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The 1919 silent film DIFFERENT FROM THE OTHERS is arguably the earliest surviving cinematic work explicitly about LGBT people.
130 backers pledged $7,796 to help bring this project to life.


Posted by Outfest Legacy Project (Creator)

Dear Supporter,

As a backer of our restoration of DIFFERENT FROM THE OTHERS, we wanted to check in with you and let you know how it’s going!

The team at the UCLA Film and Television Archive are working hard to make final selections of historically accurate period photos to be used in the film (replacing lost elements) and to complete the technical restoration, working with YCM Laboratories and Title House Digital.

If you are in the Los Angeles area, the UCLA Film and Television Archive will be showing the progress of the restoration during their annual UCLA Festival of Preservation. On March 9th, 2013 at 4:00pm at the Billy Wilder Theater, they will screen both the 35mm German version (50min) — the restoration of which you have helped to fund — and the 35 mm Russian version (45min). Both will have live musical accompaniment by the famed Robert Israel. 

For tickets and information simply click here.

Outfest in the mean time has re-launched our website and expanded our Outfest UCLA Legacy Project section. Take a moment and watch our Legacy promo and learn a little more here.

Soon we will have a DIFFERENT FROM THE OTHERS page live on the site with more details for you to peruse. And, those of you who have made qualifying contributions will be listed.

In the mean time, do not hesitate to contact us with questions. We appreciate your support!

Christopher Racster

Director of Individual Giving, Outfest

And now the work begins…thanks to your help!

Posted by Outfest Legacy Project (Creator)


A huge thank you to all of you who supported our Kickstarter campaign to restore DIFFERENT FROM THE OTHERS!

As we have successfully reached our goal, you will now be charged by Kickstarter via Amazon Associates. If you have any questions or problems in this regard, please do not hesitate to contact us directly @ 213-480-7088, we are in the Outfest office 10am-6pm PST Monday through Friday. You may leave a message after-hours.

Our basic benefit packages will begin to be fulfilled in the month of December after all payments have been processed.

Those of you who have committed enough to receive a DVD, will receive that DVD as soon as the restoration is complete and the DVD is produced. As noted in the post, this will be at some point potentially late in 2013. I am afraid do to the nature of restoration work, we can not be more precise than that in terms of timing. If we complete the work sooner, you will of course receive the DVD sooner.

Those of you who have committed enough for an Archive tour will be contacted separately. We are looking to schedule this in early 2013. Please remember, you must be in Los Angeles to participate, we do not provide travel or accommodations.

Finally, we will be sending you periodic updates on the progress of our restoration and the life of DIFFERENT FROM THE OTHERS. You are now a part of the films legacy, and we are immensely grateful!

For more information on Outfest and our other year round activities, please check out

Warm regards,

Christopher Racster


Posted by Outfest Legacy Project (Creator)

Thank you! 

Your generosity and support has taken us further than we could have hoped! We have sailed past our original goal of $5000.00 and have gone over $7500! 

We have received great encouragement and gained new friends in this process. You are all now a part of the legacy of DIFFERENT FROM THE OTHERS and can be proud of helping to make sure it lives on for future generations!

Can you help us one last time? Help us spread the word and see if we can not hit $8500.00 by the end of the day Wednesday, November 21st!

That way, after the various Kickstarter and credit card fees are taken out, we can still have $7500.00 to work with!

Here are some posts you could make on our behalf via Facebook or Twitter:


$5 can help protect our LGBT legacy! Support the restoration of DIFFERENT FROM THE OTHERS. Protect the first cinematic depiction of an LGBT person on screen so our stories are never forgotten! 


Support the legacy of LGBT stories! Join me in supporting the restoration of DIFFERENT FROM THE OTHERS - the first cinematic depiction of an LGBT person on screen and make a difference!

Or make up your own!

Thank you again for your kind and generous support of our efforts and for making our first campaign such a success!

Christopher Racster, Outfest

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One Week Left! Tell your friends, we are SO close to our new goal!

Posted by Outfest Legacy Project (Creator)

We are ecstatic at the response to our DIFFERENT FROM THE OTHERS restoration project! 

This week we saw a slew of new backers from the East Coast and they have pushed us over $7100.00! 

We want to hit at least $7,500.00 before this campaign ends the day before Thanksgiving! 

Thank you for your generous contributions! If you could share this project with your friends, we could easily raise the $400.00 needed to hit and surpass our goal! 

You can copy the post and link below or write your own post and let your friends and colleagues know how you feel!


Join me in backing this great Kickstarter Project, DIFFERENT FROM THE OTHERS! A contribution of just $5 will make a difference to the restoration of this irreplaceable film!

Click here to learn more!

Thank you!

Christopher Racster and Outfest

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We have nearly hit our goal in 6 short days! Help us reach $7,500!

Posted by Outfest Legacy Project (Creator)

We have had an overwhelming response to our restoration of DIFFERENT FROM THE OTHERS!

As such, we are raising our stakes and aiming to hit $7,500! Please help us by sharing your support of this project and our efforts!

By raising the additional funds, we will be able to complete our work faster, and the UCLA Film & Television Archive can begin to source the additional period photos they want to include in their work!

There are some missing fragments of the film. And part of the artistry of the restoration looked to include some historically accurate photos from the time period that will lend to the visual appeal and authenticity of the work!

By hitting our new target of $7,500 or going even further, we can do this! 

Thank you to everyone who has shown such tremendous support and helped to spread the word about the incredible and irreplaceable work of the Outfest Legacy Project for LGBT Film Preservation and DIFFERENT FROM THE OTHERS!