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Orchestral music meets pixel art to play with your mind in this horror game webseries.
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TLD Pilot Chapter Premiere!

Posted by Alejo AC (Creator)

TLD Pilot Chapter Premiere!

Hi everybody! 

Today the Pilot Chapter of The Last Door goes live! Our little baby monster is going to see the light of day and we’re having a special live event to commemorate this special moment with all of you. 

The whole team is going to be there talking about the present and future of The Last Door. There’ll be a chatroom and a few cool surprises that we’ve prepared. (20:00 GMT)

After the event, the new website will be up and running at You can log in with your old settings (email address/password) or create an entirely new user. For existing users, we recommend you changing your name and surname, but it’s really up to you. 

To get you started, let’s talk about the new user profile page. Here, among other things, you can redeem your Kickstarter rewards by clicking on “Goodies”. If, for whatever reason, they don’t show up, you have to link your user to your KS address manually. Follow the instructions on screen and we’ll send you an email, click on the confirmation link inside and you’ll be good to go! The rest of the sections are pretty self-explanatory - there are many new features waiting for you so take your time to explore the website.

Let the world know about TLD!

And finally, we’d like to thank all of you who have helped us in the past retweeting and sharing our news and/or making Youtube videos of The Last Door. We really appreciate your honest, uninterested help and we hope the Pilot Chapter could live up to your expectations. 

We need one final effort from ALL of you. Now it’s the perfect time to make some noise! Share your thoughts about the Last Door, tell your friends and family about it, or even make a Let’s Play Youtube video - anything goes! The more people learn about the game, the higher the chances of getting the following chapters funded. Our mysterious journey is far from being over so let’s make it happen! 

See you tonight!!


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    1. QUESTRON on

      Acabo de haceros una segunda donación para la financiación del segundo capítulo de "The Last Door" , y a pesar de que la transacción a finalizado con un mensaje de "Conseguido", seguidamente me ha aparecido este mensaje en la pantalla...

      Os lo digo por si es importante

      Un saludo, Daniel...

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    2. Jamas Enright

      That's some nice extra creepiness you added to the first chapter there guys, well done!