Missing avatar

      Solomon Bekure on

      This young aspiring female Ethiopian film maker deserves encouragement for filming the largest open air market in Africabefore disappearing soon giving way to high rise buildings and modern malls. I commend her for her imagination and courage to film MERKATO. We can support her, not only through our donation, but also by getting the word around on our social network that her project is real and urging our social contacts to support her like we are doing. Little donations made by great numbers make a difference.

    25. Mike Endale on

      I am so looking forward to see Merkato's story told by someone as caring as you. Congrats on your success so far. We'll be by your side to see this through.

    26. Sosena Solomon Creator on

      Thank you Hanna for your support!!

    27. Hanna Tadesse on

      Love love love this!!! Can't wait to see this documentary. Keep up the amazing work!

    28. Sosena Solomon Creator on

      Thank you both! It has been so inspiring doing this work!

    29. Missing avatar

      Tsega Belachew on

      Thank you for working so hard to give voice and vision to the stories of the real people in Merkato! It's a beautiful thing when African stories can be told the way they should be to give light to truth - from the personal perspective.

    30. Bilen Berhanu on

      so happy to see your process, your growth, your inspired. thank you for sharing your gift with the world.