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Orchestral music meets pixel art to play with your mind in this horror game webseries.
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Development Update

Posted by Alejo AC (Creator)
Hi everyone!

As you all know, we’ve been working diligently against the clock with our minds set on the beta. During our last Sprint this past Friday, we felt that the game was not nearly as polished as we had hoped for in the first place. We want our backers to get a great experience out of it, and as close to the final version as we possibly can. That is why we all agreed to reschedule beta release to March 1st. We wholeheartedly think that this extra time will be enough for us to meet the quality standards that we think you all deserve.

And now that we’ve dealt with the bad news, let’s present you with some new exciting developments!

Sprint Report #2 and #3

Our last two meetings have been extremely fruitful in terms of content production. Each team member is giving out a hundred per cent in their respective fields of work. During each presentation, the rest of the team was paying close attention to keep up with the new developments.

Script and design:

We’ve made some rough schematic designs for all rooms and scenes of the game. These placeholders, as they are known, are extremely useful when used internally for debugging and testing while the art team finishes up the backgrounds that will be included in the game. Also, placeholders give programmers a more graphic sense of the final result.


Meanwhile, the art team was working on “the real deal”. After two weeks of conceptualisation and pixel drawing, they have finished all of the backgrounds for the pilot chapter! In the following trailer you can get a first glimpse of all these new localizations:

Also, we’ve drawn the entire set of inventory items, most of the background objects and some new material for the website.


We’ve run several tests in different areas in order to refine and debug memory usage. Significant improvements have been made to the following aspects:

  • Main character navigation.
  • Scenes with scroll.
  • Audio management.

Also, we’ve implemented many of the puzzles that came out of Sprint 1, and now it is possible to create a local savegame.


The design of the new website is at its final stage. Chapter navigation and the brand new user profile are now operational. There are other important options that have been implemented, such as Paypal integration, intended for those of you who missed out on the Kickstarter campaign. We’ve also included a new “goodies” section where our backers will find access to their rewards.

Next Week

Most of the team will spend what’s left until beta launch assembling final gameplay to keep up with the daily production. Meanwhile, the rest will be working on the following tasks, among other things:

  • Lighting and shadow improvements.
  • Sound and music implementation.

To our ARG players out there

First of all, let me say that we're incredibly amazed by your level of commitment and dedication to the ARG, guys. Some of you have asked us about giving some directions. You should know that we are aware of your doubts and all of your questions are getting to the team. That said, the lack of feedback in our end is intentional, but please do not let it frustrate you! From the very beginning this was meant to be a community-based mystery that you have to solve on your own, only with each other's help. Keep trying and you'll find the solution, as you always have. You're really close to the end now!

Thank you!


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    1. Dino Ljubić on

      Luke, use the force! (In that way you will figure out you must see update 9)

    2. Luke on

      So.. what is ARG? I see the term floating around all the time and I've yet to figure out what it is.