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The Last Door, episodic horror adventure's video poster

Orchestral music meets pixel art to play with your mind in this horror game webseries. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on December 21, 2012.

Orchestral music meets pixel art to play with your mind in this horror game webseries.

About this project

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Update #10: The Last Hours. LIVE NOW!

Update #9: Let's play (used as a forum for the ARG players)
Update #8: Last minute stretch goals... 3 days to go!
£4250 - A pdf art book with the art creation process: sketches, references, photos and concept art from guest artists. Sent to backers who pledge £25 or more.
£4373 or more - Buy more virtual instruments for Carlos to create even better music: Solo Violin - £123 | Adagio Violins - £245 | Adagio Cellos - £245

Update #7: Goal achieved and other news.
Update #6: Live video event summary (surprise unveiled)
Update #5: Follow-up and lot of links were people is saying something about The Last Door
Update #4: Accessibility in The Last Door. AccessAble Games collaboration.
Update #2: New pledge and Playable teaser announced to be released.

We need your help to kickstart the pilot chapter of The Last Door, an episodic pixel art horror adventure game for the web browser. We want to create a game with a thrilling story and a great atmosphere through art, sound and music.

The pilot chapter will be available for backers two months before it goes public for other registered users. New chapters will need funding as well, using a mix of incomes, but backers will not have to pay again unless they want to donate. As a premium member you will have early access to all new chapters.

This is a free game with a free2play style community that will not affect the game itself. If you don't want to use the extended features you can just play the game when it becomes available to you.

We offer backers the opportunity to get involved in the project starting from £1 to get access to project files, and up to £1000 to become a playable main character in the story. Enjoy!

There are some moments in horror novels that evoke powerful feelings and achieve a high level of immersion. Enrique, the lead artist of our team, thought about creating an image to capture one of these moments. But it is the imagination the one creating most of the little details that really build that scary feeling, and it happens that images are just too visual for that.

Listen to the Main Theme while reading:

After toying with this idea for a while the project came to life and got us excited to create this game. With the use of art and music we will create the right atmosphere for your mind to live the story.

We get the inspiration mostly from authors like Edgar Allan Poe and H.P.Lovecraft, so when sketching the setting and the concept, ideas just started to flow naturally.

The story starts in the late 19th century in the south of England. Good times for science, psychology and art. The main character (which is waiting to get his name from a backer), receives a letter from his old friend Anthony asking for help. A strange request since it has been long time since they were colleagues at the University. But when he arrives to his house in the Sussex county he finds that something horrible might be happening.

After we get the funds for the pilot chapter the real challenge begins. To continue telling the story and making this a long term project we will depend on the community we have.

We like mysteries, secrets and conspiracies, so you can expect to find clues and references for things to come... maybe something that looks accidental is not.

We want to release the game chapters in the style of a webcomic, this is why we have chosen the game to be web based.

In our vision of The Last Door, being episodic is not just about delivering content in pieces. Playing a chapter may take about 15-40 minutes but there might be weeks between them. Between releases there will be other minor releases with extra content.

The web provides more flexibility to create an expanded experience using subgames, hidden content, and dynamic community events. It also provides a real possibility to create a game widely accessible from any connected device.

We plan to set up a season structure and a system for funding future chapters with a mix of crowdfunding, donations, merchandising, ads or whatever we get to discuss with the community itself.

Once the project is running we will have to keep it growing by earning players confidence chapter after chapter. Players will be the ultimate judges deciding whether new chapters are released or not.

Is this a classic adventure game? Absolutely

In The Last Door you will find all the features you can expect from an old school adventure: exploring, an inventory, using and combining objects, dialogues and lots of puzzles.

But because of the very special nature of this project these features will appear as the game progresses. Game mechanics will be added following the player progression and to support the narrative.

We will be releasing a very short "Prologue" during this campaign. A playable teaser to show the game atmosphere.

As well as designing the mechanics and puzzles we need to design how different players experience the game and progress from being visitors to become players, community members and finally fans. Because of this we want to allow everyone to enjoy The Last Door in the way it fit them best.

Community releases

New chapters are always first released for premium members, when new chapters are released previous ones become available to free registered users.

We want each new release to be a community event, gathering players to "unbox" the new chapter together. This is the kind of expanded experience we are aiming for, offering a deeper experience for those who want to get more involved while allowing more casual players to play without interferences.

Each chapter will have a set of extended features linked to the community, such as a forum, a section of chapter-based secrets, quizzes or ingame comments. Players can just play the game and start using these features whenever they feel ready.

The community release of the pilot chapter will be exclusive to backers. Being a premium member (or special community member as stated in the rewards) will keep providing this and other privileges in the future.

You can see some ideas for the community and extended features in an interactive web mockup located in the confidential project files.

                               YOUR HELP

We have already been working on a playable Prologue which will be released after the first week of the campaign. We also keep creating concept art, script and music for the future of the series. But we need funds to produce a pilot chapter and a initial set of the web extended features.

Every person backing this project is a person trusting in our idea, and that means a lot! This project is very dependent on having a community for long term survival, so if we don't get enough support it will be difficult to create a community out of nothing. We want to prove wrong those who say that "a project like this is never gonna work".

You can also spread the word to horror fans, pixel lovers and adventure maniacs. Find us at The Last Door on Facebook and at @horroradventure on twitter.

We'd love to have you with us, and if you believe in The Last Door, we have this rewards waiting for you:

If you think this looks interesting enough, show your support with just £1 and you will get instant access to a lot of material (through a secret link in the first "only for backers" update). Some projects will just "thank you" for this money, but rather than this we prefer to share with you these confidential project files. It is like sneaking into the production folders on our computers:

  • Documentation (Web interactive mockup, game proposal prototype)
  • Marketing (Kickstarter preparation documents, other campaigns analysis, deprecated ideas and scripts)
  • Source-art (concept art, wallpapers)
  • Source-audio (music and audio sketches)

Get a digital copy of the original soundtrack (DRM free) made by Carlos Viola for the pilot chapter and the new ones that will come.

You also get early access to the pilot chapter two months before it become available to non premium members.

Plus all previous rewards.

Become a Premium member of the community (we named it special community member in the side column, but some people asked us to make it easier to understand).
  • Access to a private forum. To talk about game decisions and show development progress.
  • Early releases to all future chapters before they are available to regular members.

And you also get:

  • Invitation to an online premiere. A live streaming event to release the first chapter and answer your questions.
  • To take part in an Alternate Reality Game(ARG).This will last around two weeks and will start near the last week of the kickstarter campaign if at least 60% of the funding goal have been reached by then.
  • A personal and individual thank you in our social networks in an invidual mention at The Last Door on Facebook or/and at @horroradventure on twitter. We will try to say something unique about you being a backer of this project.

Plus all previous rewards.

Try the first chapter BETA and give us feedback, get involved in critical decisions about the future of the series.

The game artist will create your own PIXEL incarnation in three digital versions for you to enjoy and share:

  • Avatar, to be used in forums, Facebook, Twitter, Kickstarter, etc
  • Full body classy portrait with a background and pose of your choice.
  • As a character in the hall of fame of contributors. A section of the game the visitor can actually navigate to talk with prominent contributors (subject to giving at least some feedback for the Beta).

Plus all previous rewards.

(We are also willing to give this reward to an experienced horror writer that wants to provide us with valuable content for the game in the form of literary advice and/or cultural/historical research. Contact us if you are interested)

COLLECTOR, You receive all previous rewards, then, we send you the real thing... GAME PROPS:

  • A real, original letter. Carefully crafted in old fashioned paper, calligraphed and wax sealed. It's the complete text, full of little details, of the letter the character receives from an old friend in the Prologue.
  • We print your pixel art portrait and send it signed, along with some words by the team.
  • A personal unique coded key that we can't say what it "opens" yet. Only 45 keys like this will be produced, each one with a unique shape and code referencing the backer who owns it.

Plus all previous rewards.

As well as receiving all previous rewards you take the final step getting into the game. You become a CHARACTER in the pilot chapter.

We will have a virtual MEETING with you to work out the details and follow your indications.

Plus all previous rewards.

You can become a recurring MAIN PLAYABLE CHARACTER not only for the first chapter but for the whole series.

We will be in contact having online meetings to create the character details, look and background based on your indications, making it fit in the game story.

Then, for next generations to remember this special collaboration, we´ll send you a HANDMADE TAPESTRY dedicated by the team. This tapestry will become an actual game object, so we ask to keep it secret until it appears in the game.

Plus all previous rewards and also we instantly become big fans of you!

If you have any ideas of a reward you want to see here, please let us know in the comments.

                       What's the money for?

We need at least 3,852 pounds to be able to develop the complete PILOT CHAPTER and a initial set of community features to kick off this project.

This amount of money will help us to pay for:

  • One month of a game programmer.
  • One month of the main artist and writer.
  • Web programming, community management and production.
  • Music and Sfx composing and editing.
  • Professional English writing.

All the money pledged through this campaign will go directly into the project. There's so much more that could be done if extra funding is available, some things we have in mind are:

  • Working on the pilot chapter for a little longer, making it bigger, richer and more accessible.
  • More community features ready when pilot chapter launches.
  • Translating dialogues into different languages.
  • Rich “making-of” development blogpost and videos.

We will extend into this if it seems likely the original funding goal will be surpassed.

The Game Kitchen is a small game development studio, based in Seville, Spain. Our company is made of an incredibly talented group of people, just six of the most crazy game freaks out there. We created The Game Kitchen to be able to craft our wildest projects and ideas, for a living.

Not your typical business, though: we’re independently owned, and horizontally managed. Also worth mentioning is that we don’t require a physical office space to work: we’re totally ‘cloud’  based. We still go to a lots of places together, but that’s normally just to have some beers!

In the three years we’ve been operating, we have done plenty of game consultancy work, mostly creating games on demand for other companies. Now, we’re taking risks and investing in our own ideas turning into a proper independent game studio. These are some of the projects that we’ve worked on so far:

We are proud and experienced agile developers. To create games we use a monthly-based, iterative process called ‘scrum’. Scrum can suit the episodic nature of this project very well if done properly. We aim to deliver an impressive amount of content in every new chapter, and keep improving the experience.

Kicking it forward

Once the project is finished and published we won't forget that other projects need help too, so with the help of our community I will be pledging 5% of the profits made from The Last Door to projects out there that are also relying on everyones help. Learn more at

Risks and challenges

- Track and delivery of the rewards, both physical and digital, so everybody get the best backer experience.
We will use the online community to deliver most of the digital goods, and physical items are limited and exclusive to give attention to every detail instead of managing mass deliveries.

- Deliver the pilot chapter on time with the quality it deserves!
We are going to need to work on development tools to create game content more quickly, so the first chapters will be critical to design a workflow.

- To have enough of extended features developed when pilot chapter is released, so players can really enjoy and understand our vision about community based episodic content.
Although this kickstarter is for the pilot chapter itself the game is designed to be played along with the extended features that the community provides. During the first chapter we plan to have ready at least the chapter specific forum.

- To keep a clean and consistent gameplay that is interesting enough but progresses at the right pace while keeping player interest and expectations.
Don't make it too big in the beginning! This is meant to be a humble start to create a sustainable long term project.
We will need to be very clear with the backers about this and try to engage in a dialogue. Not all game mechanics can be delivered in the first chapter, both because of design and production issues. But with their help we will find a way to make it flow.

Learn about accountability on Kickstarter


  • For some reason people keep asking this. Ok, this is a web game, you will be able to play it in any device with a web browser that can run Flash. A mouse is highly recommended since it will be handy for hovering over game elements.
    In the future we might consider switching to other technologies more mobile friendly, but right now it is not affordable with the resources at hand.

    Last updated:
  • We are using a "ransom" model in which we will "free" new chapters when we have the funds to do so. These funds will come from donations, selling extra content (OST, developer commented chapters, etc), advertising, merchandise or whatever comes out handy that will not ruin the game experience. You won't have to pay again if you don't want to. You can always help by telling others about the game which will indirectly make the game more profitable.

    Last updated:
  • Absolutly not. We are against P2W (pay to win) games which are bad Free2Play games that make the player farm his way through the game. The game can be played completely for free, and this points, or coins, will only have value in the community and extended features. They are not used to buy ingame items.

    We will ask for real money when it comes to fund new chapters, but you are always free to pay. When the chapter is released everybody will play the same game.

    Last updated:


  • You selected
    Pledge £1 or more

    47 backers

    Curious about the project? Keep track of the project with exclusive backer updates and get access right now to the "CONFIDENTIAL PROJECT FILES": production documents, concept art, wallpapers, early mockups, prototypes, and the files with all the planning for this Kickstarter project (list of contents in the description).

    Estimated delivery:
  • You selected
    Pledge £5 or more

    54 backers

    You get digital (drm free) copy of the ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK by Carlos Viola for all future chapters and early access to the release of the Plot Chapter two months before it goes public.

    Estimated delivery:
  • You selected
    Pledge £10 or more

    103 backers

    <SPECIAL COMMUNITY MEMBER> Only for backers of this project. It will grant you access to:
    * Private forum
    * Early release of the Pilot Chapter
    * Online premiere event and chat with the team for the release of pilot chapter.
    * Take part in an Alternate Reality Game.

    The special community membership will give you privileges also for upcoming chapters.

    We will also individually thank you in our social networks (TheLastDoor/@horroradventure), and you also get instant access to the confidential project files.

    Estimated delivery:
  • You selected
    Pledge £25 or more

    48 backers


    Send us some photos and we will create your own pixel art PORTRAIT in three digital versions: Avatar, full body and as a talking character in the contributors hall of fame.

    Try the BETA of the pilot chapter and give us feedback, get involved in critical decisions about the future of the series.

    Estimated delivery:
  • You selected
    Pledge £60 or more

    15 backers Limited (23 left of 38)

    <COLLECTOR> We send you the real thing... GAME PROPS:
    * The real, old paper, hand written and wax sealed Anthony's letter as seen in the playable prologue.
    * A personal unique coded key that we can't say what it "opens" yet.
    * Your pixel art portrait printed and signed by the team.
    (plus all the previous rewards)

    Estimated delivery:
    Ships anywhere in the world
  • You selected
    Pledge £200 or more

    4 backers Limited (1 left of 5)

    <CHARACTER IN PILOT CHAPTER> As well as receiving all previous rewards you take the final step into the game becoming a minor CHARACTER in the pilot chapter.
    We will have a virtual MEETING with you to work out the details and follow your indications.

    Estimated delivery:
  • You selected
    Pledge £1,000 or more

    0 backers Limited (2 left of 2)

    You become a recurring main playable character for the whole series. We create the character based on your indications.

    Then, for next generations to remember this collaboration, we´ll send you a HANDMADE TAPESTRY dedicated by the team (this tapestry will become an actual game object, so we ask to keep it secret until it appears in the game).

    Of course, we instantly become big fans of you! and you get all the previous rewards.

    Estimated delivery:
    Ships anywhere in the world

Funding period

- (30 days)