ZNAPS -The $9 Magnetic Adapter for your mobile devices


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    1. Patrick on

      It takes a little bit longer to fulfill the order change request? We have waited too long, please return the money to us!!!

    2. JD Prevost on

      Been waiting well over a year for this now. I used to not be able to wait to use the product, now I can't wait to destroy it. Asked for a refund 5 times now with either no response or an out right refusal to refund. I am excited to receive the product in 2017(atleast, right?) and video smashing it, burning it, whatever I can and sending it to the company to show them what I think of them. Getting on every source I can to let everyone and anyone how unethical the company is and to beware is only a portion of the damage I hope this company feels in the end. They are con artists and the sole reason I will never fund a kickstarter again. Way to ruin it for everyone, you twats.

    3. David Mortlock on

      Stop posting these updates. No-one is interested in your scam anymore.

      And certainly do not post me any of your products, we were past that level of sophistication a year ago.

    4. Graham fisher on

      What a waste of time this company is I will never back another kick starter again!
      Give me my money back .

    5. JD Prevost on

      Wonder how they would react when a class action gets filed...hmmmmmmm

    6. Missing avatar

      José Tremblay Champagne on

      I can only roll my eyes at all this.

    7. Missing avatar

      Peter on

      I would like a refund. as every one else has said Kickstarter should refund all backers as this product is of no use now. I certainly will not back any thing on kickstarter again as there is no protection for consumers

    8. Missing avatar

      Ken on

      So it goes on and on and on, just stop ok!!!

    9. Missing avatar

      Keisuke Miyazaki on

      Do you speak the truth when you hear to what period?
      I am aware and have already exceeded the time to be made public the fact that you guys disadvantages.

    10. Kelvin Tang on

      what a excuse! The works u mention u can do it at the same time! I read the news from your company in HK Apple Daily. It is conclude that almost 80% my money has bred cheated by your company!

    11. Daniel Mumford on

      So the people who didn't have to update their addresses will receive these invisible/non existent/empty envelopes first right? No?...

    12. Brian Scott on

      By the time this crap comes out the port will have changed anyway!

    13. Missing avatar

      Keisuke Miyazaki on

      Inconvenient fact should be disclosed soon.
      Many of the supporters is normal to assume that "promise was not fulfilled."

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      Jan-Hendrik Block on

      You f...cked me up! Thank you! This was my first and last Kickstarter. Stop spamming me with your delay-mails. F.. k you!

    15. Missing avatar

      ementalo on

      What was the point of the shopify crap then if they weren't even going to use it for the address stuff.

    16. Danny Lo on

      We'll send you all (no warranty it's workable or not) before iPhone 70 !

    17. vinise on

      yet ANOTHER excuse ....

    18. Tarek Lasheen on

      Those scammers mudda fukkars if you havent already join this group where we discuss how to bust their scam

    19. Missing avatar

      Kai Hauber on

      allways the same "bla bla bla"

    20. Missing avatar

      Deepak Vasandani Washu on

      What ? Really ? When ?

      Amount paid, address confirmed, i think manufacturing and shipping from Mars....

    21. Missing avatar

      Ben Clarke on

      Anybody know how to go about setting up a crowd funded leagal action against this scam? Preferably someone in the companys home country? Canada I belive? I for one would throw money in the hat just to make a point.

    22. Missing avatar

      Justin Leonard on

      I have not changed my address. My next phone I'm buying has a USB C connection therefore makes this purchase useless. Please provide a way for a refund!

    23. Aussiebob Gaming on

      I can't believe they haven't been put in prison yet.Scamers making less money have been caught quicker than this.Well guys enjoy your sports cars ,drugs and hookers that we paid for while it lasts.In prison you will be the bitches.

    24. Missing avatar

      Alexandru Juncu on

      By the time that gets here, my phone ill have a TypeC port.
      I think the decent thing to do is either give a refund or change the USB order to a Type-C port

    25. Wilson Tung on

      Per newspaper, the couple crom Hong Kong has collected millions from 2 kickstart projects but nothing delivered in 2 years. This is likely a scam.

    26. Missing avatar

      An-Marie Beauvoir on

      I have neither changed my address nor altered my order yet still no items. I heartedly concur with Patrick Walsh - and I too have purchased alternatives months ago, from Amazon, for less than half of the supposed cost of ZNAPS (I paid £22 for two sets on Kickstarter, yet only £6 on Amazon!)

    27. Missing avatar

      Leon FROM on

      Je confirme ne pas avoir changé d'adresse ! Pas trop mal d'avoir des nouvelles, mais à quand la concrétisation?


    28. Jason Wong on

      I haven't changed my address! I'm going to say this one more time... give me a full refund, you pieces of fraud!!!

    29. Missing avatar

      James Rigby on

      I'm a patient person and I am still willing to wait for this great product. I am sure though that I am not the only person who finds themselves with the following issue?!!! It has been so long in coming that my now phone doesn't have the connector that I originally ordered. So when I do eventually receive it I won't be able to use it with my now phone. I am dissapointed with this as I was looking forward to it! :-(

    30. Erson Religioso III on

      Wow, not only had dual sided micro USB been invented since this vapor ware, rendering it obsolete, it's also been so long now I have a phone with USB type C.

    31. Missing avatar

      Peter watt on

      What a crock of shit, I mean it's really touching that one of you take the time out your champagne drinking , coke snorting, hooker shagging days to type the same old crap over and over. But this is just taking the piss, how you get away with this is beyond me, I too have changed nothing and yet have had nothing. YOU ARE CROOKS a good spell in prison with "bubba" making you all his bitches is what you deserve. Oh and kickstarter this is respectful and very considerate, you guys are no better allowing frauds like this operate on your platform, you had your cut and you give as much of a toss as they do

    32. Amin on

      Such load of crap

    33. Nol van Meegeren

      I've long written off this project

    34. Leon Auph Low on

      This update serves no purpose if shipment hasn't gone out. Seriously you guys have been taking forever for every process of this project. Even confirming address - takes forever?

    35. Missing avatar

      Edgar Estolas on

      No more alibis, just give us direct time frame delivery of this almost outdated technology.

    36. Lee Teck Koon on

      Apple is going to release iphone 7S with the same old design soon & Samsung Note 8 that might explode too.
      I hope your device comes before them.

    37. Missing avatar

      Pedro on

      What is more sad is that kickstarter can't do nothing about this fraud. What can we do get our money back?

    38. Missing avatar

      Enrique Piedrafita on

      Blah blah blah...update...blah blah blah...apologies...blah blah blah...
      By the time we receive this cables might no longer exist. Such a shame - my expectation where way higher when this project was launched back in ( I don't even remember)...

    39. Marshall Clinton

      Seems that the latest is more of the same...

    40. Missing avatar

      Martin Lemieux on

      The funny part of this is that i did change my cell 4 times since the beginning of the project. this is a non sense... money spent in the air for nothing

    41. Missing avatar

      Martin Lemieux on

      70,122 backers pledged $3,007,370 to help bring this project to life.

      too many people did the same mistake that i did !

    42. Missing avatar

      Carl on

      Is there anyone who has actually received anything?

    43. Christine Oei on

      This whole entire thing is a big fat joke. Have you seen the comments?! Does any of them sound remotely happy?!! I have done a few kickstarters but this is the only project that is probably never coming and god forbid it does. Its obsolete! USELESS!

      Give us back our money!

    44. Missing avatar

      Albert TAY on

      I did not. They refused to refund. Think its a scam. Ebay and many online store already selling since last year.

      All they do just keep delaying wih msny excuses.

      Kickstarter should get involved and help us in refunding.

    45. Missing avatar

      Nigel on

      Requested refund so many times. Just get automated response. This is a dreadful experienced. The owners have basically stolen from me and so many others. Verging on a scam

    46. Dennis Veenstra on

      Pretty useless soon with USB3 charging specs