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By Carlos Diaz
$120 pledged of $9,900 goal


Hello everyone! The inspiration for this app came to me in a dream; in this dream I thought of how neat it would be if there was an app that I could use to trade my belongings for someone else's cool stuff. When I checked the app store in my dream it didn't exist. And even worse it doesn't exist in real life!

I've seen many apps where people have things they don't want for sale anymore, but it always comes down to money. I have a vision of doing things differently, where it doesn't all have to come down to money. You have many things that have their worth, so why can't you use the things you don't want anymore and trade with someone for something you want now? And if in some time you feel as if you don't care for that item anymore then trade it again! That way you're not spending money all the time and those items that you bought that are no longer being used can find themselves useful again! Maybe that old keyboard you have can be used by the next Mozart to write their next Concerto! Probably not, but it doesn't hurt to dream!

In a culture that is driven very strongly by the urge to purchase I would like to offer people a new way of ownership, one tied to things that you already have and may not use any longer. If so I hope that by now my dream has become our dream and you can help me make our dream come true!


Risks and challenges

To be honest the major risk with this project is having people buy into the idea of trading their things, instead of selling them for money. It is a very ingrained mindset of object's worth being measured in dollars, but maybe people can see the value of their possessions and see how they can find new hobbys without having to spend a fortune.

The other risk will be more of a managerial risk and that one will only become an issue if the app gets big.

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