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Orchestral music meets pixel art to play with your mind in this horror game webseries.
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285 backers pledged £4,690 to help bring this project to life.

Goal achieved and other news

Posted by Alejo AC (Creator)

Great news today. The Last Door has reached the funding goal!
It has been a thrilling ride, and we still have 4 days to go.

We couldn’t have done this without the faith shown to the project, not just by the backers, but also by the people who helped by posting at forums, sharing and shouting! Everyone made a difference. Thank you all.

Congratulations everyone!  

If you haven't pledged already, you can still get the rewards we are offering exclusively on this kickstarter. And now we are also in the situation of being able to consider stretch goals. To do this we want you to help us answering this simple survey.  

Public release of the playable teaser

The playable teaser has been released to the public and it has now spreaded over 60 gaming sites where it has been played more than 30.000 times. It has been featured at Newgrounds and there are lots of interesting user comments there. We planned to do this to get more people to know about the project. And only for the users that are already registered at The Last Door website we are releasing today a preview of the developer commented version and the hall of fame. It’s similar to the one we used for the live video event.

Alternate Reality Game

Inside this preview there is a secret move that leads to the start of our little experiment with Alternate Reality Gaming (ARG). Some of the clues and content are going to be public, but we will only be tracking those who have pledged £10 or more. If you want to take part you will need to find your way out.

The game will have a slow pace with events starting during the next days. With this game we want to start playing with you as a community, and get better information on how to use this for the project in the future. Feel free to comment and share the info to help others.

AdventureX 2012

On other news, this weekend Alejo was at the AdventureX 2012 event in London, meeting interesting people and talking about the game. Thanks to everyone that showed interest in the game!

Last days

A lot of people had problems pledging and asked for a Paypal option. Other ways of getting more funding is something we are going to implement anyway for the future chapters. Since there is only four days left we think it’s better for us to focus on what we had planned for this last days. 

And some last minute news!
Today we welcome to the world to Carlos Viola’s new son who is being born just as I write this update. Congratulations Carlos!

Thanks again to everybody!


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    1. Missing avatar

      Alberto Guerra on

      Ésto termina hoy, y así sirve para seguir un poco más y para ver que tenéis apogo. Espero ver muchos trabajos vuestros más! Un saludo!!

    2. Alejo AC Creator on

      Thanks for the nice words!

      For those trying to figure out the secret move. Remember, you will need to find your way OUT (literally). We are not as bad as you think, you only need to think out of the box. This way you will probably find the key to do the secret move.

      See you at the other side

    3. H on

      First i'd like to congratulate Carlos in thisl very special day--one i'm sure he'll never forget. Second, i'd like to thank the team for the creation of this wonderful project. I'm looking forward to finding the "Secret Move" everyone seems to be talking about. Best of wishes and good luck.

    4. Reid Harris Cooper on

      Glad to see the commentary version even if I haven't figured out the "secret" move just yet!

    5. Alejo AC Creator on

      Commentary version and hall of fame preview is now online at for registered users.