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A tribute comic to the old EC Horror style comics with three stories, fake ads, and captures of the fun of old style comics!
A tribute comic to the old EC Horror style comics with three stories, fake ads, and captures of the fun of old style comics!
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#3 is here!!!

Hey folks! I appreciate you reading this. If you got this email, then you funded our horror comic: TALES OF SEQUENTIAL MAYHEM #2. And I am pleased to announce that we just started to fund our new Kickstarter today for #3!!! Same format, all new stories, tribute to EC HORROR comics. So if you liked our old one and want more, here's how you help support the project and get more comics!

We have rewards for tons of original art, prints, special comics and so much more. We can't do this without you! Please consider getting into this project too. We appreciate your support!

Thanks for reading, ADAM, MIKE, ROBERT, SHANE.


Finally, Finally FINALLY!!! The waiting game is over. UPS just delivered our books to me and I couldn't open the boxes fast enough. Holy crap are they awesome looking! Easily the best floppy comic I have ever put together. I want to congratulate Mike, Robert and Shane once again for their hard work and a hearty thanks once again to everyone who supported the book and waited patiently for this moment!

So for the rest of this week and into next week, I am addressing and sending out books so that you get em ASAP! I got some sketches to draw in some and some to sign. ALL get the exclusive Mini zombie print that I am tossing in for your patience. And some have to ship to Mike so that he can do his thing to those who ordered the print/sketch from him. YAY!

So finally folks. We did it. Its on its way to you. I hope you enjoy it. I am putting out the offer to email me personally with your thoughts at and maybe your letter will see print in TALES OF SEQUENTIAL MAYHEM #3! Cause damn tootin' there's gonna be another one!!! I'll pass on the thoughts to the gang involved and we appreciate any feedback you got. Positive and negative. Word.

Thanks folks. Its mailing out now!

Cheers, T


Hey folks! Thanks for hanging in there and being patient. Some of you got the Free PDF version and the feedback was awesome! I'm really glad you guys are enjoying what we worked so hard on. But now for the good news!

I got into the printer's case about no communication and the delay and I finally got note that our books are shipping to me today! So within a week I should have them and then as soon as I do, they are going into the mail. Of course, the ones with the prints and needing signing from Mike P will have to be shipped to him so he can do his dirty work, and THEN those go out to you. So for sure you'll have your book by Xmas! Probably a week or two before that. Holy cow! Love it! 

And don't forget: I said a while back that I was doing and including a free print featuring some artwork for me for every order. This is simply another "thank you" from us for your support and for the massive printing delay here. I assure you, nothing on our end. It seems that every time I go through comixpress, you gotta stay on them and make sure you get your stuff on time. But hey, we're in the home stretch, so I ain't gonna complain. We're doing great!

So folks, thats all I gotta say. The books are coming to me as we speak and then you'll get yours. Nuff said!

Much love to all of you, ADAM T.


Hey everyone! An update cause its been a week. Well, I am still waiting for the printer to send me the invoice. I had hoped to have the comics in my hand by this week or next, but its not looking like it will ship until end of November now. And I am a bit concerned because my family is moving into a new place come the end of November, lots to juggle as far as shipping goes when it comes to it! So you will get your books in Late Nov/early December most likely. Believe me, I am as bummed out as you are. Seems the hurricane didn't help matters either.

SO: What can I do to make up for the wait in the meantime? Well, I thought about offering a low res pdf version for those of  you who have a digital tablet and want to read it now. That certainly can happen. If interested in that, email me at and I'd be happy to send you a link to download one. But thats not enough for me. I want people happy.

So, I am making an EXCLUSIVE NEW PRINT that will go into EACH ORDER!!! Thats right. You ordered a book at any reward level, you're gonna get this free print. Its creepy, crawly and scary! The art is done by me and it will be a great addition to the whole thing. More bang for the buck I say! What it is and how it looks will be a surprise! The prints will be exclusive signed and numbered for this deal only. So that is coming too! YAY!

I want to thank everyone again for their belief in our project. And ask for patience as I am doing my hardest to do the same. Believe me, the end product is well worth the wait! Moo hoo haaa haaaaa!!!!! The comics' industry is full of comics that you have to wait a bit longer for, but when you get them, you forget all about that and just enjoy the work without that hanging over its head. Trust me, you'll be happy!

Much love to all of you, ADAM TALLEY!


Hey folks! We're rolling right along. The book was submitted to the printer and I am waiting for the invoice to pay and the books should ship a couple weeks after that to me. then they will go out to you! (Except for those needing a print or an original sketch inside. Probably an extra week beyond that.) So in the meantime, I've been stocking up on shipping supplies and getting addresses for all of you so the books will go out as soon as I get the books in my hands!

The guys and I have been discussing doing more of these books in the future, possibly even one every year! Its a lofty goal, but we'll see what we can do. We just had so much fun this time around that it would be a shame to wait another five years for the next one! So we think MAYHEM #3 will be horror related again and the same deal. But we are also discussing doing another anthology book that will be a rotating theme. Like one issue would be Sci-Fi/Pulp. The next would be crime/detective. Another would be western or fantasy. There's no limit! So that is being discussed. So PLENTY more to come in the future!

We thank you again for your faith in us and our little project here. We do it for the love of the medium and to give back to the genre stories of our youth. But we also do it because you believe in us, and we appreciate it. So hang tight. Stay safe this Halloween season (stay clear of zombies and hang garlic on your windows!), and before you know it, the books will be done and in your hands! Thanks folks!

Cheers, ADAM T.