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ZNAPS is a specially designed magnetic connection adapter for your mobile devices. Connection is just a snap away.
ZNAPS is a magnetic adapter specially designed to  seamlessly fit your mobile devices and cables, so you can charge and sync with the peace of mind that your devices are safe and protected.
ZNAPS is a magnetic adapter specially designed to  seamlessly fit your mobile devices and cables, so you can charge and sync with the peace of mind that your devices are safe and protected.
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70,122 backers pledged CA$ 3,007,370 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Tan Ngo about 7 hours ago

      I encourage everyone from who backed this project to boycott Kickstarter. Also ask your family, friends, coworkers, etc to do the same. You can emails and sign petitions all you want but that won't change a thing. Remember money speak louder than words.

    2. Missing avatar

      p ramsundar about 11 hours ago

      bloody bastards and shame less kickstarter management ... hell of a bog scam

    3. Missing avatar

      Jeffrey Cho about 14 hours ago

      Just received an email response from to my email to them about 3 days ago. From the tone of the letter, which is very evidently just another STANDARD FORM LETTER, it is clear that no one at KS bothered to read through the details of my email or to pursue the matter further. Ergo, KS is content to keep stonewalling us, hoping the outrage will subside eventually. Not only that, KS knows it's guilty of being complicit in a highly probably case of fraud.

      Anyway, here's the STANDARD FORM LETTER that took KS three days to send so that it would appear as if someone up there was seriously pondering what steps to take:

      Kickstarter Support (Kickstarter)

      Jun 23, 8:30 AM EDT
      Hi there,

      Thank you for voicing your concerns with this project. We expect all members of the Kickstarter community to act with honesty and openness. Our Community support and Integrity teams monitor Kickstarter's system and review reports received from users. Some actions taken may include:

      Reaching out to creators and reminding them post project updates as well as respond to backer messages
      Revoking account privileges, including the ability to run another campaign on Kickstarter, until rewards have been fulfilled or an update has been posted for backers
      Suspending or restricting account privileges if there is sufficient evidence of abuse against our system or trust of others.

      We track creators' fulfillment histories as comprehensively as possible - from snags to more serious complications - to help ensure creator accountability. We may adjust our policies based on feedback from backers and creators, and/or data aggregated across projects.

      While we can't speak to the nature of specific projects that have been approved or declined, we're constantly working on improving our vetting process for creators and we are grateful for the feedback that folks like you provide.


      PS: I did not lose much sleep over this scam as I only put in a small order, but I commiserate with all the backers who'd placed sizeable orders and got stiffed. This will be the last time I back any project at Kickstarter, period.

      PPS: @ Slobodan Tabakovich - no problem. Everyone else, please feel free to email with your thoughts on this project ;)

    4. Antony Collett about 17 hours ago

      $3,000,000 Canadian dollars in their pockets, they were so upset that people copied their idea, at least they fucking delivered!

    5. Erin Kelly about 19 hours ago

      So basically we're all still fucked.

      Make it right Kickstarter!!!!!!!

    6. Alon Walter about 21 hours ago

      Shame on you ZNAPS "creators"!
      Shame on KS for not doing anything about it!
      Even not sending a reporter - to at least give us the follow up that we deserve.

    7. Missing avatar

      Anders Malmström 1 day ago

      I never got any. What a joke!

    8. Missing avatar

      Chris Bradfield 1 day ago

      So they ignore us here, when a petition will change that?
      No clue of the real world

    9. Missing avatar

      Joaquin Shee 1 day ago

      No more use KS again
      I promise

    10. Missing avatar

      Joaquin Shee 1 day ago

      Fuck znaps

    11. Missing avatar

      A.J. van Sommeren
      2 days ago

      To the people who backed years ago but never informed themselves about what's going on's some reading material for you:

      You will -not- get a product, and will -not- get a refund. Just consider your money lost and google for reviews about other magnetic cables; plenty that actually work and are not too expensive either. This is one of the very few projects that hasn't delivered, and I've backed 100+. Unfortunately, crowdfunding atrracts scammers..

    12. Missing avatar

      Artur Andreas 2 days ago

      I want my money back!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    13. Missing avatar

      Joe S. 2 days ago

      This is how you steal 3 million with the help of Kickstarter.

    14. Missing avatar

      Joshua 2 days ago

      @Nick Rosier
      Good idea. I have just done that.

    15. Slobodan Tabakovich 3 days ago

      @Jeffrey Cho

      I took the liberty of re-sending your email to Kickstarter myself.

    16. Missing avatar

      Sara 3 days ago

      I got one apologies letter from ZNAPS on November, 1, 2016. They promised to ship my reward asap. Nearly 2 year, I got nothing but this letter and those useless updates ! I don't trust Kickstarter any more.

    17. Missing avatar

      PERERA 3 days ago


      I purchased it too 2 years ago, but still nothing…
      Is it normal ?

      My contributor number : 53 206

      Thank you for your answer ! :)

    18. Dane Kim 3 days ago

      I purchased it from kick, but I still haven't received it.

      This is # 36848.
      I wonder when you are sending it out.

    19. Bruno Pergher 3 days ago

      I have not received my product yet.
      Apparently no one has received yet.
      How do I get the money back?
      At first the news was almost weekly, then disappeared.

    20. Cris 3 days ago


    21. Missing avatar

      Kathryn Duder 3 days ago

      Their customer service email address has been deactivated.

    22. Missing avatar

      Kathryn Duder 3 days ago

      Their customer service email address has been deactivated.

    23. Missing avatar

      Kathryn Duder 3 days ago

      I haven't gotten an update in almost a year, despite multiple emails to them.

    24. Missing avatar

      James Feely 4 days ago

      I'd like a refund

    25. Missing avatar

      Tim Bevins 4 days ago

      Has anyone actually received their connectors yet? I'm pretty pissed that I haven't yet.

    26. Tomoaki Kato 4 days ago

      I never restive product yet.
      Please send it.

    27. Mathieu Santostefano 4 days ago

      What about the shipping, it was planned for 2015 novembre (lol). Znaps guy tell me a yaer ago that all is ok, some quality check and they send me my cable. So what?? What is your problem now? Please Kickstater put your nose in this project.

    28. Nick Rosier 4 days ago

      I just used the "share" button with a modified message: 70,122 backers got screwed for CA$ 3,007,370 on @Kickstarter and the latter just ignores it...

      I suggest more people do this in hope this creates some negative buzz Kickstarter can't ignore.

    29. Missing avatar

      Giorgio Falcone 4 days ago

      So it was all fake? No way to get money back?

    30. Missing avatar

      Jeffrey Cho 4 days ago

      @ matt murphy

      That email you received from support@kickstarter is a template response. I received that indentically-worded reply from them too. Quite nicely written, but it's nothng more than a form letter.

      matt murphy wrote (1 day ago):

      Reply from kickstarter after complaining about znaps
      "Thank you for following up with us about the status of this project. I’m sorry you’ve been experiencing these issues with communication. We've reached out to the creator with a reminder of their obligations to their backer community, and have forwarded along your concerns and those of your fellow backers. While we're disheartened that they have not yet updated backers on the status of their project, we're unable to force them to do so — it's the creator's responsibility to communicate and complete the project as promised.

      Backing a project on Kickstarter is an expression of trust and can help lead to the creation of new and exciting things. But it’s important to remember that sometimes complications arise that might prevent a project from unfolding as planned — or from happening at all. This certainly isn’t ideal, but we hope that creators and backers will try to communicate with each other through these developments.

      Although we are unable to offer refunds, we are constantly working to improve the vetting process for creators and thank you for sharing your experience. We hope you’ll continue to be an active member of the Kickstarter community as we learn and grow.

      Tldr: basically, suck it,

    31. Missing avatar

      Jeffrey Cho 4 days ago

      An email I just sent off to

      Hello Kickstarter,

      It's now been over six months since our last correspondence. In that period, it's become practically a certainty that the syndicate behind the Znaps project are professional scammers using crowd-funding platforms like Kickstarter to commit massive fraud through their outright deception of thousands of KS backers with a project they never intended to deliver, after they've collected several millions in Canadian dollars. Znaps is just one of their scams; their other KS project, the Arist coffeemaker happens to be another.

      The latest development I read is that one of the brothers (Benson Chiu) has backed out from the company (Nbitions, company website now taken down) presumably to distance himself from the blowback (presumably locally in Hong Kong) they are facing. I'd like to believe that Kickstarter has no part to play in this whole fiasco, and I would like to believe that Kickstarter has not earned a single dollar from the millions of dollars these scammers have received from their backers. But if you have received a cut of this money, it is no longer tenable for you to distance yourselves from this matter; you need to address the thousands of deceived backers and clearly state what you intend to do to help them, or else YOU ARE COMPLICIT OF A POSSIBLE CRIME, because the money you've received comes directly from these backers.

      It is one thing if a project fails or is aborted due to unforeseen circumstances, but it is an entirely different thing if a project was run as a scam from the very onset. In the latter case, it is unconscionable for KS to claim that such is the risk backers have to occasionally take. If you encourage scammers like Benson and Nelson Chiu by doing nothing to pursue the matter on the backers' behalf, sooner or later your reputation as a crowd-funding platform will be irreparably tarnished.

      Now is the time for you to do the right thing, and restore some measure of confidence amongst backers, that you don't leave them stranded or helpless with little recourse and at the mercy of crooks like the Chiu brothers. I'm sure you're more resourceful than you have thus far shown yourselves to be in this matter. So stop stonewalling, and start putting pressure on the Chiu brothers to reimburse all their backers, or commit to a reasonable arrangement to make this right.

      Here are some links to look through if you haven't come across them yet, and if you still have any lingering doubt that the Chiu brothers are professional crowd-funding scammers:
      "There’s a Formula to the Perfect Kickstarter Scam" :
      "Arist Coffee Brother Quits, Yet the Scams Continue" :
      Co-conspirator Benson Chiu recounting his sob story on Medium:


    32. Slobodan Tabakovich 4 days ago


    33. Bert
      4 days ago

      When I think about the huge amount of money I put in this fake project...

    34. Missing avatar

      Yoann G 4 days ago

      Do you have a estimated shipping date for me order #43754 ?

    35. Taya EK 4 days ago

      It is ridiculous that kickstarter let this project be on their page like there is nothing wrong! There is a button to 'share' this project up there. How cruel does it takes to watch someone get scammed and do nothing to save them. And let them do more and more. This one should be on news since so many people and so much money involved.

    36. SkinnyV 5 days ago

      I understand the risk of backing projects on Kickstarter and how unexpected events can arise. My issue is that those guy blatantly took the money from the kickstarter to fund their company, then disregarded their kickstarter obligation to basicly just sell that exact product directly from their website for months while ignoring their backers who did not get squats from them. So Kickstarter's usual defence of ''sorry but you knew what you were getting into and we can't be held responsible'' is not only bullshit, but infuriating as it is straight up fraud and they keep their cut of the profits.

    37. Missing avatar

      Benjamin Götz 5 days ago

      I order my ZNAPS since 2 Years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      WHATS WRONG!!!
      Give my money back or send me my ORDER!!!!!

      I will wait for your Answer!!!!

    38. Robsom Rodrigues Domingues 5 days ago


    39. Missing avatar

      fujijuu 5 days ago

      i want to pay back and don`t need your products.

    40. Missing avatar

      heantay 5 days ago

      After this crap swindle project, despite emailing Kickstarter, basically they don't give a damn. For sure, all of us here are pissed off, and this has been the last project I ever sign on to on Kickstarter, as I realize people are using this to get money, screw all of us, don't deliver, fuck off and suffer no repucussions at all!

    41. yichau 5 days ago

      seem kickstarter is a platform to cheat :) why don't kickstarter pay us back the profit

    42. Missing avatar

      Schlupp 5 days ago

      Now even the Shop is down - We will never see any product or money again...

    43. Rudolf Fischbach 5 days ago

      Ks will do nothing for us.

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