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THE VIVIAN GIRLS is a musical by Stacy Sims, Peter Adams and Heather Britt that is inspired by the work of outsider artist Henry Darger.

I am Stacy Sims, a novelist and playwright, and I am working on a musical called THE VIVIAN GIRLS with the amazing composer, Peter Adams, and the fantastic choreographer, Heather Britt.

Inspired by the strange world of outsider artist Henry Darger and other contemporary artists who work in his milieu, THE VIVIAN GIRLS is set in a collage-inspired, pastel, post-technology universe. It is post apocalyptic but the end turns out to be more evolutionary and environmental than rapturous or cosmic. Technology in the 21st century speeds up everything to warp speed, including the typically slow-as-molasses process of evolution, and by the end of the century, there is an extreme convergence of global warming and nostalgia and pop culture and predators and gender bending and anime and all things “girl.”

And as the clock turns at midnight on December 31, 2199, the planet gives a final, giant sigh. And at this moment, the cultural obsession with youth, beauty and vulnerability coalesces and gives way to a final surviving species: The Last Girls. The Last Girls refer to this cataclysm of evolution and wind as “The Big Storm” with a twister named Sweetie Pie causing the most harm.

All the girls are clothed in story-book frocks and shoes. And the set has the feel of a Golden Books story book gone a little (or a lot) wrong.

But these girls are still girls, after all, and they yearn for love, a mother, freedom, and fun.

Here is a song .... this will tell you pretty much everything you need to know. And especially how talented Peter Adams is.

We need to raise $3000 to offset the costs to workshop this play this summer.

We have interest from various theaters and the fantastic director/actor Sam Anderson (Watch LOST on TV? Sam plays Bernard!) but we need to get in a room with actors, dancers and singers and see how the piece moves. This is an important part of the process of developing a musical, but hard to fund in this economy.

Help us make this world come alive.

And for those of you who come on our journey, we have all sorts of cool things to offer you.

Still not sure? Check out some of our work.

Special thanks to Julie Sunderland for interviewing and filming us and to Richard Cawood for editing our intro video together. You are our first backers!


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