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Update #6

Live video event summary (surprise unveiled)


Last Saturday (Dec 8) we made a live video event where we wanted to share some new ideas with our backers, chat a bit and unveil a great surprise.

We started on time, introduced ourselves and warned about our english speaking skills. It’s the first time we do an event like this, we were nervous and english is not our native language. But don’t worry because for game development there are native speakers helping with the writing and proofreading!

Q&A session

People in the chat had some questions for the team:

Pl0yd: How about the duration of the final game?

[The Last Door] Javier: We are planning each chapter to last between 15-30 minutes. It depends also on what the community says and how much resource do we have for future chapters. We are using this kind of webcomic approach in which we have shorter chapters and we also publish some side-content in between.

[TLD] Alejo: When we complete a whole season we would like to publish it on Steam or something similar.

Side note: We also expect the community features to give a lot of added value and new life to each chapter.

Colbashar: Well, how long do you expect the gameplay of the first episode to last?

[TLD] Mauricio: As we said, it’s going to be around 20 minutes. But it depends on how you play it. Exploring and looking at everything can easily turn it to much more.

Side note: Let’s take an example. Limbo’s length was quite controversial and it was said to last between 1-4 hours. That’s a big margin and this is an example of a published game. We are talking about minutes here, so we hope you can understand why we don’t focus on saying an exact number. The game is going to be much more than the first chapter.

Tirrk: Will slenderman appear ingame?

[TLD] Alejo: I´m sorry, but Slenderman is not going to be in the game. I tweeted an image of how he/it could look in the game beause Slenderman is more like a concept, a modern mythos and it is something that fits in the game style. It is a great example of how the concept is more important than the actual look.

Tirrk: Probably in a cameo appearance would be nice?

[TLD] Alejo: Well, we can certainly make a tribute or a reference. We like that!

Colbashar: Who is responsible for story development and writing? Is that you, Alejo?

[TLD] Alejo: I don't know if you are familiar with something called the Cabal process, the team at Valve use it. When they have to make design decision they run a meeting with all the team and decide this things together. We are doing this for main design decisions but also for the plot. Because we are thinking almost 24 hours about the project team get inspiration from anywhere. In this meeting we share whatever from an idea for the plot, a screen a puzzle or some music. We are also considering looking for someone with more experience at things like character development and dialogue writing that would like this way of working.

Pl0yd: What inspired you to create the game?

[TLD] Enrique: The inspiration for the game came from horror writers like A. Conan Doyle, Bram Stoker, Poe and of course Lovecraft. Also from movies like the classic “Secret beyond the door”, “The others” or “The Orphanage”. So the main inspiration comes actually from movies and books.

Juanchocarrillo: Is the story related to the Cthulhu mythos? It recalls me "Alone in the dark".

[TLD] Enrique: There will be references and maybe something will appear. It is not exactly Lovecraft’s universe, so Cthulhu will not appear directly.

Antalex666: Why did you decided to create this pixel art world instead of another kind?

[TLD] Enrique: At first I proposed to use this style because I’m very comfortable with it. I feel it's my personal pixel art style and I wanted to show it to my colleagues. When I made the game proposal I wanted to make an impression on them and this made me to find the perfect way to fit all the pieces together creating this atmospheric experience.

Antalex666: Are there any games that helped inspire the development of The Last Door? Or are there any qualities of existing adventure games that you want to emulate with The Last Door?

[TLD] Javier: Lone survivor and Home are some references of the game, because they are also horror themed and pixel art, that are the easy ones. But when thinking about the adventure side we prefer to look at classics such as Monkey Island or Indiana Jones and the fate of atlantis. The Walking Dead is also an inspiration on how they are creating an emotional response.

[TLD] Enrique: Also, the inspiration from other horror games came mostly from Scratches and Alone in the Dark.

Side note: We are also big fans of Amnesia and Silent hill.

Pl0yd: The game will have jump scares or something like that?

[TLD] Alejo: We don’t actually like jump scares too much. The teaser is a good example of how we want to create the scary feeling through a moody experience. There will probably be some jump scares, but we are not relying on them.

Surprise time

The time of the questions is over and we cotinue showing two images we are using to make some gameplay for a new video. Some friends and backers have told us that the game itself is actually our best asset to get people interested in the project.

Then we saw Daniel’s live reactions while playing a new piece of content, just as a warm up before the surprise. This was risky because people could only see his face while playing and it was a bit strange, but funny in some way. At some point we could see him a bit shocked about what he was watching and playing.

Then we make the second “test subject” to try it, this time everyone could see the game along with the reactions of the player. Here you can see the video of what happened:

Yes! The surprise is finally unveiled. And by the way, some people told us the idea about the developer commentary version and the interactive Hall of fame looked cool. So it was 3 birds with one stone for the things we wanted to share with you.

You can also hear the version of the classic wedding march that Carlos made specially for this moment.

We hope this help new people to know about the project because we are almost there. We need less than £1000 to reach our goal and start this adventure!

Please, we still need help to make the project reach the funding goal! We can do it!
Thanks everyone.

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    1. Cristol2.small

      Creator Cristol on December 17, 2012

      Congrats to you both! That was cute :)
      Just noticed that Beatriz while playing could not say anything else but yes. Alejo, you played it safe ;)

    2. Fb_profile_picture.small

      Creator Mauricio Garcia on December 11, 2012

      Congratullations Alejo and Beatriz! It really was magic watching this happen.

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