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Orchestral music meets pixel art to play with your mind in this horror game webseries.
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Last minute stretch goals... 3 days to go

Posted by Alejo AC (Creator)

Hi everybody!

The team have been talking a lot about defining a stretch goal for this last days. We have considered a lot of things, we have read your suggestions, and we have had a hard time deciding what to do. Specially because all the things we think that could be the best for the project are actually things that we already want to improve over the time.

For example, these are some of the suggestions made and the actions we want to take about them:

Professional writing

Some people have approached us offering help about writing. We love this! We can organize a group of people that can work with us to write dialogues, review the writing style and proof reading the texts.

Multi language

A lot of people have asked us about translating the game into different languages, and some has offered their help. We definitely want to do this in the future. But doing this from the beginning will force us to keep releasing chapters in all of these languages. Not to say, that the community would still be only in English. We need to focus first on creating the game, then we can make tools for the community to translate the game to whatever language you want.

Just make a better game!

There are a lot of things we have already devised to do at some point in the project. We can't decide of only one thing that fits with a stretch goal. Defining it right now will rush things unnecessarily. We don't want to force important things for the project into a 3 day stretch goal.

Finally, we have selected two things that we would like to do if we had a bit more money:

First one is to buy more virtual instruments for Carlos to create even better music. Second one is to create a digital art book with sketches, references and photos used while creating the game. We would also invite other artists we have already worked with to create some concept art to be added into this process. Here are some of their previous works.

We want to document the process of creating a believable pixel art world into a digital art book. The help of these conceptual artists can give even more depth to the result.

Old school games also used this kind of images to create additional materials like box art, posters or close ups that provided hints to the player to recreate the world behind the pixels.

So this is what are going to do: If we get to £4250 we will create a pdf art book with all these details of the early conception of the project. And we will send it to the backers that have pledged £25 or more.

What we get after that will go towards buying these musical libraries for Carlos:
Solo Violin - (199$ ~ 123£)
Adagio Violins - (399$ ~ 245£)
Adagio Cellos - (399$ ~ 245£)

Help us spreading the word this last 3 days! It's the final countdown and sure we can push a bit more.


PS: Some people have already found their way into the Alternate Reality Game, we wouldn't mind if they give some more clues to others ;)


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    1. Reid Harris Cooper on

      For those looking for a little bit of a hint to get into the Alternate Reality Game (awaiting my confirmation in the time differences between Spain and NY)...

      Here's my hint...