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The patent-pending POP stays clean with a nipple that pops back   into a self-contained cloud when dropped. It's THE CLEAN PACIFIER!
The patented POP pacifier stays clean with a nipple that pops back   into a self-contained cloud when dropped. It's THE CLEANER PACIFIER!
The patented POP pacifier stays clean with a nipple that pops back into a self-contained cloud when dropped. It's THE CLEANER PACIFIER!
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    1. Dwayne on

      I still haven't received my package.

    2. Doddle POP - CLEAN PACIFIER Creator on

      @Sarah Oh no! We are sorry to hear this! Just sent you a personal message!

    3. Missing avatar

      Sarah Kelleher on

      My package arrived a while back we've just been busy with a newborn (good timing) and I'm following up - I didn't receive a parent keychain, and they both appear to be the same shape, did you do away with the orthodontic/natural types and just do 1 shape?

    4. Doddle POP - CLEAN PACIFIER Creator on

      @Beth The Pop's are fully tested and safe, but as the packaging suggests, if you see any weaknesses or tears, please discard.

    5. Beth Hayes on

      My pops have arrived in England but due to being such a long time since my pledge, my 10mo daughter can't use these as they were intended. The teat is too short to stay in her mouth. She also has 2 teeth. Please could you advise about the safety of her chewing it like a toy? Has it been tested in this kind of scenario or should I just write them off as useless?

    6. Doddle POP - CLEAN PACIFIER Creator on

      @dylanscreen, I show that product arrived to you on Feb 17th (6 pops) and included the extra coral pop! I'll message you the tracking number and address your concerns so we can make this right! I am also drafting an update regarding the kickstarter color.

    7. Missing avatar

      Dylan Screen on

      I am a little frustrated after reading more and more comments from everyone else. I have contacted the email with my concerns of not getting the kickstarter color pop as well as not receiving the two pops for parents key chains that are in the description for the $100 pledge that I had made. There was no update to let backers know there would be no kickstarter color and all I recevied were my 6 color pops. Then I see from what you wrote to someone else inquiring about the kickstarter pop that you sent everyone an extra pop! That was not the case for me. I have yet to receive the keychains that I was told were shipped just about a week ago. I'm very concerned with all of this....

    8. Sarah Lilley on

      I'm having the same problem Rebecca is having. I backed this project where I was pregnant with my daughter, so I requested the 0-6 month pacifier. Unfortunately now at 10 (almost 11) months all she does with these is throw them at her brother's (and the cat), and occasionally chew on the side of the pacifier. The actual part she is supposed to suck on is too short, and soft for her to keep in her mouth. I already took both of my doodle pops out and sanitized them so I don't think you want them back, but is there anything else that can be done? I was really excited for these pacifiers, but this size just didn't work because of the shipping being pushed out so far from the original date.

    9. Doddle POP - CLEAN PACIFIER Creator on

      Hi Amy, we sent out an update. Unfortunately, another color run would have cost some extra time so we sent everyone a surprise extra pop! I also, sent an extra donated pop on your behalf to Operation Shower. Would like a few extra keychains?

    10. Missing avatar

      Amy on

      I sent a message about my order, but I didn't receive a kickstarter exclusive color. It looks like at least one other person in here didn't either. I got an extra green? Did you decide to not do the kickstarter exclusive? If so that would have been nice to know.

    11. Amy salo on

      I still haven't received mine and I've left a few messages that haven't been answered!

    12. Doddle POP - CLEAN PACIFIER Creator on

      @Rebecca, Please send us a quick message.

    13. Rebecca Horst Campbell on

      My baby is now 10 months old but back when I signed up I chose the 0 to 6 month size because he was due in april 2016. Is there any way to trade for a larger size? we've been using another type of pacifier that is much bigger, so now he won't look at these. Any way to trade up in size?

    14. Lindsey Dawn on

      I just received my doddle pops in the mail today. I was very excited because I am expecting my second child in a few short weeks. I had kickstarted this when I was expecting my first. The thing is, I was expecting a purple, orange, green and teal and I received a pink one instead of the purple. I had already intended to gift two of these and the purple was for someone specific. Is there anything that can be done? help!

    15. Doddle POP - CLEAN PACIFIER Creator on

      HI Monica, I will send you a direct message!

    16. Missing avatar

      Monica Luarca on

      this entire project has been so disappointing. i received the wrong color. my kid who was born when i pledged no longer needs these. we waited over a year for these after pledging. an entire year for an item that has a very specific window of time for tiny humans. i can't tell you how much i regret this purchase. even after messaging you months ago for a refund all you offered me was to give it away to someone else. a refund would have been the best possible outcome. so disappointed.

    17. Doddle POP - CLEAN PACIFIER Creator on

      @Jaimee, Please send us a quick message with your updated address. You will receive your tracking number within the next few weeks! :)

    18. Missing avatar

      Jaimee on

      I pledged at the very beginning even before I had known I was pregnant! Now my baby will be one and soon past the pacifier stage as he now has many teeth. How soon are these shipping out? Also where do I update my current address?

    19. Doddle POP - CLEAN PACIFIER Creator on

      @Amy We will be sending out an exciting update within the week!

    20. Doddle POP - CLEAN PACIFIER Creator on

      @peter Please send us a quick message so we can further assist you.

    21. Missing avatar

      Peter on

      I'm sorry, but I pledged before my child was born and by the time the product is delivered he will be passed the pacifier stage. The product looks amazing and I was extremely excited to use and told so many people about it, but now it is useless for my child. May I please get a refund?

    22. Missing avatar

      Amy on

      Are you going to send out another update soon? I know the last one said Jan 31 we would hopefully have them! I see in the comments that it's now end of February?? Is that for sure? I really want to be able to use this for our second baby that's due in June.

    23. Doddle POP - CLEAN PACIFIER Creator on

      @Amanda, We are slated to deliver product at the end of February! We cant wait to get these in your hands!

    24. Doddle POP - CLEAN PACIFIER Creator on

      @Sharea, Please send us a quick message, for further assistance.

    25. Missing avatar

      Amanda nash on

      Just curious if these are still slated to start shipping late January? Excited for the project and cant wait to start seeing them in stores

    26. Missing avatar

      Sharea on

      Can we get a refund for this? My kid is never going to use this pacifier as he is a toddler now. I'm so extremely disappointed in this whole process.

    27. Doddle POP - CLEAN PACIFIER Creator on

      @hopewiribravo we wish! the pops in the bowls are old prototypes that do not work. They look great but a newborn could not use them with a tremendous amount of success. They were for display only, and we had current samples on hand for demonstration. If you look closely you'll see there are colored fuse balls and very little pops.

    28. Hope Wiri Bravo on

      What about the huge bowls full of demos you had at ABC? Couldn't you throw a few of those in the mail for the folks whose babies are about to be too old? I backed this before even thinking about #2 and now I'm halfway through my pregnancy so I'm in no hurry)

    29. Chris Doernbrack on

      Maybe I can get a tshirt instead?? Kids too old now

    30. Doddle POP - CLEAN PACIFIER Creator on

      @stephorange, sorry Steph, see my comment to Patrick.

    31. Doddle POP - CLEAN PACIFIER Creator on

      @patrickmayo, sorry Patrick, perhaps Day 1 should of been Phase 1, which is prototyping the idea until perfection. The video is correct and so is our process. The design had been drawn, initial prototypes and initial business plans completed. I consider this a good idea but not Phase 1. When we launched kickstarter we went into Phase 1 - full on development of the prototype into mass production. Sorry for the confusion. Again, do not mean to steer anyone in the wrong direction. Not trying to pull a fast one or do anything wrong here. Trying to be transparent, honest and straightforward with our backers.

    32. Missing avatar

      Patrick Mayo on

      Not trying to be rude...I just rewatched the video and reread the description, and you stated in the video that you had spent the previous year finalizing the design and that you had spent over 3 years developing. I get it - you ran in production problems, misestimated your timeline, etc. Just say thats the case! Don't claim that it was day one for characterized it to the world as at least day 1,095. Just own that you are new entrepreneurs that had to find your way through mass market design, production, and distribution of a new product. I am way more empathetic towards the idea that a new, small business owner didn't realize all that they had to do to deliver a product versus misrepresenting your original position.

      I am still very excited to get the pacifier...I just wish it had come sooner, ya know?

    33. Missing avatar

      Candace R. Billiot on

      As I purchased these for my last baby WHILE NEWLY PREGNANT, and my baby is out of the pacifier stage, is a refund possible?

    34. StephOrange on

      I don't think we realized that we were backing a day 1 project. We saw a video and a prototype that said we were to have a delivery in April of 2016. I purchased this when I was pregnant and he's already 6 months old. He will be out of the pacifier stage by the time they arrive and I will have two expensive pacifiers that will be so cool and won't even get any use of. Is there an ETA of when you think you may be sending these? I understand a delay in sourcing and production, but I could have nearly birthed two children in the time it's taken to create this pacifier.

    35. Doddle POP - CLEAN PACIFIER Creator on

      @julieannlucas et al, I am so sorry that you feel this way. It was not our intention to have a long and complex development and production process. I share in your feelings and wish that we could have delivered sooner. I assure you that we are not a scam, nor are we slacking in any way, shape or form. The process is very complex, hence our multiple patents which have been issued and/or pending. We mean no harm whatsoever. I know Kickstarter can test patience as it is project based and therefore, production and shipping can be a moving target. There are some projects that I have backed that have taken over a year or as quick as a month. It depends on what stage the entrepreneur launches their project. For us it was on day 1. We really wanted to share this idea with the world and get a sense of interest and needed the funds to take the first step. If there is anything I can do for you or our other backers, I would be more than happy. I promise, we are working on delivering product! - Nicki

    36. Julie Ann Lucas on

      So is there really such a product as a Doddle POP, or was it jus an elaborate Scam? I have been waiting through updates, questioners on colors and Was an original backer, I am so Sorry for that!! 2 grandbaby's that are done with pacifiers later I am So Unhappy And Will Never Recommend if there is even such a product!! BAD SERVICE!!

    37. Wendy Skelton Dewey on

      I'm pretty sure that none of us will be using these pacifiers as we intended when we backed the project. It's just been too long. I figure it will make a good gift to someone in the future. Oh well. I suppose that's the risk we take when we pledge to a kickstarter campaign.

    38. Missing avatar

      Patrick Mayo on

      I am excited to get the pacifier...sadly, it would appear that our baby (who wasn't even 2 months into the pregnancy when we backed) will out grow pacifiers before we even receive the product. The product was set for delivery before his due date, and he will be around 9 months old by the new delivery date...heck he may even be a 1 year old before we get the pacifier in his mouth! I guess, at least we will have it for our future babies...?

    39. Hope Wiri Bravo on

      I know I filled out the survey, but I can't remember what colors I chose and it was before the colors changed. If possible I'd like one blue, one green, both natural shape. Thanks

    40. Missing avatar

      Kristen Nicodemus on

      Have I missed my shipment? I know I filled out my form several months ago, but I haven't received them yet. Is there any update on delivery? My baby is officially out of the pacifier stage at this point and I'd love to gift them to someone else, but soon.

    41. Doddle POP - CLEAN PACIFIER Creator on

      @Jamie Please send us a quick message with your updated shipping address.

    42. Doddle POP - CLEAN PACIFIER Creator on

      @Candace We are in full production and scheduled to deliver in late January. Thank you for your patience and support.

    43. Doddle POP - CLEAN PACIFIER Creator on

      @kaci Please send us a quick message with your updated address.

    44. Jamie on

      How do we change the shipping address?

    45. Missing avatar

      Candace R. Billiot on

      I love the idea, but I've never participated in such a long campaign. Will these be received anytime soon? I backed when I found out we were expecting...a year ago. I'm afraid our baby won't get any use out of these pacifiers.

    46. Kaci Smith on

      I need to change the address on file, for shipping!

    47. Missing avatar

      Amanda nash on

      I would also like one of each color. And did I read the update right we only get the natural shape right now

    48. Missing avatar

      Amy on

      Since the colors changed can I change mine to one of each?

    49. Missing avatar

      Amir Solowiejczyk on

      Any update on rewards timeline?

    50. Doddle POP - CLEAN PACIFIER Creator on

      @Lacie Yes ma'am! We have your color selections on file! :)

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