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if I can establish a base with these lamps then I can expand into more metal sculpture & try out some more involved screen printing.

I want to do a small run 100 or so lamps to help get the ball rolling, too many times my creative projects just fall flat due to lack of support.
i will be using recycled steel rods and welding them together to form a lamp shaped like a cooling tower, once this is done i add a light socket and cord, then a color changing bulb, you can also put any 60 watt or lower bulb in.

for scale
for scale


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    You will receive a digital download desktop wallpaper of the nuclear cooling tower that inspired the "Cooling Tower Lamp".

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    You will receive one random screen printed T-shirt designed and hand pulled by me. check my website to get an idea of what you might get.

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    You will receive one "Cooling Tower Lamp". with color changing led bulb.

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