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Help create the third installment of producer Kelvin K. Brown's famed instrumental project series: Cincinnati Music 3.

First things first, THANK YOU  for taking the time to check out my project.  It's means more than you will ever know and I really appreciate you for clicking to see what I have to offer.

I used to work for a hotel.  Not what I wanted to do with my life, however I worked there because I had bills to pay and other financial obligations.  I'd wake up in the morning and make tracks, network, build with other great artists and then put my suit on and go check people in.  I was never ashamed of what I was doing because it needed to be done.  However, one day, I walked in and I was fired.  Never missed a day of work, worked 6 and 7 days weeks, smiled when I didn't want to, did the jobs no one else wanted to and everything else you could name.  However, that company dangled my life in their hands and tossed it away.  While listening to them put my life in a tailspin, ONE thought ran across my mind.  

"That's ok.  I'm not supposed to be working here anyway.  I'm supposed to be producing records and living my dream."

I walked out of that place with my head high and hustle in tact, they really just freed me from prison.So, with that being said...

WELCOME to Cincinnati Music 3

Cincinnati Music 3 is the third installment of my instrumental album series.  The first two installments have been featured in various music blogs and have generated over 1500 downloads and 4000 streams from countries all over the world including:  US, Canada, UK, Japan, The Netherlands, Germany, France and Belgium to name a few.  

Why is that significant Kelvin?

As a music producer, it's important that you step out of your comfort zone to achieve the success you want.  My Cincinnati Music series allows me to brand myself not only as a hip-hop producer but a musician capable of producing any genre of music, not just hip-hop. 

In hip-hop, producers only get their "break" after they've sent out countless emails, begged people to rap over their production, solicited, studied, battled beats, spent countless hours perfecting sounds and other minute things and we often times have very little to show for it. 

But, with your help I can change that! 

Kick Starter not only is an amazing tool and opportunity for great people but it is a leap of faith for me personally.  If the goal is not FULLY supported my idea and my work begins at 0 again.


Your pledge money will be solely used for the production of CM3.

That includes (but isn't limited to):  new software for production, new drum sounds, plug-ins (software instruments), mixing, mastering, video production, promotional materials, hardware and other studio equipment. 

Your pledge goes farther than the project CM3, you are pledging and investing in the rest of my life.  I NEVER want to step foot into another office, hotel or any other place working for anyone other than myself. 

And, here's the REALLY cool part about YOUR pledge for #CincinnatiMusic3:


The impact that Ohio Dominican University and Loyola New Orleans University had in my life changed the way I think about music and helped me grow immensely and change me for the better.  Rather the contribution is small or large, I want to be able to help change someone's life just as someone changed mine.

So, thank you for taking the time out to check out my project.  Words can't describe how much it means to me.  Please give what you can.  If you want to support but don't have the $ to donate, please tell ALL of your friends about the project!

Let's Make History! 


Kelvin K. Brown-Cincinnati Music

Kelvin K. Brown-Cincinnati Music 2

Kelvin K. Brown on NOLA.COM


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    Thank you for you support. You will receive 2 exclusive tracks from the album (1 instrumental and 1 song).

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    Mucho Thank You! You'll receive a download link to the project given to all backers before the project starts and a personalized email thanking you for supporting.

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    For a pledge of $10, you will receive a custom sound kit filled with my favorite sounds (drums and synth) that can be used with any DAW (FL Studio, Reason, Logic, Pro Tools, Cubase etc.)

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    Pledge $20 to Cincinnati Music 3 and you will receive a digital download link and the Kelvin K. Brown custom sound kit.

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    Pledging $40 big ones and you'll get the digital download link, custom sound kit and your name listed in the album credits.

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    Pledge $150 and I will flip a sample of YOUR choice. It could be old school soul or electronic dance. YOUR choice for your use.

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    By pledging $300 I will make ONE track for you (your idea) and include it on Cincinnati Music 3. Plus, you will receive the $40 package (digital download link, custom sound kit and your name listed in the album credits).

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    For the individuals who pledges $500, I will make TWO tracks from your ideas and include them on Cincinnati Music 3. And, you will also receive the $40 package (digital download link, custom sound kit and your name listed in the album credits).

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    By pledging $1000, you will be credited as CO-EXECUTIVE PRODUCER on Cincinnati Music 3. I will make one track solely from your suggestions and include it on CM3. Also, you'll get to make a cameo in the video from the song that we make together. In addition to that, you'll also be credited as CO-DIRECTOR of my Electronic Press Kit "Who is Kelvin?" You'll be able to ask 3-5 questions in the video pertaining to me and we'll also spend a day in the studio making your track and the EPK. PLUS, I WILL PAY FOR YOUR 2 NIGHT HOTEL STAY in DOWNTOWN NEW ORLEANS (where I'm recording Cincinnati Music 3). We will coordinate a day/time schedule that's good for the both of us and knock it out. The whole trip will be documented and brodcast via YouTube and other online outlets.

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