ZNAPS -The $9 Magnetic Adapter for your mobile devices


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    1. Jeremy Kei on

      What kind of update is this? I have been waiting like forever

    2. Cam MacDuff on

      For those without order changes... how long now?

    3. Shane Wakefield on

      Is there still time to change my delivery address?

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      Detoxica on

      "Guys let's post an update, just so we can say we posted an update."

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      Edward England on

      What information did we actually get from this update?

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      Amir Zaidi on

      I haven't changed my address, why should I wait longer?

    7. Chris Baines on

      Total and utter joke of a "company".

    8. Simon Hodgkiss on

      What address changes??

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      Tom Radford on

      If you are going to scam us, which you clearly are, why not just take our money and run instead of posting bullshit updates. We aren't getting these things, so stop pretending that you are "doing all you can" to ship our rewards.

    10. Matthew Russell on

      Yep, again we are told to wait. What's the latest problem? How much longer am I likely to wait for shipment to the uk?

    11. Matthew Chen on

      Scam scam scam wcam

    12. Ruggero Balletta on

      I hope you get Escherichia Coli.

    13. Rick Nunn on

      Original delivery estimate was November 2015. Currently sceptical that anything will arrive before November 2017…

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      Rolf Janssen on

      Whahahahaha and next week their delivery truck has a flat tire :) Excuses and more excuses.

    15. Desmond Ong on

      Creator, stop posting all these updates as if it is real. If you gonna to con all backers money that we pledged for your "product". By all means, just go ahead. I don't think everyone of us were interested on your updates. Stop all these nonsense.

      I had been email you pertaining to resend the tracking email to me. Your answer was "we unable to provide you the tracking info".

      So..... who else going to believe all these crap. Stop wasting your time and post updates as if it is for real..

      Take the money and run.

    16. Oliver Poole on

      I've actually received my 'rewards'. I've got that in quotes because I can't believe how long I waited for something so bad!!

      The magnets are weaker than the actual charging cable, which means unless you've got a perfectly straight cable it just doesn't work.

      Putting them in the 'shit I bought in kickstarter and will never use' drawer.

      A photo of the letter and adapter

    17. Vincent Vulmaarin on

      You can keep your cheap shit, and your lies. as most said before this smells/looks/sounds like a scam with the stalling tactics and when people are complaining to much you suddenly push a message out again to give hope and keep the kickstarter thieving crew happy that has already filled there pockets with the percentage of the goal that is achieved. Yes kickstarter personal you as well ! and i count on it that my message won't be on here for long because this harms and shows your true nature. !

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      Patrick Walsh on

      Bullshit. Longest wait ever for now obsolete product. Purchased alternatives ages ago on eBay much cheaper.

    19. Ilan David on

      Stop apologizing and ship the damn things.

    20. Adrian Ward on

      Has anyone seen evidence of the key ring or of the coloured versions of the adapter?

    21. Adrian Ward on

      Has anyone seen evidence of the key ring or of the coloured versions of the adapter?

    22. Red Is on

      how can we do to get the money back ??

    23. Jeremy Freeman on

      Now this is an absolute utter joke. Clearly this is a company in trouble that cannot fulfil their orders.

    24. Joao Luis C on


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      James Macey on

      So, why have you not shipped to those who had no address changes to make?

    26. Peter Briggs on

      hey i very nearly believed you there! .. But if Oliver is right and they are that bad who cares.. and it will never work with the new Iphone

    27. fabio pluda on

      Can I get my money back?

    28. Arie Siksak on

      The technology has change now, most of the new phones come with type-c usb, whay i need cancel my order and make a new one to get the the new type?

    29. Richard Wong on

      Send me my Znaps, no more BS

    30. David Woolf on

      My address never changed so you should have sent it ages ago yet I still don't have it!
      You guys are useless! Clearly you're no good at this!

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      andy on

      You got my money. Hope Kickstarter pays attention. Scams like this only ruin it for other true innovations.

      Now please I have unsubscribed twice. Either refund my money or ship whatever the hell it is you have for my records.

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      Karlheinz Weis on

      Bullshit , Now we wait 1 year .

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      Christoph Stiehl on

      Meanwhile everyone uses wireless charging. Nobody needs ZNAPS anymore!

    34. Joey on


    35. Matt O'Meara on


    36. Riccardo Crestani on

      Too late for all! There are more than one solution on the market, we can find other solution also on Amazon with all the advantages of AmazonPrime. You start well with a very nice idea, but now you are late. You said that the other solutions are not so perfect as yours... but they are availabe and yours no!

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      Adrian Robinson on

      Echoing pretty much every one else here, it is my firm belief that this is nothing more than a scam. It bothers me that Kickstarter does not follow each plan and identify those that fail to make god on their promises. It has been over one year since these things should have been delivered, now I am sure that, with a new IOS out, there will be "noted compatibility issues that we have to work through, but they are on the way". Bottom line, I hold both the Z-Snaps scam artist and the folks from Kickstarter responsible. Do the right thing Kickstarter and force a refund!

    38. Brian Kan on

      Wtf I didn't even need to change my address and I'm still waiting ..

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      Barnaby Russell on

      A _month_ ago you wrote:
      "approximately another 10,000 will be made and shipped to our backers in the coming few weeks"

      ...and I'm not seeing a lot of happy voices raving about their Znaps. HOW MANY UNITS HAVE YOU ACTUALLY SHIPPED? Answer a God-damn question for once, you evasive, weasel twerps.

    40. Oldbergh on

      It's been two weeks ago since the last infomail. Result, nada. Let's wait for the next infomail in twee weeks. Result? Nada. It's going on and it's an circle. They wait till a lot of backers are leaving. And they Will send then an alternative, from a competitor.....

    41. Pál László on

      I've lost my faith in you....long before. With this update I am almost sure I will never get this and you just another scam on this planet...

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      Paweł Tłuszcz on

      I have backed this project about a year ago. Now I'll have iPhone 7 and I won't be able to use it anymore. Thank you Znaps team!

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      Paweł Tłuszcz on

      I want my money back!