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Orchestral music meets pixel art to play with your mind in this horror game webseries.
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    1. Dino Ljubić on

      If there are really some people still playing it, they are a bunch of douchebags for not posting here.

    2. Reid Harris Cooper on

      I can't believe Alejo hasn't said a word yet!

      Is he really going to wait for those 33 other people to find Jeppe?

      God I wish those 33 people would just read this already and cheat. All the answers are here.

      I also really want the entire ARG still as a downloadable file with all the planning and writing.

    3. Dino Ljubić on

      Considering my question about what the Ginnir runes actually attracts, Jeppe answered that that was probably the Devil, which was of course expected, they attracted some malevolent entities which wrecked havoc through the whole group.

    4. Dino Ljubić on

      Unfortunately, I don't have any useful commentary, I basically asked the questions for which I already knew the answer, But of course, since last night i thought at least dozen of good questions I would like to ask, but never mind now. If we had a lot more players with us, we could develop a decent strategy and uncover many mysteries, but with only three of us, it just didn't worked, if it wasn't for Reid excellent questions (good work)!, we really wouldn't knew anything, and that makes me feel depressed. However, this puzzle is designed superbly, Alejo hyped us for the next episode using a very simple yet effective method, giving us enough time just to scratch the surface little and leave us wondering what is next. The epilogue text is also excellent and that is what actually depressed me the most, although we finished this incredibly hard ARG, it makes me feel like we lost, and it was all for nothing, which is actually another high point. All in all this was probably the best gaming experience I had so far especially in the terms of immersion and personal effort I put in, and I really don't understand why all the others who were there from the start didn't continue, Alejo you are a really great writer and I can surely say at this point that I can't wait for the next episode, and I forgot almost all problems and dissatisfactions I had with the pilot chapter! Please do make another ARG in the future, you will always have at least three of us who will play it passionately :)

    5. Jamas Enright

      Hopefully Dino will be able to provide some more useful commentary. He and I talked to Jeppe together. (And I don't have a copy of the chat log.)
      Since I knew a question was coming, I'd had a while to think about it, so went first and asked what was the Oneiric Paradox? (as a concept) To which Jeppe said that it was just an excuse to form a club of intellectuals while he was in the area. They got together to discuss random things, including dreams and thoughts, and other things.
      Then, I think (might have this the wrong way around), Dino asked what the Ginnir rune attracted. We didn't get a clear answer to that.
      Dino asked about what happened at Covent Garden, but remembering the ball proved too much for Jeppe at that point and... well...

      Maybe the second diary, and its secrets, is what lies beyond... The Last Door?

    6. Reid Harris Cooper on

      While I have no clue how many folks of the 37 players have gotten as far as Dino, Jamas and I, for their benefit I shall be posting what I was able to pertain out of my session with Jeppe which was separate from yours. Which of course makes no sense why we had a different time, but we did.

      In my session I first asked him out Anna and where she was.
      He said he hoped Evelyn had killer her. As we know she didn't I asked what if she wasn't dead, what would that mean? And he went on to talk about the diary and Anna being dangerous because of the diary and being a survivor of the masquerade ball incident. I was like "You're still alive, so tell me why the diary is dangerous!" and he told me it was explained in the second part of the diary. So I asked him where the second diary was...

      He told me it was in a cabin in Friston Forest and maybe his son Arvid would find it. He then died before I could get more details.

      I don't know what the Friston Forest mention could mean if anything.

      What did he offer up to you folks?

      Can we tie something together even though we're "dead"?

    7. Jamas Enright

      (Alejo asked me not to reveal what I saw last week, so that's why surprise!)

    8. Jamas Enright

      This is an Augmented Reality part of the game. He's only there at that time. (As for time zone, think about where (which country) this all takes place in,) (And for a good chunk of Asia, most of them would be asleep then!)
      There are reasons for why such a specific time, even outside of 'that's when the club always meets'.
      But, hey, how long did we wait to meet Anna?

    9. Reid Harris Cooper on

      Jamas: Thursday morning?

      I got Wednesday at 21:00 which would be next on the 27th. I can't believe he means for me to sit around the website for a week. I think there must be a way to get to a website where the Chess Club exists and for it to be Wednesday at 10 PM for 20 minutes whenever you want.

      I don't know how... maybe that's it. I tweeted on this fact. but wanted it to be here as well, since it's still our only dedicated forum.

    10. Jamas Enright

      Short of amazing insight of 'oh, wait, they are talking about that!', I'm not sure I'm going to get those final elements. (I have added the earlier parts of the diary we've already got.)
      Unfortunately the meeting time, for me, is Thursday morning while I'm at work with a restricted browser, so timing might be an issue... (I can sort something out with Alejo if need be.)

    11. Dino Ljubić on

      Superb work Jamas! In your face Alejo! :D
      But this means we have to wait a whole week? Did you manage to meet him?
      Post the full version of the diary when you decipher it whole

    12. Jamas Enright

      Cleaned up a lot of the diary. Just a few substitutions I'm not sure (where a letter is a word), and a few sentences look like they got truncated.

      Adds a lot to the story.

    13. Jamas Enright

      Right, you should hopefully be able to read this.
      (I might go in later and make it more reabable.)

    14. Jamas Enright

      I'm trying to put up a translated of the diary where you can look at it. (Because of the font indicates different meanings for letters, it will read funny, but I've made sure the answer is clear.)

    15. Dino Ljubić on

      I am very bad and programing and similar stuff, So it might take a while for me to translate it all, and I really don't have time for that.

    16. Dino Ljubić on

      So You already got the answer? Well post it :)

    17. Jamas Enright

      You're already on the track to decipher the diary. As Reid said CLERQ is diary. And those two previous entries get close. The only reason I got there first (*) is because I wrote a program to do the letter swapping rather than doing it manually. I won't say what happens after you crack this because of reasons...

      (*) I think this is the first time I managed to get the answer before you two!

    18. Dino Ljubić on

      Explain yourself better! :D

    19. Jamas Enright

      Well damn. Unfortunately my browser here sucks, so I can't access the server. It will have to wait until tonight, but it if is dependent on a particular time window, then I may well be fooked.

    20. Jamas Enright

      Ha! Got it! It didn't help that when copy and pasted different symbols ended up as the same letter, so I had M and U as the same, and T and W. But I managed to read it well enough to work out where to go. And now I'm waiting... Just in time it seems!

    21. Dino Ljubić on

      Here are the first dozen number sequences deciphered from the daedric runes, from then on, Reid and Jamas, you should easiliy figure out the rest. And you figured it out also Jamas, those numbers from Anna's pictures corresponds with the one in the more or less, I've checked it out :)
      Anyway, the numbers are:
      Another thing we can be almost sure of is that real numbers that repeat themselves (1,2,3,4,5...) are spaces between words. In the next few days I will start to decipher the whole code letter by letter, right now I have some obligations at my college. Cheers mates! :)

    22. Reid Harris Cooper on

      Oh man, well, it's something to go with... so... no reason not to try it

    23. Jamas Enright

      If we assume (and this might be a wild assumption) that the diary is consistent and hasn't changed over the development of the ARG, then recall that Anna's images contains "12:9 Enemies of the Group" and "9:3:2 Naomi Kingswell in the house of Reverend", and so if we align that with the symbols, that might be a clue to cracking it. (I'm not sure how the TES symbols become numbers so can't spot the line of interest.)

    24. Reid Harris Cooper on

      As the daedric symbols are NOT letters but numbers, we must now consider that although the other fonts used Freestyle Script, VIKING, ELDER, Moon and Oxford do not actually represent the letters that their runes represent and that it is entirely possible that
      1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0
      are also letters and not numbers.

      They may just be word breaks though. But that seems too simple.
      I believed that
      CLERQ might be a code breaker itself spelling DIARY
      but that would mean that R=R and if R=R what is the sequence here?

      These are open questions I am asking myself and presenting to you to further explore our brains.

    25. Dino Ljubić on

      My friends, I've managed to decipher the daedric (TES) runes, which of course are the diaries number sequences, we are going step by step
      It starts with 4 and ends with 14:2

    26. Reid Harris Cooper on

      Okay I was able to figure out each rune representation, I extracted the fonts and properly turned them into "readable" letters.
      I did it right... No mistakes.

      What I'm getting is exactly what Jamas got...

      These are the fonts embedded in the PDF and these are what letters the font files for these letters say they are.

      Yet here's some additional information that MIGHT help you:
      The name of the file is CLERQ
      and the author is actually Jeppe himself...

      I'm not sure how this can reflect back to the symbol or the fact that Jeppe wrote in... what was it? Was it Norwegian? Did either of you keep a diary or recall how we translated the Jeppe Note? Because that might be helpful in translating this?

    27. Reid Harris Cooper on

      Things to notice:

      The number pattern repeats
      1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0

      So maybe it should be ignored?

      Equally when the Daedric symbols are translated just using the alphabet we got stuff like this:

      So the question now is that this is a code. We were warned it was a code in:
      3:1:3 A code will be used from now on to write the diary

      We've also been told the meeting place will always change and interest is the only way to discover the next location.

      Although I am not sure what one should try to tackle here next. The traditional anglo saxon? The Norse?

      There's a few symbols that I truly have no clue where they come from... such as the A like shape with a third leg.

      If one knows how to search through a PDF file and discover what fonts were used, they could download those fonts, install them, and then CUT & Paste and convert. There actually might be a way to do that, I'll see if I can do that.

    28. Dino Ljubić on

      But it is time to go to bed for me, we will continue tomorrow.
      Alejo, your ARG never stops to amaze me, that is what I can say :)
      Jamas, Reid, good luck and talk to you tommorow!

    29. Dino Ljubić on

      Well, this is going to be fun I can already see :D

    30. Jamas Enright

      We've apparently got Moon Runes, Oxford Runes, Elder Scroll Runes and Elder Viking Runes. The first few runes on each line are the Elder Scroll Runes.
      When I paste symbols into Word, it translates them to their plain rune letters, which may no sense, so it's some other translation. (Eg the first row translates as E ( from elder scroll) 1 (I think marker sign or W) 2 EUC 3 B ... what???)

      (Oh, and I also tried The Covent Garden and Royal Opera House, based on that picture. No dice.)

      I also now expect Dino to get this in about five minutes. :)

    31. Jamas Enright

      Whelp, this day is ru(i)ned...

    32. Alejo AC Creator on

      The curtain on the 4th wall moves and Alejo appears...
      I am amazed how you are "beating" all my challenges, it is not only designing the story but also feels like a duel with your minds. As you have already seen, there is something strange in the audio morse code. As you have already deciphered the main part there is no point on making you going through a repaired version of the video. Instead I will give you the part of the diary you already deserve and keep your energies for what lays ahead.

      2 The nature of the group
      2:1 A common interest
      2:1:1 The common interest of the people in this room is the study of the oneiric nature and the inherit paradox between reality and dreaming
      2:2 A base for discussion
      2:2:1 The nature of dreams is the same as the nature of thoughts
      2:2:2 Analysis of the dreams can provide insight into the nature of our thoughts as stated by psychology.
      2:2:3 The nature of dreams is not only the matter being studied but the medium itself
      2:3 Identity and commitment
      2:3:1 Due to some members not returning to the meetings a commitment is made to keep the identity of the group secret
      2:3:2 The oneiric group discussions are not to be made public and the meeting place will be a different one each time
      2:3:3 Members must keep showing interest to attend otherwise they will not be notified about the place of the next meeting
      2:3:4 The group itself is called “Oneiric Paradox” no further discussions should be made in order to focus the topic of this group

      The diary is more complete at each step you take.
      You guys never stop to amaze me.

    33. Jamas Enright

      I don't know enough about video files to tell properly, but I feel like there is something odd going on at the end of the file. Like there was another (small) file jammed onto the end of it. (Not zip or anything.) But I don't know how to split files up to try.

    34. Dino Ljubić on

      After a very very very hard and dedicated work (thank you Alejo very much) I've managed to decipher tho glowing orbs into a readable morse code, and this is what I had got :
      3 A side note
      3:1 Disagreement with the topics and rules stated
      3:1:1 Mr Joseph Lambart is no longer welcome to the meetings due to the conflicted thoughts with the group
      3:1:2 Other members state that names should be avoided to protect privacy
      3:1:3 A code will be used from now on to write the diary

      And that is it, with this part we have an answer to another field requirement, but the search still continues it seems.

    35. Reid Harris Cooper on

      I trust Jamas inherently in his translation of the audio, but had to see it for myself.

      I indeed got exactly what he got, give or take a letter...

      It truncates at 2:1:1

      Dino from he has discovered solved half of the orbs, but that started at 3 A Side Note and continues with said note.

      So... 2:2 through 2:3 are somewhere else? Maybe? Something else we just are not yet seeing? A third visual cue? An audio clue we aren't noticing?

    36. Jamas Enright

      I've done the audio. I'm talking about the flashes on the image, eg They don't follow the music or the audio bips.
      (Dino, I'm not sure which of the flashes are dits or dahs.)

    37. Reid Harris Cooper on

      I just tested the audio in cwget and it only detected t and e... ... Help me here Jamas. Help me help you.

    38. Reid Harris Cooper on

      Wait, where are you seeing the morse code? I need a screen shot to know what I am looking for here to translate from... it's in the audio itself your saying? Not a visual, but the music?

    39. Dino Ljubić on

      Anyway, dit or di represents short dot in morse, dah long dash.

    40. Dino Ljubić on

      Good work Jamas!
      Alejo surely loves morse.

    41. Jamas Enright

      Actually 10 April 1855.

      The audio morse code says: 2 The nature of the group 2 1 A common interest 2 1 1 The common

      Can't read the glowing orbs well enough to decode those (what's dit? what's dah? what are the gaps?)

    42. Reid Harris Cooper on

      I'm not sure if everyone will find the new ARG page, so!

      It's located here:

      I know Jamas and Dino are up to this point.

      The first three sections are easy.
      April 10, 1835

      It's the 2:3 and 3 that cause issue.
      I tried time codes with no luck, but this could be an issue of knowing what program to be looking at the file in.

    43. Dino Ljubić on

      Another interesting finding:
      Read the description in the right box
      It is the same reference in Naomi's website.

    44. Dino Ljubić on

      Still nothing, but I did find out about this poem

      A Dream

      In visions of the dark night
      I have dreamed of joy departed-
      But a waking dream of life and light
      Hath left me broken-hearted.

      Ah! what is not a dream by day
      To him whose eyes are cast
      On things around him with a ray
      Turned back upon the past?

      That holy dream- that holy dream,
      While all the world were chiding,
      Hath cheered me as a lovely beam
      A lonely spirit guiding.

      What though that light, thro' storm and night,
      So trembled from afar-
      What could there be more purely bright
      In Truth's day-star?
      Edgar Allan Poe

    45. Dino Ljubić on

      This probably isn't the end, we have to keep looking.

    46. Jamas Enright

      ...and that's the end??

    47. Dino Ljubić on


    48. Dino Ljubić on

      Jamas you are actually right, maybe this is their error, or we had to alter it ourself, but the message is so far : DIARYWILLCOMEIN < AR > HOES