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Update #2

Solving project questions and playable teaser announcement


Dear backers,

First, thanks to all of you that have made The Last Door reach more than 37% of its goal in its first week. The team has been like crazy preparing new updates, spreading the word, asking for advice about the game and getting nice comments about the project.

Release of a playable trailer

On November 28 (that’s tomorrow!) we will release a short playable trailer for you to feel the game atmosphere. This will also serve as a “Prologue” for the main plot. We have put a lot of effort to really reflect the level of quality we want to achieve.

We want this Prologue to be a start point for the community, so we will make it available to everyone that registers for free at 

Make sure to tell everyone about this playable trailer. We want to be in contact with the people interested in registering for free to get access to future releases. We will also make it available at multiple online game sites to let more people know about the project, some weeks later.

The countdown is ticking!

Solving doubts and new reward

We have tweaked the campaign to clarify some points about how the game is released and what you get. A lot of people told us to explain some things that were stopping them from backing the project. We have edited the main description and FAQ. The main concern was:

Am I backing to get the game or just extras?
The £10 pledge is probably the most similar to "you get the game", but we know that we haven't done well explaining it. For the sake of simplicity we are calling them just Premium members, which will have early access to all future chapters, not just the pilot. Other visitors can still register for free, but they will have to wait at least 2 months to play the chapter or become premium members themselves.

There is also a new reward for £5 with a digital copy of the original soundtrack, and early access to the pilot chapter. You also get the OST if your pledge is already above £5. If you took the £1 pledge you can still update it. And the pledge to be a character in the pilot chapter is now £200, we hope it will be more appealing now to those who want to be inside the game.

We made this video as a quick summary of the rewards available:

It's exciting to have all of you with us during this adventure!
What are your expectations from this project? Let us know!

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  • Pledge £1 or more
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    47 backers

    Curious about the project? Keep track of the project with exclusive backer updates and get access right now to the "CONFIDENTIAL PROJECT FILES": production documents, concept art, wallpapers, early mockups, prototypes, and the files with all the planning for this Kickstarter project (list of contents in the description).

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  • Pledge £5 or more
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    54 backers

    You get digital (drm free) copy of the ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK by Carlos Viola for all future chapters and early access to the release of the Plot Chapter two months before it goes public.

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  • Pledge £10 or more
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    103 backers

    <SPECIAL COMMUNITY MEMBER> Only for backers of this project. It will grant you access to: * Private forum * Early release of the Pilot Chapter * Online premiere event and chat with the team for the release of pilot chapter. * Take part in an Alternate Reality Game. ················································· The special community membership will give you privileges also for upcoming chapters. ················································· We will also individually thank you in our social networks (TheLastDoor/@horroradventure), and you also get instant access to the confidential project files.

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  • Pledge £25 or more
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    48 backers

    <PIXEL CONTRIBUTOR> ················································· Send us some photos and we will create your own pixel art PORTRAIT in three digital versions: Avatar, full body and as a talking character in the contributors hall of fame. ················································· Try the BETA of the pilot chapter and give us feedback, get involved in critical decisions about the future of the series.

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  • Pledge £60 or more
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    15 backers Limited (23 left of 38)

    <COLLECTOR> We send you the real thing... GAME PROPS: * The real, old paper, hand written and wax sealed Anthony's letter as seen in the playable prologue. * A personal unique coded key that we can't say what it "opens" yet. * Your pixel art portrait printed and signed by the team. (plus all the previous rewards)

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    Add £1 to ship outside the UK
  • Pledge £200 or more
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    4 backers Limited (1 left of 5)

    <CHARACTER IN PILOT CHAPTER> As well as receiving all previous rewards you take the final step into the game becoming a minor CHARACTER in the pilot chapter. We will have a virtual MEETING with you to work out the details and follow your indications.

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  • Pledge £1,000 or more
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    0 backers Limited (2 left of 2)

    <MAIN PLAYABLE CHARACTER> You become a recurring main playable character for the whole series. We create the character based on your indications. ················································· Then, for next generations to remember this collaboration, we´ll send you a HANDMADE TAPESTRY dedicated by the team (this tapestry will become an actual game object, so we ask to keep it secret until it appears in the game). ················································· Of course, we instantly become big fans of you! and you get all the previous rewards.

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