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Help us fund this beautiful altar in this year's Temple of Promise.
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Progress Report

Posted by Lauren Novotny (Creator)

$25 tier – Stickers: Domestic or international backers, if you gave me your address before 2/24 it has been mailed. If you’ve provided me your address since then, I will get to it. I’ll discuss the schedule for this below.

$60 tier – T-shirts: I paid the deposit to get the work started. They should be finished by March 8th. I’ll start mailing them when I can manage the time. I’ll discuss the schedule for this below.

$75 tier – Bracelets: All domestic backers that provided a mailing address before 2/24 should have received it. International backers, I’ll be doing another big mailing push on Wednesday night.

$90 tier – Photo: The photos arrived from the printer on Saturday. I’m doing a big mailing push on Wednesday for domestic and international backers.

$150 tier – All the things: This perk includes a T-shirt and is on the same schedule as the t-shirts. Schedule info below.

$250 tier – Wood inlaid medallion: If you gave me your address, I mailed it.

$500 tier – Model tree from the grove: I’m working on creating them, I’ve reached out to the artists I need to help me with this and we’re working on a schedule. 

For the past 2 weeks I’ve been working 6 days per week and feeling spread thin, but I have managed to fit in 5 morning or afternoons of solid work on this project (depending on if I worked the am or the pm shift). This is the pace you can expect going forward. At least twice per week, I’ll devote 5-6 hours on resolving outstanding issues with fulfillment.

Thank you all for your patience. I needed it. 

I’ll repeat that because it’s what I really mean. I personally needed your patience. I couldn’t manage this project for a long while. I’m a very private person, I didn’t want to discuss my personal business or point the finger at other people whom few of you know. I’m at fault as much as anyone else, anyway. This project is finally in the home stretch. I know it’s months late, but, at least we’re getting there, right?



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    1. Missing avatar

      BE Stewart on

      Thanks Lauren, you are doing great!

    2. Lauren Novotny Creator on

      Megan, Jayme and anyone else who comments here: I'll flag the comment notification emails I get from Kickstarter and process these as part of my "email time."

    3. Lauren Novotny Creator on

      I'm heading in to work right now and won't be off until late. I will work some email time in tomorrow night. I have a few friends I'm calling in to help me with the mailing and when I've got their tasks stored I'll sit down and process the backlog on email "issues" (for lack of a better word). I've been flagging messages in my email so I can find them and work through them as time allows. I'll confess, this is the hardest part of the job for me, I really have to force myself, but having people co-work with me helps.

      IMPORTANT UPDATE FOR PHOTO RECIPIENTS: Right after I sent the update, I double checked the shipping info for the chipboard photo protectors. They're not arriving until Thursday. I'll get all the mailers stamped and addressed, on Wednesday. If the mail comes early in the morning I'll stuff and mail as many as possible before work on Thursday (this isn't likely though). Otherwise my next opportunity is Saturday morning before work.

    4. Missing avatar

      jayme graham on

      Thank you so much!
      I'm one of the internationals, I've just moved. Is it possible to change my address or am I too late?

    5. Megan Gubler on

      I never received my bracelet, can you confirm it was sent?

    6. Aaron Feinberg on

      Thank you for all you do! <3 #industwetrust :)