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A short film about two sisters fighting against the gloom of January 1979.
A short film about two sisters fighting against the gloom of January 1979.
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A short film about two sister fighting against the gloom of January 1979.

Moodge and Smudge



History happens while we're busy living our lives…

Moodge and Smudge, otherwise known as Madelyn and Susan, two adorable sisters, fight against the gloom in the Winter of Discontent.  


Surrey. England. January. 1979. Susan is desperate to finish her science project before she goes back to school but Madelyn has other, more energetic, plans to execute. The two sisters run riot trying their best not to step on their father’s toes as he deals with his own political and personal problems. Madelyn learns that sometimes you have to work harder than you expected to stop things exploding into disarray. 

Approx. Running Time: 13 minutes  

Film Genre:   Comedy  

Target Audience: 12 +  

Language:   English  

Locations:   Milford, Surrey

PRODUCER - ELENA SIRETANU Originally from Moldova, she has a passion for analog photography, aesthetic and important historical narratives. Elena has successfully produced and marketed shows for the stage and the camera.  

DIRECTOR - TIGGY BAYLEY London-born, Bristol-based filmmaker. Inspired by a vision to create thought-provoking and entertaining films. Her work focuses on female driven narratives. Sense of place, history and relationships between people are all important themes in her body of work.

DoP - FRANKIE CILIA Based in Bristol, Frankie is fanatic about filmmaking which is reflected in her ever increasing body of work. She has her own production company and has started an initiative for all female filmmakers in Bristol to collaborate.

COSTUME DESIGNER - LEO TYLER London-born, talented and inventive costume designer. Leo has worked on several blockbuster movies in the costume department. She already has an impressive body of professional work and portfolio. 


MADELYN and SUSAN have a deep love and bond. The story has something serious to say about the tensions family issues can put on this bond and the different ways of dealing with a turbulent home life. The audience for Moodge and Smudge is for those who liked movies such as Lady Bird, About a Boy and Billy Elliot. All these movies deal with the past, memory and growing up. They build a unique world from the point of view of the protagonists. MOODGE and SMUDGE is a story that asks how historical events effect real peoples’ lives, told through specialized photography, the personal, local and distinctive. It explores the generation gap, the changing political climate of the late 70s, a sibling relationship and that awkward phase in every female's life when you're no longer a girl and not yet a women. 


Our target goal of £300 will go towards creating a sense of the past: costume, props, set design and music rights. It will also be spent on looking after those involved by providing transport, and catering.

Our talented cast and crew believe in our story and are working for expenses and out of the kindness of their hearts. Should we be lucky enough to exceed our target, we will be able to allocate a daily fee to all named cast and crew who are so generously giving up their time to help us make this story come to life.

Risks and challenges

As this is a very low budget short film, we will be utilising the skills and experience of our heads of department to produce a high value film at a low cost.
Our Costume and Production Designers will be working on a very limited budget and will therefore have to be creative in the way they source materials.
Similarly for all departments, we will be challenging our creativity and skills by making a little go a long way!
POST PRODUCTION & DISTRIBUTION: After the film has been edited, we will begin to market the film for festival submission

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