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Visual novel based on the tabletop RPG. Seven years after an alien attack you will strike back with the aliens' weapons.
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Cast List

Posted by Casey Loufek (Creator)

Hello!  This is Elliott here, letting you know that we have a nearly complete cast list for the voice actors.

The two main characters will be played by Juliet Cesario and Gerardo Paz.  Juliet is perhaps best known for her role as Belldandy in the English dub of Oh! My Goddess, while Gerardo is best known for voicing Teddie in the Hiimdaisy parody fandub of Persona 4.

The rest of the cast list is as follows.

Anna Lin: Jamie Lagaspi

Colonel Preston: T. Scott Leunburger

Meredith Baker: Anaise Dunbar

Keenan Caine: Alfonso Aliomar

Derek Smith: Jonathan Fortin

Laura "Mulan" Porter: Arashi Cesana

Yuuki Takahashi: Dana Paster

Luiz Buenadventura: Dominic Francisco

Leon: Andrew Davidson

Mondo: Rashad Grant

Natsume Seiko: Tatyana Jefferson

As soon as I am able, I'll be posting short audio clips of the VA's in action!

Voice Acting and Art updates, convention meetups, and an apology

Posted by Casey Loufek (Creator)

Hello.  This is Elliott Belser, lead writer of the Bliss Stage VN, signed in to lead programmer Casey's account until we work out how I can comment with my own Kickstarter account. 

I'd like to start by apologizing for the radio silence.  We have been hard at work at the VN - busy writing and editing scenes, producing character, mecha and monster art (with the permission of the artists', I'll start posting that next week), and allow me to assure you that reports of our death have been greatly exaggerated.

Of note on the voice acting front, we have cast our Joshua Preston: he will be voiced by Gerardo Paz, who is most famous in fandom circles for his comic work - voicing Teddie in the "Hiimdaisy Persona 4 Comic Dub," among other things.  

Our Sara Smith remains Juliet "Dub Belldandy" Cesario, and please welcome our Anna Lin, Erica "Unwoman" Mulkey, who will also be contributing a great deal of her music to the game.  In fact, her classic song "The Bridge" has become our de-facto theme song.

I will try to keep to a more regular posting schedule - at least once a month, trying for more like once a week.  I understand how worrying it is when there's a long period of radio silence, so I'm going to ensure that there isn't one any longer.

Thank you for your patience.  Hopefully we'll see some of you at Kraken Con, in Oakland - which is near Endgame, the birthplace of Bliss Stage, back when Ben Lehman was playtesting the tabletop game.  Stop by Krakencon and we'll run tabletop demos and - hopefully - have something more polished to show you...

Stay tuned for more art and more updates.

With love as our weapon and trust as our armor,

-Elliott Belser, Lead Writer for Perpetual Motion

Status Report

Posted by Casey Loufek (Creator)

Things have been hectic and I haven't had time for a proper update but I wanted to let you know we are not dead.

The story had some major hiccups and has undergone a slight overhaul which set us back a good bit. Things are back on track in that area now.

Sadly due to some miscommunications our website is down for the time being as well.

With the bad news out of the way here is the good. Elliot is running a Tumblr as a stopgap until we get a new site up:

Also to be clear the new storyline means you will be controlling both Joshua and Sara in alternation. The structure of the tabletop game provides multiple viewpoints and too much of the story was behind the scenes to the player in the previous drafts.

As such Sara's ANIMa is the next to be fully visually implemented. I'll have a video of her showing off equipment in a few days and a new backer demo shortly after that.

Also we are still having voice acting. In fact we are pleased to announce that Unwoman will be lending her musical and acting talents to the Bliss Stage Visual Novel! She will be premiering as a voice actor in Bliss Stage: Love is Your Weapon, playing the role of the Resistance’s most veteran Pilot, Anna Lin. In addition, she will be providing the game’s opening theme The Bridge (through the link above), the ending theme, and many of the character image songs. More info here:

We have most of the remaining roles cast and are filling in the rest while the script is completed. The fully voiced version may be slightly delayed in order to get the main game out quicker but voices will be soon to follow.

PDF Progress

Posted by Casey Loufek (Creator)

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Combat Animations

Posted by Casey Loufek (Creator)

We’ve got a video of the combat system animation demo to show off. You can see the final version of the Gawain, Josh’s ANIMa, showing off some of its equipment as it attacks a drone. We’ll have another backer demo shortly and an updated public one sometime after that.

Plus a look at the Waypoint system toward the end.

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